P A G E 0 0 1 - R E D I R E C T 1 BY @XYZTHEMES

A simple redirect page for saved/old blogs

Instructions For Installing:

  • All you have to do is edit the areas that say ‘oldurl’ and ‘newurl’ with your old and new urls! Then click save and you’re good to go! You can also edit the colors if you’d like!

Please do not claim this work as your own, use as a base code, repost or remove credit. If you need any help editing the blog, have questions or find an error in the coding, please contact me directly through inbox here. Please like/reblog if using and feel free to message me links to your blog if you use my theme, I’d love to see what you do with it!! Enjoy!

P R E V I E W  +  D O W N L O A D  L I N K

i know a lot of these background masterposts probably already exist, but i really love doing masterposts cause they’re really useful for me and hopefully other people??

more stuff here!!

**none of these pictures belong to me


other pictures

themes (shortened from my other masterpost)

tradingartforspooks  asked:

hihihi i was wondering if there's a way to wait a certain amount (eg, say 5 seconds) before redirecting a page automatically with the code you posted? thanks in advance :)))

Yes! It’ll require adding a setTimeout call, which adds a delay before “doing something,” that something being the code that redirects. Your code will look like this instead (make sure all quote marks are STRAIGHT QUOTES; tumblr keeps auto-converting quotes and curly quotes will not work in code):

setTimeout( redirectTumblr, 5000 );

function redirectTumblr() {
location.replace('' + location.pathname);

You can replace the 5000 with another number to adjust the delay (it’s in milliseconds, so 5000ms = 5s).

(original post here)


This is a redirect page requested by bitsandbitesads. When you “call” the right number, the page will redirect you to another url.

Please, like or reblog this post if you’re using this page! :)


  • Edit the password on the numbers variable
  • Edit the new url on the newURL variable
  • Always delete the spaces around the variables’ values to make it harder for someone access the new url without knowing the password!


Feel free to edit whatever you want, except the credits! Please don’t redistribute.
If you have any questions, ask me here, I’ll be glad to help you! ^^

ps: I always answer privately if you’re off anon.

How to redirect your old URL to your new one... Without any theme!

So basically (I sounded like Harry LOL!) I got a little bit tired of adding a theme to my old one to redirect to my new one… I was searching then I found a code that can make you redirect from your old URL to your new….


<script type=“text/javascript”>
window.location = “http://YOUR NEW”

Just put it between <head> to </head> tag then tada! Your done!!!!

Example: (x)

Hi there! I’ve been wanting to make a birthday page since forever becaaause people remembering your birthday is nice.

How to join:

  • must be following me sorry 
  • reblog this post (likes won’t count)
  • send me an ask with your name and your birthday! (the year is not necessary)
  • please let me know if you change your url (especially if you don’t have a theme that redirects to the new one), otherwise I won’t be able to find you!

What you’ll get:

  • a spot on my birthday page!
  • a promo and a message on your birthday <3
  • a spot on my updates tab during the month of your birthday!
  • my eternal gratitude for not letting this flop??

And that’s it! please don’t let this flop i just want to love you

Hi guys! I AM SO BACK after decade-long hiatus. yay! I have some pretty good news about what’s going on with my life right now (in case you care to know) that is coming right up on my next volume of THE HAPPY LIST. But before anything else, please be guided that I have changed my URL again for the nth time. Hehe! you see my new URL now is THENOTSOORDINARYLASS but don’t worry, I won’t bother you to change my blog button code on your respective sidebars this time. I found this perfect redirect theme by HARRYSHIZZ to avoid that kind of hassle so here it is! You will be automatically redirected once you:

  • click my blog button on your/somebody’s blog or sidebar
  • click the link on my bio on Instagram
  • enter my old URL on the web browser.

Anyways, I also tweaked my theme a little if you guys wanna check it out. Well, nothing much has changed; just a new header/banner that made the whole page different from the previous one. Not a big deal. Hah! 

can you help me?

hey guys.. i need your help again, i just made a new redirect/moved theme,

open this link.

in this theme you need to slide the arrow button to redirect to your new URL, i have test on google chrome and mozilla firefox browser and it’s work fine, so if you use another browser, pls tell me if the slider work on your browser or not. 

anonymous asked:

unnie, can you please do a tutorial on how your old blog moved you on to your present one. :)

You create a side blog with your old URL (after you changed your URL to a new one), then go to Customize the theme of your sideblog (with the old URL) and paste this code into the HTML settings;

<style type=”text/css”>
iframe#tumblr_controls {bottom !important; position: fixed !important;}
#box {position:absolute;top:20%;left:30%;padding:0px;margin:0px;}
<div id=”box”>
<p><a href=”YOUR NEW BLOG URL“><img src=”YOUR IMAGE URL”/></a></p>

You can upload your image here.

Some other redirect themes suggestions | | |

Helping a friend find a redirect URL html code, and couldn’t find any that worked. Finally did find one, but I had to edit it slightly for it to actually function, so here you guys go.

  1. Delete all the old HTML on your current blog
  2. Add this code instead, replacing the placeholder URL with your new URL

<meta http-equiv=“REFRESH” content=“0; url=”>

That’s it, you’re done.