Some Filipino Words for Rice
  • palay:rice plant or unmilled rice
  • bigas:rice grains, as in the thing you buy in packs or sacks
  • kanin:rice cooked by boiling in water
  • tutong:the brownish somewhat burnt part if you overcook kanin
  • malata:if you put in too much water and the kanin turns out wetter than it should be
  • bahaw:leftover rice, usually from the fridge
  • sinangag:fried rice
  • lugaw:rice porridge (plain)
  • arrozcaldo:rice porridge with chicken and ginger
  • goto:rice porridge with ox tripe or pig intestine
  • champorado:chocolate rice porridge
  • malagkit:sticky/glutinous rice
  • palitaw:type of rice cake made from grounded malagkit
  • puto:type of rice cake usually made with rice flour
  • suman:catchall term for a type of rice snack wrapped usually in banana or palm leaves; varies from province to province