Name: Leslie

Age: 24 (Leo)

Species: Red Lemur

Gender: Female


Faded purple ribbon with Bells – She doesn’t recall where she got such a trinket but she has had it tied around her tail ever since she can remember. The ribbon is almost tearing from wear and the bells or old yet still chime delicately when she flicks her tail.


Satchel Bag – She carries her laptop with her everywhere and is prepared to study till fatigue due to her double major. 



- Cold

- Stand-offish

- Work-a-holic

- Loner

- Trust issues


+ Calm

+ Polite

+ Mentally Strong

+ Enduring

+ Intelligent 


 Old Soul: Leslie is and always has been one who dwells on the past. She enjoys all things old including music, the simplicity of life and the clothing throughout history. She admires each decade, each century for what they are. Though she would never choose to live in the past she would prefer to admire from afar. As a dedication to her love for all things old her clothing style is a mix between her favourite historical times. 



• Originally from Madagascar, Leslie was moved to London at a young age giving her a distinct London accent.

• Works at a café run by a young cat named Sunday

• Majoring Philosophy and Psychology at College 

• Has a strong like for historical trinkets and old things

• ‘friend for life’ Mentality

• Can come off as a bit of a fem-boy due to her lack of curves and short hair 

• Enjoys:

o antique shopping 

o museums

o reading (can read quickly and finish most novels in a couple of days)

o Keeping busy

o Writing Documents (essays of all kinds, biographies ect)