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I took these 2 pictures of me a few days ago so it’s quite an accurate picture of myself dskjfkemd im not that pretty thus the filter ㅋㅋㅋ

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OUI, IN TODAY’S BEGGAR’S BUFFET, we shall prepare Fingerjab Rice.

Ritual Essentials:

  • Sufficient rice
  • Couple of tomatoes
  • Onions (duh)
  • Some Eggs
  • Seasonings that appeal to your temperament
  • Wrath (store-bought is fine)

First you put damn rice to cook. When you got like 7 or 8 mins left on your rice, oil up a frying pan and condemn your chopped onions to the fiery sinner’s death they deserve (’cause they take longer to atone than the tomatoes and the eggs). Once the onions have atoned enough and have begun turning to the brown of penance, throw in your chopped tomatoes and eggs. Scramble the shit out of that potion, AND DON’T FORGET to season it now so it really packs that Yum Factor via absorption, for food is much like us: Gluttons. Salt, pepper, and merken is what has been used in the example provided above. If it’s looking like a good, warm, and healthy meal, fucking throw it. If it’s looking like viscera, ritual successful.

and that’s it, enjoy your Fingerjab Rice, also known as “I want to eat a hot meal but I don’t want to actually prepare something elaborate like a sauce but I also want something a bit more dressed up than just putting a fried egg on top or eating it with a basic ass salad, and for being so picky with this particular meal and what I want it to satisfy within my bosom, my mother jabbed me in the ribs with her index and middle fingers and told me to make my own food if I am going to be so fucking picky as to what I desire” rice, known to have won four heavyweight championships in the Milky Way.

anonymous asked:

U should be casted as armand. Appearence wise at least

Goof around in period costume AND get paid? Sign me up! 

I know I would provide excellent behind the scenes footage (because let’s be honest I would just follow the Lestat actor around all day and play pranks on him for no other reason than the fact that he’s Lestat. That’s what you get for picking a troll from the fandom) 

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On screen though? 
Director: I need you to say your lines and then cry in this scene
Me: Tell you what I can do. Stand in silence over there and not do any acting - how does that work for you? 

Maybe I can be like a hair double. Is that a thing? XD 

honestly, i really want people to understand that intent is not isolated from effect. your intentions when you do a thing do not excuse the repercussions of doing a thing. for instance, if you accidentally hit somebody with your fucking car, just because you didn’t meant to does not magically mean you didn’t

your only two options then are two a) accept that you’ve fucked up and do everything you can to assist the damaged part, or b) argue that you didn’t mean to do it, so you should be free from consequences. 

guess which option is the asshole option. 


Sunrise reflecting on rice paddy terraces, Yunnan China