MY FEELS ARE ATTACKING ME, AGAIN. I know, I know, it’s been two years since I last read the fic “Picking Up The Pieces”, written by GuiltyPleasures21 and continued by PrudenceChasitity. Then I went to Red’s deviant acct and found the fanart of the said fic.

………………… I just felt like dying. My feels are it again.//cries


Blood for Blood - Redkid11 :

Based on Fangrai Freewrites Chapter 23 by Freestylesmiles :
check out Freestylesmiles’ Tumblr :  and on :


Don’t fall, I’ll be your painkiller

Don’t fall, we’re the same as each other

Painkiller - Redkid11 :

So.. apparentlly, boobs will solve all quarrels?bahahah- no but srsly do they. Anyway, this gift is for Vel'ithya ! She stated on the doc that she prefers Hurt/Comfort stories- which of course, posed a challenge.. mainly since I don’t think I have enough reference or ever actually thought of how their fight or legit arguing would go down?

But yes, after lots of re-doing, and with help by le awesome frands (fmo and W, i’m looking at you two), it turned out alright. At least for me, hahah.

Happy FrF Gift Exchange Day everyone! And as for my giftee (and everyone reading, too) I sincerely hope you like it! (:

Dust to Dust - Redkid11 

it’s been quite a while since i’ve done anything purely traditional- i missed it. if anyone had been following the progress, the initial WIP was done digitally. but it just didn’t sit quite right with me, so i scrapped that ( well not totally, i still retained Lightning’s pose ) but i re-did it with a pen instead (;
this is just one of the variations i’m planning to do though, i might color this digitally, or try using watercolor, we’ll see.


Stopped working on essays and art bible to rest and relax for a bit. And what better way to relax than to cringe at your past works. Like really, cringe in pain. I wish i was joking- I’m not.

These are probably some of my fave scenes to draw (and hey! anatomy isn’t too bad here actually) also dat last montage bahahah but yeah- t’ was a good read. Granted, I didn’t go too far back in the chapters- it would be far too horrifying. XD

It’s also funny now that I look back at it- I know the story didn’t exactly have any pairings, just hints. But in hindsight? I’m quite sure the Fangrainess is there alright.


Cadence Preview - Redkid11 :

Preview time!! These are by no means, in any linear or coherent order, lol.

Hahah, I don’t even know how long ago I promised a preview for this AU- OTL. I have to say, this AU will probably be pretty long in length (ofc not as long as Bloodlust- hckno) but still!

I’ll try and do this side by side with the FRF prompts and other one shots- whathaveyou. (;