I walked into the break room trying to recover from a massive hangover. I was just hoping to get through the day at this point. There was not enough coffee and aspirin in the world to get rid of this throbbing head of mine. My only hope was that Sutcliff wouldn’t be here today. Her voice was just far to loud and obnoxious in the morning. I sunk into a chair cursing the florescent lights.

I hoped Hannah would come in…nothing cheered me up faster than seeing her…but of course only Faustus walked through the door. I groaned, we had this odd hatred for each other…I couldn’t really define it.

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{♦}~; Grell looked at the new visitors with wide green eyes, smiling softly. “Welcome, I’m Grell Sutcliff, head butler to Angelina Durless. I’m afraid Madam cannot meet with you right away. Would you like some tea while you wait?”

-Day two-

You guys don’t even know how excited I was to see a Grell from Kuromyu, it just doesn’t happen! Of course I mentioned these lovely ladies in my “Day two” post from Ohayocon :p

-the tags have Alois and one of the Grells’ Tumblr URLs but I couldn’t find the other Grell’s URL so I think I got it wrong o.o I’ll tag her when I find her-

Sequel for redladygrellsutcliff

(( a sequel to our previous rp ))

Once Grell had learned all he needed to know about his new demonic form and I knew that he was loyal to me it was time to form a contract. We were both becoming rather ravenous. The opportunity arose and I formed a contract with a duchess. She required someone to fill the roll of her husband as well as bodyguard and investigator and I was happy to help. Grell took the role of a servant as that was the only other position she needed filled.

With this contract I was much more careful with its wording and I made sure that there was no chance of either me nor Grell becoming bound forever. Such a mistake would not be allowed to occur again.