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For my love, Gintama’s Sakata Gintoki. ♡ Please like if you see this! Mutuals, I would appreciate if you could reblog as well! ♡

Following spree; please reblog (Personally, I don’t check likes since they don’t automatically redirect me to your blog) if you post any of the following:

- Yuri on Ice
- Haikyuu
- Boku no Hero Academia
- Psycho Pass
- Voltron
- Seasonal animes
- Animes in general, seriously…

- Aesthetic
- Galaxy, skies, constellation, etc.
- Fashion
- Art in general
- Graphic Design

- Books/quotes/litterature
- The raven cycle
- The night circus
- The foxhole court

- Overwatch
- Pokemon
- The legend of Zelda

Hi guys! I’ve decided with the year about to be over that I’ll follow new blogs! (and bc my dash is dead or spammed with a particular ice skating anime) Please reblog if you post any of the following and likes don’t redirect me to your blog if you want me to check it out.

  • neon genesis evangelion
  • persona series
  • fire emblem
  • pokemon
  • haikyuu
  • bungou stray dogs
  • mob psycho 100
  • bl
  • seasonal anime
  • monochrome
  • art
  • aesthetics
  • gfx maker (I need new ones to follow)

If your blog is centered around only one anime *cough yoi* chances are that I won’t follow you, sorry. Also it would be nice if you tag your posts. Mutuals!! I would appreciate it if you would reblog this! Thank you in advance and have a nice day! :D

anonymous asked:

So, If you'll be posting the nsfw coffee goal in another blog, the reactions to it will be in that blog, right? Or the will reaction compilation be here? I just wanted to know, because I woudnt like to see It :/

yep, that’s the plan. pg-13 thirst and reactions to comic pages will continue to be posted here, but any particularly saucy stuff will be redirected to the other blog. 

your safety is assured! we’re going to lengths to ensure that people will only ever see this stuff if they absolutely want to.

((Headcanons under the cut! I wanted to use the manga to show my reasoning so it got kinda long. Also I don’t know how easy this will be to follow, I might ramble but I did try to edit it so it’s all grouped up at least ))

(( tl:dr Kars kills people but like not as many as you think, and he doesn’t want to rule the world ))

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please rb/like this if you are or have a gamemaking blog!

i’m currently making a game on rpgmaker vxa, but i also own every other rpgm (2k, 2003, vx, vxa, mv) and ren’py. i’m looking for:

  • resources
    • scripts/script lists
    • sprites/sprite parts (especially baddies)
    • speaking of baddies, battlers
    • tilesets/tileset parts
    • battlebacks
    • audio (sound effects, bg music, etc)
    • any of these that are edits of rpgm content (as mentioned i already own it all)
    • anything ren’py (i just downloaded it today and i totally wanna get into it)
  • tutorials
  • software (especially software that works well with rpgm and ren’py)

so if you create or reblog that kind of stuff i’d be appreciative if you reblogged this post! if you reblog it to your main and your gamemaking blog isn’t obvious or easy to find, please tag the url! i’ll be following from thatgamemaking-following (which i’m just going to have be a redirect script to this blog) because i already follow like 700 blogs on my main blog and i’d rather just have a gamemaking blog :p

thanks y’all!

blog move

i’ve moved to a side-blog (anatomae) so i can start fresh. i’m setting up a redirect for this blog but i’ll queue this post for a while for my dash, so everyone knows to unfollow this blog/refollow the new one

will still follow back from this blog

love u thanks xxx


I got frustrated with my art blog being a secondary blog. The inability to like stuff and send asks was killing me sooooo I redirected it to my primary blog and changed the url to —–> chilidogs-and-cereall in case you’re wondering why I’m suddenly spamming everyone because that’s what I’m planning on doing. 

Feel free to like this so I can follow you wonderful people!

Self-respect, intellect, redirect and love yourself. Take heed to each and you’ll never fall.
—  Rena