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ChiCon 2015

Here is my con photos and stuff. This is gonna be a long one so sit back and relax. Grab a beer or whatever you drink and I hope you enjoy this. Keep in mind that my best friend Amanda was supposed to come with me but she committed suicide last year so I dedicated my Osric, Jared, and Misha autos to her.

Friday: I met Tyler Johnston, Osric Chau, Travis Aaron Wade, Rob Benedict, Richard Speight Jr., Matt Cohen, Briana Buckmaster, and Kim Rhodes. When I met Osric I told him about my best friend and he was so caring. He signed two pictures for me (for those that don’t know you only get one complimentary auto with a Gold Weekend pass) one for me and one for my best friend. I sang Karaoke with the stars that evening. I sang Somebody to Love while holding Rob Benedict’s hand and looking into his eyes! I also had Briana, Kim, Travis, Rob, Tyler, Matt, and Osric take selfies on my phone.

Saturday: I met Misha and Mark and they were amazing. Mark stole my daughter and took her over to where her fiance was standing and this is how the convo went.
M: *points at his fiance* this is my fiance.
My baby: She’s pretty, Crowley!
M: Thank you sweetheart, you see her belly? I’m going to have a baby! There’s a baby in there.
My baby: Can I feel the baby?
M: Of course sweetheart. *takes her hand and let’s her feel the baby*
Then he talked to her some more and then handed her back to me. Okay so my auto with Misha…wow…umm Misha’s handler made me go last because I had a panic attack. Once I got to the table I was inconsolable. Misha said “Babe what’s wrong? Why are you so upset?” I tell him my best friends story and he held my hand and was rubbing the back of it. I told him how T and S was her favorite fanfic and he wrote the Elvis lyrics and got up and held me and shushed me while I sobbed into his chest. Then freaking Cliff comes over And since I’m sobbing I don’t realize it’s him until Misha says he’s handing me over to Cliff. Then I get sat down and I tell Cliff that my daughter has a blankie for JJ and he tells me he will personally walk me up to Jensen in the autograph line so she and I can give it to him. I cried for a good hour.

Sunday: I met Jared and Jensen…. I had two Jensen solos… I had to go last…Cliff’s orders lol. So here I am last in like and Misha’s handler and Cliff are holding my hands. I make eye contact with Jensen and I start bawling again (pretty sure I did my makeup like 4 times cause I cried it off every time) Jensen says “Awww sweetheart don’t do that! Don’t cry cmere I need a hug” I walk over there and he lets me cry for a couple mins. Then he tells me to go fix my makup cause it was running down my face. Then we took two pics (one is T and S related) Jared’s….Okay so I redid a Dirty Dancing pose with him and I cried with that one too. Then I had to wait to be last for Autos and Cliff came up to me and said lets go to Jared first. I walked up and was bawling cause of my best friend and he put a heart on my picture and wrote AKF and then hugged me. Then he stole my daughter and played with her. She was so happy to see her Sam. Then Cliff took me over to Jensen and my daughter ran and said “Dean pick me up please!!” he scooped her up and she said “give me kisses Dean!” he gave her kisses and then she said I have pictures for you. They were professional pics of her and her Dean funko pop. He had me put my name and Twitter info as well as my daughter’s name and her birthday. Then we gave him the quilt and he got all teary….I started bawling cause how can you not cry when you see Jensen tear up?! Then my daughter says “Dean can I play with JJ? Pretty please!” he said “well we will have to get you two together!” Then he took my T and S book and said “why did Misha write Elvis lyrics on this?” I explained to him about my best friend and he said he would be honored to write I can dig Elvis on it.“ and that’s the cliffs notes for my weekend!


Jeonghan icons

read terms before using

5sos Unpredictable lockscreen (screenshots are better) bc i love you and the last one wasnt working too well so i redid it lol


I redid my commission sheet as the other one was simply hideous too unclear and not up-to-date with my works.

so in short, I will basically draw anything as long as you are detailed in what you want! This also means providing reference for eventual ocs. uvu

Particular things (like icons or sprays) may have different prices from the ones listed. Feel free to contact me!

Contact is by email ( or PM, Payment is in Paypal.

All the examples listed above (and more like them) can be viewed on my blog.

If you can’t commission then signal boost if you can! It’d be much appreciated. ;v;/