redid this picture


Redid an old picture of Meriana to compare if I improved at all in the past years… 3 ½ years and I seem to have learned a few things… and I have a lot of things left to learn. 

But I am happy with the result and that Meri didn’t change THAT much… But she is and will always be one of my favorite characters. I wanted to draw her again properly… haven’t done in a long while. And she deserved some attention again… after all, she’s been with me since I started playing DAO in 2011… 

(And Meriana’s owl is called Nageat.)

So I redid this picture of Bravat with his official colors, now that we have them. I keep waffling back and forth with whether I like the palette, or whether I like mine better. On the one hand, I like the night sky tones and the fact that his hair is lavender, but on the other, he seems a little too monochrome. It’s all cool colors. Even the gold is kind of a cold gold, if that makes sense. In any case, hey, one of my icons was a little correct, at least:

Ok so I was going to draw a 10 year old Nico kissing Percy on the cheek and after I drew this I realized- “Shit this Nico is not 10” Nico here is like Nico after the “Battle of the Labyrinth” so he’s like what 12?
So anyway I redid the picture after drawing this and decided to post a 12 year old Nico kissing a 14 year old Percy. Lol

Okay so last night my boyfriend bought me Paint Tool SAI and I redid a picture I had just drawn on photoshop literally 30 min before and like??????? wow?????? okay so yeah I know the first one is scribbled but I mean it took me 2 hours to get to that point on Photoshop after redrawing and redrawing and redrawing and I finally gave up and just scribbled it because I couldn’t draw nice, clean lines. Then I tried to color it and the colors just refused to look right and I gave up. The one on the right i drew in SAI and the lines were clean and the colors and shading were amazing perfect like…I can’t believe it took me this long to finally get SAI.