(REQUESTED) Lynn Gunn by halfmoonkelly featuring inspirational wall art

Button up shirt / Topshop t shirt, $21 / H M crop top, $9.99 / Glamorous button down shirt, $26 / Crop top, $18 / Crop top / Bralette top / Crop top, $11 / R13 bomber jacket, $715 / Cropped jacket / High waisted jeans / Topshop high waisted legging / Cheap Monday skinny jeans, $70 / Denim shorts / City Chic short shorts / Levi’s high-waisted shorts / T.U.K. black shoes / NIKE white tennis shoes, $100 / Platform sandals / Leather purse, $27 / Forever 21 fedora hat / Nike hat / Ray-Ban ray ban glasses / Forever 21 sun care / Redken hair shampoo, $32 / Disney hair brush / BD Fine Wallcoverings glitter wallpaper / Inspirational wall art, $9.99 / Colgate Advanced Whitening Toothpaste - Toiletries - £1.09, $1.84 / Wilko Medium Toothbrush Flex Brush 2pk, $0.71
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My sister likes how white my hair is but she loves being dark, months ago we set a goal to get her ends the same as my hair and today we were finally able to do it and shes in loveeee 😁💕 and its still healthy!! Hair goals take time #workinprogress #hair #hairstylist #colorist #redkenshadeseq #redken #matrix #whiteblonde #whitesilverhair

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Completely unrelated to witchcraft but I think a few months ago I told someone to try redken hair products

Don’t do it I can now definitely say they wrecked my hair almost as bad as herbal essences

For reference I have super thick naturally curly red hair (becomes straighter when unhealthy and knots constantly) and it tends to be stupid dry

I just switched to a trial run of Living Proof (restore) based on stellar reviews and so far my hair is finally back to somewhat decent after 2 weeks

Cons: it’s super expensive. However my hair was so dry every single day I would get horrific 2 inch thick breaking hair losing knots so excuse me for taking some drastic measures

The cashier at ulta confirmed my redken story (she said it thinned and dried her hair) so now I’m thinking this is some big conspiracy I just learned about

Just. The more you know man


Ive been up since 6 doing hair color so thats why im wide awake lol #hairstylist #stylist #me #trans #transgirl #transwoman #transgender #barbie #fabuluxe #blonde #blondehair #blondegirl #fabulous #redkencolor #redken

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