“I know I bitch about how…how fucked up my life is, but…-” Chloe took a deep breath, her chest quivering into Max’s as she exhaled. “As long as you’re gonna be in it? I’m…pretty sure things are gonna get better. Because I’m gonna

make'em better. For you, for me, for us…I fucking promise, I’m…really gonna start trying to be better.”

They swayed a bit, back and forth, on the cliff side. The golden sun was disappearing, a haze of purple casting its glow across the sky.

“That’s…exactly what I needed to hear,” Max sighed with relief.

I haven’t been uploading the other commissions, (i’ll probably just compile them at some point, hahah) but yes- big thanks for Destiny-Smasher for commissioning this piece, you guys should definitely check their work out (links below) ^^

Also on my dA :

Graphic novel version! :

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