TTTE Shipping Names (Crack and Non-Crack)

James x Edward: Dandy Boy/7 Shades of Purple/Iron Ages

Gordon x Henry: Bad Blood/Big Boys/Expressway

Thomas x Percy: Small But Peppy

Duck x Donald: Sweet Cheeks/Ruffled Feathers

Oliver x Douglas: Black Olives/Saved From Scrap

Gordon x James: Cyan Fireball/Galloping Iron/Larkspur

Duck x Edward: Pintail/Reliable and Responsible/Down to Earth

Bill x Rosie x Ben: Pink Nectar/Bees and Their Honey/Rosebay

Thomas x James: Redjay, Bluejay/Yin and Yang/Opposites Attract

Rosie x Mavis: Gals Being Pals/Gothic Pastels/Rose Oil

Duck x Diesel: Past Mistakes/Bad Romance/Oil Spill

Stepney x Spencer: Private Heritage/Silver Bells/The Prince and The Pauper

Duke x Smudger: From the Ashes/Lessons Learned/Passage of Time

Sir Handel x Peter Sam: Funnels and Wheels/Comedy and Tragedy/Impudent Scallawags

Duncan x Rusty: Soft Rock/Rusted Cans/Not So Grumpy Afterall

Thomas x Diesel: Cat and Mouse/Snakeoil Love

Marion x Edward: Clouded Vision

Whiff x Emily: Glasgow Garbage/Sterling Smarts

Rosie x Diesel: Beauty and the Beast/Light in the Darkness/Freckles and Sneers

Arthur x Salty: Dockside Romance/Saltwater Taffy/Fishsticks

Duck x Gator: Bogwater Beaus/Natural Order/Down the River

Thomas x Paxton: Easily Distracted/Found Your Puff

James x Rosie: Red Roses/Pomegranates

Phillip x Kevin: Eager Beavers/Puppy Love

Charlie x Duck: Quacking Up

Timothy x Arthur: Written in Oil/Perfect Record

Thomas x Neville: Misunderstood/Helpful Hearts/Not So Different

Porter x Hank: Across the Pond/Railroading USA/Fourth of July

Diesel x Paxton: Unwitting Pawn/Stuck in the Middle/Can’t Please Everyone

Neville x Murdoch: Thomas and Gordon 2.0/Enjoy the Silence/Odd But Happy

Lady x James: All That Glitters/Red Magic

Oliver x Duck: Great Western Pride/Greensleeves

Lady x Stanley: Gold and Silver

Charlie x Lady: And the Lady Will Smile

Hiro x Gordon: Whirlwind Romance/Hire a Samurai/Connecting Islands

Arthur x Eagle: Fish Filet/Perfect Hunter/Redtailed Hawk

Neville x Emily: Black Sterling

James x Diesel: Ego Stroking/Toxic Love

James x Toby: Dirty Objects/Come On You/Brash and Modest

Terence x Thomas: Your Caterpillars Are Lovely/Adaptable/Snow Better Friends

Rosie x Whiff: Perfume/Rose-Colored Glasses/One Person’s Trash

BoCo x James: Buzz Buzz

Proteus x Hiro: Railway Myths

Lady x Proteus: Shining Time

Spencer x Caitlin: Silver Lining

Harold x Cranky: Cloud Nine/Eyes In the Sky/Grumble Mumble Cheerio

Edward x BoCo: You Mean They Aren’t Canon?/Damage Control/Beekeepers

Duck x Bill: Quack Buzz/Bee-Eater/Punny Couple

Porter x Timothy: Burning at Both Ends