Redken Extreme Mega-Mask Review and Thoughts; and all about the new Redken RCT Protein Complex!

Joy to the hairdressers! the Redken Mega-Masks featuring new RCT technology have hit the beauty supply store shelves and thus; will be hitting the salon shelves VERY SOON! i am literally geeking out over these treatments as i am typing. i am a big fan of Redken; alongside Matrix, Loreal Professionnel, and SexyHair products to maintain my mane. i always look to these product lines to get my result that i want because these are the brands that i love most. As i was reading my newest copy of the SalonCentric catalog and sales flyer for the month of February, i noticed a LOT of new arrivals, and alongside of the reformulation of Redken’s All Soft, Color Extend Magnetics, and Extreme hair care lines to include a new RCT protein complex and the release of 3 all-new Mega Masks to compliment each line.the Redken RCT protein complex is focusing on rebuilding hair at the 3 different zones of the hair strand - Root; Core; and Tip. that is how the RCT comes into play. the Root formula contains Soy Protein to add structure and strengthen hair as it grows out. the Core formulation contains Arginine; mainly for maintaining the condition of the cold shaft of the hair. The Tip formulation is based off of a substance called Sepicap; meant for restoring the condition of ends and preventing split ends from occurring or getting worse. i purchased the Redken Extreme Mega Mask intro kit; containing a small sample size of the new formula of Extreme Shampoo and Conditioner, and a full size 6.8oz tube of the new Mega Mask. What makes it so “Mega”? it contains a dual chamber design containing the concentrated deep treatment, and a care extending sealer that lock the treatment into the hair for up to 3 washes depending on the porosity and condition of the hair (seemingly based off of the same technology of the Redken Chemistry Shot Phix sealants). i used this mask on my thick, coarse, straight hair that has highlights and i just recently treated with a Japanese Straightening treatment to allow it to be more manageable. now just about any hairdresser knows that chemical straighteners and bleached hair do not mix, and i will admit that my hair is a lot weaker than before; but my hair is not breaking off. i give credit to this wonderful mask. i shampooed my hair using Redken Extreme Shampoo; applied this treatment for 5 minutes while washing up in the shower; and BOY OH BOY did my hair feel as good as new. i am a fan of this product for life, and i cannot say that about many products. in my professional opinon; i will tell you that whether you have naturally fine, weak strands and are looking for added reinforcement; whether you’re a repeat offender of changing your hair with the seasons (like me!) or if you just want to give your hair an extra dose of strangthening love; this product will not let you down. 

for us professionals, you can purchase this product from Salon Centric or your local beauty supplier that carries Redken. 

for consumers; you can either find this product at your local Redken salon, or from your independent stylist! 

until next time, STAY BEAUTIFUL!

XOXO Michael Jeffrey


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vintgdays  asked:

Hey there! First off, I love the blog! Secondly, what products do you use in your hair and what's your method? With that, how long does your hair keep its shape? I'm tying to get my hair to do more of what I want it to do instead of vice versa. If you have any tips, please share!

Thank you! I really like your blog as well. I get this question a lot, and always have trouble answering, so I will post a photo set of the process soon, but for now I hope this helps:

1) I blow dry all of my hair back with a Denman brush

External image

2) Once its 80-90% dry  I take a small round brush and I roll both of the sides inwards, and the front towards the back. 

External image

3) I use a small quarter size amount of Pureology’s density definer to help keep the shape and mold every thing together.

External image

4) I comb over everything (sides inward/front-back) 

5) I use Pureology’s Stengthening control hairspray and mist over everything. It’s a super lightweight pliable hairspray, that holds the shape, but is moveable enough to re-comb through if need be. 

External image

I hope that makes sense. I have found that blowdrying with a round brush helps IMMENSELY in keeping my hair from falling throughout the day. 

Completely unrelated to witchcraft but I think a few months ago I told someone to try redken hair products

Don’t do it I can now definitely say they wrecked my hair almost as bad as herbal essences

For reference I have super thick naturally curly red hair (becomes straighter when unhealthy and knots constantly) and it tends to be stupid dry

I just switched to a trial run of Living Proof (restore) based on stellar reviews and so far my hair is finally back to somewhat decent after 2 weeks

Cons: it’s super expensive. However my hair was so dry every single day I would get horrific 2 inch thick breaking hair losing knots so excuse me for taking some drastic measures

The cashier at ulta confirmed my redken story (she said it thinned and dried her hair) so now I’m thinking this is some big conspiracy I just learned about

Just. The more you know man