“Trolls have a hard time shuffling time around when at an event where all their quadmates are also attending, because they all usually want some form of attention. At dances, it is very common to see someone pulled away by a different quadmate. The dances usually go about with close and loving between redmates, playful and happy between palemates, pushy and always trying to lead between blackmates, and blackmates stealing their ashenmate from each other.”

Suggested anonymously


Here is the latest greatest from RedMat :)

Meet my lovely friend Bronwyn!:

Bronwyn took a slight deviation from her biology studies to pursue outdoor education which involves all sorts of physical activity! A certified First Responder, she transfers her love of lifting to helping people in need of emergent medical care. Always looking for a new challenge, with any luck, she too will be maximizing her flexibility and applying her elementary dance “skills” to the pole! 

The pole world will be happy to have her :)

New series coming soon!