WHERE’S STEVE? (LIVE from Regency Ballroom in San Francisco, CA 3/30/12)

@redlucy Babe. Babe I found you. Look. 0:31-0:39

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You have like 10000 gr8 points yess~ yeah idk i guess i did just find it slow paced. i was ready for some big crazy thing but i’m actually kind of glad there’s still a slow build up to something. i don’t want this shit to be over yet omg

Oh my god I know it like I am constantly torn between wanting all the answers RIGHT FUCKING NOW and wanting it to go on forever please never end I need you baby come back ;_;

But Troy’s blog machine said the end was still a good distance off so even though everyone keeps attacking my heart by speculating about the end being right around the corner IT’S NOT GONNA WORK OKAY WE HAVE EVIDENCE or something I just have a lot of feelings help

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omg i feel like butts for saying that idk i never rly complain about them b/c their so wonderful. wowow i didnt think anyone else thoguth that

I didn’t even see you say anything like that like I mean I wasn’t trying to pick out specific people but we had such a good long streak of nobody calling stuff filler and now it’s happening again and it makes me sad because there was absolutely plot advancement in this. Like if this entry didn’t exist and next entry Tim and Jay were going to Rosswood together, I’m pretty sure the entire fandom would be like wait, but what happened there? We would know something was left out. So like I think that kind of constitutes an entry with substance.

Plus there were great moments for the characters individually, like Jay remembering Alex’s don’t-call-us-we’ll-call-you policy and Tim actually starting to piece things together himself as far as Jay maybe being a TO trigger himself. We hear mention of Jessica again and Tim kind of throws things into perspective for everyone by pointing out how long it’s been since Jay actually last saw her. There was a lot that happened.

I mean you don’t have to feel like butts at all! Everyone is definitely allowed to like or dislike an entry, if you felt like it was a little slow-paced that’s totally cool too. I guess I’m just saying like actual use of the word “filler” is a little uncalled for.