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I've always had a thing for redmondcigar. I think he's super sexy. I'm sure he would never find me attractive in real life but I would rock his world. I wish him nothing but the best and hope he lives the rest of his life content, he deserves it. He works so hard for his family. Happy valentines Redmond! Muah!

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There are many diff types of meds out there, synthetic & desiccated. Talk to dr about alternatives

I’ll talk to her but she’s pretty much a synthroid is the only answer gal. Wanted to hear from anyone who’s had any experience with it. Cause if I google it’s going to tell me I have bone cancer or something. :)


I was tagged by the awesome fullthrottlefitblr to post 5 things that make me happy. Here they are in no particular order!
1. This is my niece eatercising. She makes me laugh all the time.
2. My dog- he’s mischievous and full of spunk!
3. My kids! I have 2. This is my daughter.
4. Seeing progress from all my hours at the gym.
5. My husband. He’s not pictured here because he hates any type of social media but he’s my rock and I love him.

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