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Welcome to this amazing fandom (sorry if its a little late >.<). I love your blog so far and I know I can totally count on more awesomeness from you. I was wondering if I could request an All Might scenario that the kids discover that their quirkless geometry teacher is actually the symbol of peace’s waifu? >.<

here you go! thanks!

You suppose it was the wrong time to tell him he forgot his lunch at home.

But, by the time you tiptoe through the door, bento box (wrapped in an adorable bunny-patterned cloth) in hand, it’s too late, the class has seen you.

Inwardly, you facepalm; you forgot he had a class now.

Whispers of why is the geometry teacher bringing All Might his lunch? abound, but you do your best to ignore them as you walk over to the man in question, handing him the food and flashing him a quick smile.

He glances over to his students quickly, but thanks you, kissing your cheek softly.

That’s when the class erupts.

“Her? But she’s fucking Quirkless!” Bakugou seems enraged that such a famous and respectable hero as All Might could be dating someone who doesn’t even have any sort of Quirk at all.

Toshinori frowns then, patience with the teenage student obviously wearing thin.

“Language, young man. And a person should not be judged by their abilities or lack thereof, but rather by their actions and personality.”

Despite the fire user’s derogatory words, you don’t feel too bad about your secret coming out to the class. Most of the students look genuinely happy for you and your boyfriend, most notably Midoriya. He’s always liked you, and you’re well aware All Might is his personal hero.

“Congratulations!” he exclaims, and you beam at him.

Bakugou still grumbles, and it’s obvious how much he looks down upon the Quirkless, but you don’t care anymore. The overwhelmingly positive reaction from the class as a whole reassures you.

Finished this commission last night for a friend in Guild Wars 2, of herself/main GW2 character, in her own custom designed dress. :)

There are some pieces that just come together, and then are are other pieces that just don’t work like you want until you make them. This one is the latter. I redid everything in this one at least once. >.<

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