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P A G E 0 0 1 - R E D I R E C T 1 BY @XYZTHEMES

A simple redirect page for saved/old blogs

Instructions For Installing:

  • All you have to do is edit the areas that say ‘oldurl’ and ‘newurl’ with your old and new urls! Then click save and you’re good to go! You can also edit the colors if you’d like!

Please do not claim this work as your own, use as a base code, repost or remove credit. If you need any help editing the blog, have questions or find an error in the coding, please contact me directly through inbox here. Please like/reblog if using and feel free to message me links to your blog if you use my theme, I’d love to see what you do with it!! Enjoy!

P R E V I E W  +  D O W N L O A D  L I N K

tradingartforspooks  asked:

hihihi i was wondering if there's a way to wait a certain amount (eg, say 5 seconds) before redirecting a page automatically with the code you posted? thanks in advance :)))

Yes! It’ll require adding a setTimeout call, which adds a delay before “doing something,” that something being the code that redirects. Your code will look like this instead (make sure all quote marks are STRAIGHT QUOTES; tumblr keeps auto-converting quotes and curly quotes will not work in code):

setTimeout( redirectTumblr, 5000 );

function redirectTumblr() {
location.replace('' + location.pathname);

You can replace the 5000 with another number to adjust the delay (it’s in milliseconds, so 5000ms = 5s).

(original post here)

grenuda  asked:

im the anon with the white screen tagged/ problem, also witch every code i use its the same thing, i really dont know whats the problem...

okay so this is the code i use so it works 100%

paste it under <head> and retype the quotation marks and apostrophes

<script type=“text/javascript”>
if(location.href == ‘http://YOUR’) location.replace(‘’);;


Helping a friend find a redirect URL html code, and couldn’t find any that worked. Finally did find one, but I had to edit it slightly for it to actually function, so here you guys go.

  1. Delete all the old HTML on your current blog
  2. Add this code instead, replacing the placeholder URL with your new URL

<meta http-equiv=“REFRESH” content=“0; url=”>

That’s it, you’re done.

nerdwithabrush  asked:

I know you have a post about redirecting old url links to a new url. How about this: I've been fiddling with shifting a personal sideblog to a new URL, but I don't want to lose all of my old content. Suggestions->maybe a url redirect to the new one along with redirect tags? I'm just not wrapping my brain around it.

If you just want to change the url of your blog and not switch actual blogs (i.e. you want to keep all your content and followers), you can go to your blog settings and switch your url name there. The only thing that changes is your url name. All of the links that tumblr automatically generates will also switch to your new url (e.g. sources, reblogged froms).

The script is useful for where your blog is directly linked somewhere, like in a text post or somewhere external to tumblr. Those links will not automatically change to your new url. But if you make a new blog using your old url, you can still control what happens to people going to your old url because you control that old url. This new-blog-using-your-old-url is not your real blog; this blog’s entire purpose is to redirect people to your real-blog-no-longer-using-old-url.

Most likely, you’d want people accessing your old url to be redirected to your new url, and you can do that by putting the redirect script on that blog.

Hope that made sense!

@mute ah tysm ! its a lovely theme ! i went thru yr tag and used the redirect code you recommended so im hopin it works now but if there are any more issues ill let u know ! thank u!
It's a choice
Editing/Fandom Blog

Changing my main blog!!

I’ve been postponing this for a while now but basically, I’ve decided to permanently switch onto a new blog. I can’t actually change my main blog without having to delete everything so the other solution was, to switch. I’ve kind of gotten tired of owning this one because it’s a complete mess and I can’t ever make a coherent tag page bc for a good two years, I didn’t tag anything. Not to mention all the bad fandom wank I ended up putting here without actually tagging it again, so it’s best I start over.

Hence, new blog! This one has an actual tag page in it. Right now it’s mostly filled up with star wars posts, mainly rogue one, but as I get into other shows/movies I’ll obviously expand the list. If you’re interested in seeing what it holds, just go to the tag page and you’ll find everything. After the disaster that was this blog I’ve decided to basically withhold myself from reblogging or ever replying to any fandom wank posts, but I will continue to reblog ones that reference rep in certain shows and whatnot.

I changed my main url and added a redirect code to the last one I had. As for this blog, I’m probably going to put it under private, and very likely not reblog posts here again, unless it’s by mistake. I only have around 5 more posts on my queue but that’s pretty much it.

This got a bit long, but yeah. If you want to continue following me, follow my new blog. If not, then thank you for following me so far. Idk how you did it, but I appreciate you sticking around. If you’re not gonna follow my new blog I’d advise you to unfollow this one as well, since I’m not gonna use it anymore.

Ok so if you’re like me and read about the update and change URLs I wanted to share with you guys the code I use when I change URLs that redirects you to ur current blog so say i was at my old URL morganapendragons It will redirect you automatically to my current URL carmiillakarnstein

merlinsprat showed me this coding: 

 //redirect to new blog
 var path = window.location.pathname;
 window.location.replace(‘’ + path);

if you put this in your old blog. like in my morganapendragons blog. it will redirect and they will be connected. You simply paste this at the top of your old URL’s coding. Be sure to just paste your new URL over my URL.

be sure to paste it above this code: 

<!DOCTYPE html>
<!–[if IE 8]><html class=“lt-ie10 lt-ie9”> <![endif]–>
<!–[if IE 9]><html class=“lt-ie10”> <![endif]–>
<!–[if gt IE 9]><!–> <html> <!–<![endif]–>

in your older URL

ok here’s the redirect code. obviously change the url and tag to yours. it goes after the <body> tag. it should work with most themes

<script type=“text/javascript”>
   var url = location.href;
   if (url == “”) {
       window.location = “”;

anonymous asked:

hey Gina!! I'm sorry if you've been asked this before, but I want to change my current username to one that I already have saved - do you have any tips on the best way to do this? I've been wanting to do it for a while but for some reason it just makes me nervous that I'm going to lose either username or blog data or something/anything. Thanks so much in advance!! :)

As long as you don’t press the “delete blog” button or enter your password in anywhere, I think you’ll be fine :D

Ok, let’s assume you’ve got oldusername and newusername. Currently you’re on oldusername. You want to change to your saved newusername.

1. You’ll wanna go into your setting for newusername and change the username to something else entirely like newusername222, so that you can actually change your current blog to newusername. Otherwise, you’ll get a conflict saying the username is already in use when you try to change oldusername.

2. Now do that - go into the settings for oldusername and change oldusername to newusername.

3. Go back to your settings for newusername222 and changed that to oldusername so you save your previous username.

4. On the theme of what is now oldusername, add my redirect script if you want to redirect all the links that are still floating around as to

Hope that isn’t confusing!! Ask again if it is :’D

forceing  asked:

hey:D i want to make a redirect page from vershace. tk to vershace. tk/tagged/text... so when someone click on my blog,it automatically redirect him to texts? xx

If you want that to be the first thing people see when they view your blog, just open cuztomization for your blog, click edit HTML, and put this exactly before </body>

var path = window.location.pathname;
window.location.replace(‘’ + path);

(credit for the code goes to oddhour)


anonymous asked:

hey! i was wondering if u could link me to a code for the old url while its being redirected to my new url? idk if that makes sense but basically do u have a theme that just says "___ has moved to ___" and looks nice if that makes sense

The one that I use in my example is here at pastebin :) The redirect code is already in there, you just have to go into the code to change the username.

*annoyed growling*

Issley was in heat and he was in a mood again. One of those moods where he wanted hands all over his body but at the same time he’d bite those hands off if they came near him. There was only one person who could get near him when he was like this and they were away on some stupid vacation thing.

Issley was currently sprawled facedown in the middle of a corridor, snapping his teeth and growling at anyone trying to use the common hallway. He’d chopped his hair off to his chin just because and the perfect doll-like ringlets got puffy and spikey when people came near. His tail flicked around madly.

His two favored guards(Jinks and Admus) stood a few yards away on either side of him in the hall, redirecting in people.


lol my ex was being really volatile, screamed at me, & sent pathetic emails designed to guilt me, but still checked my blog about 10 times a day, so i put a script in my HTML code that redirects only his IP address to a recording of “why don’t you do it right?” by peggy lee every time he tries to visit

sipping a glass of wine, playing jazz music, & giggling maniacally.

if you didn’t want me to write about you, you should’ve lived better.

anonymous asked:



this isn’t even my art blog. this was originally my personal blog pffft.

but yeah I’m gonna make another side blog now cuz this is geTTING OVERWHELMING.

You Are My Sunshine

Inspired by someone (and then I checked and teammaxie I blame this one on YOU) giving the headcanon/prompt of May falling asleep and Maxie singing ‘You Are My Sunshine’ under his breath.

The lyrics, however, gave me other ideas, and wouldn’t leave me alone until they’d been written.

Characters: Maxie, Steven, May’s mother, May

Summary: Hearing that May had injured herself in a battle was the most terrifying thing since wondering if he’d inadvertently sent her to her death. Needless to say, just hearing that she was being well looked after wasn’t good enough. He had to see that for himself.

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