Tease | Amber

The soft voice had called from the opposing bedroom and her ears perked up at the familiar sound, beckoning and calling her for some kind of assistance. With a roll of her eyes the raven haired beauty sat upright choosing to abandon the book that she’d been trying to get through all afternoon however, she couldn’t ignore Amber’s beck and call there was something about the brunette that changed her even though she would have never admitted it. Valencia loved Amber, she’d never say anything though, in fact she winced at the thought of even proclaiming how she felt towards her. They fought to often for them to even get along.

The moment she rounded the corner, the raven haired beauty hadn’t expected to see her roommate there in a next to nothing French maid lingerie set. She fought back the urge to blush a dark red colour, biting on her bottom lip before she swallowed the lump in her throat.

“What do you need my help with?”