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hi there! im asking my fave batfam blogs for blog recs and why you like them? i want to find more batfam blogs to follow, if it's not too much to ask? if not it's totally okay!

Hey! Thanks for asking, and thanks for saying I’m a fav <3 I always love to talk up the blogs I enjoy seeing on my dash. They are for the most part 100% gen blogs and all great to follow:

@audreycritter- Audrey is the greatest. She’s an incredible writer and an all around great person. She’s great to talk to and so nice. Her blog is always uplifting and fun.

@whore4batfam Stell is amazing. She produces some of the best batfam content you can find, and is really funny. 

@oh-mother-of-darkness - I have been following her since before I started a batblog. She’s so sweet and writes some of the funniest/heart wrenching stories you’ll find about the batfam.

@ autumnhobbit - Produces some just really really great stories. Like make you cry then want to read them again stories. Also lots of other great batfam content. : )

@komadoriwonder- Super fun, super nice, and has shared some really really great stories. I always love seeing Koma on my dash.

@fuyunoakegata- When I need some quality batfam content or am missing some Dick Grayson on my blog I always find my way to her blog.  

@kaylabeemarie- Literally creates the greatest Batfam art on the planet. I stare at their work for HOURS after I find it.

@unpretty- She makes great Batfam content and is so funny. I love seeing her on my dash

Some other Blogs I love to see, but don’t know very well are:

Blogs who reblog/post great stuff include: @litnerdhood,@redhoodie, @bamboozledimagines, @batdad, @holyheadcanonsbatman, @arabian-batboy

Writers who I don’t know well yet but I love their stuff: @dove-among-bats, @lysical, @tantalum-cobalt

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Hi 💕 I want to make sure, is Steve in "Unknown number is calling" by redhoody, PRE or POST serum looking??? Pls 💕

from what i can tell it’s post-serum steve :)

Unknown number is calling by redhoody (WIP)

„Nah. more like a nice ass.“
„Well, I guess you were nice to help me out here, so…“
„No, I mean my ass, you should see it sometime.“
Steve lets out a snort. „You are a horrible person. Thanks however.“
„Anytime.“ The guy singsongs and hangs up for a second time. Steve just shakes his head.

Or: Steve calls the wrong number and a new friendship is born.
But maybe friendship isn’t the right word, considering how badly Steve wants to meet the guy. Maybe even kiss him.
Problem: He doesn’t even know his name yet.

hiya everybody! i recently hit 100+ followers! now, that may not be a huge milestone to most, but it is for this blog because i deleted and remade this entire blog! i want to give a thanks to all of the blogs that reblog & provide me great content on my dash. you’re all mvps^^

i also wanna thank all of my followers, y’all are crazy for following me, but thank you anyway haha!

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:・゚✧  thegalacticpope’s ~follow forever~ ✧ ・゚:

So I know I said on my birthday (which was forever ago) that I would do one of these things, and as I promised, I made a follow forever. I know when I announced it, a few of you asked to keep the follower count off the post, so I’ll do that! But I did hit a milestone! So, thanks for that!

I’m a comic blog, and I focus on comic books and other media related to comic books. I like to talk about all things comic related, I have a particular soft spot for the batfam, and I love it when the leading ladies kick some ass. Most of the people I follow produce at least some comic content, so check ‘em out!

mutuals and faves

@actioncomics@almostcatwomin@aquagal / @anakinsbutthole / @batboyblog / @boywondrs@brucegraysons /  @cafedecanela /  @callmeofficergrayson / @cassluvssteph @cassiewaayne / @clarklent /  @commanderoffleets  @damibirb@dashianddancer /  @dat-shit-schway / @dickgays0n@dickgraysonyouareanidiot@dawnseternallight /  @graysonightwing@graysonslittlebird / @halbarry  /  @identityconstellations /  @jaaytodd@jas0n-todd / @jasontodd-squad /  @jasontoddthough / @jonathankents@lexiconallie @lookforanewangle@lordofallfucks /  @mellenabrave@morrigannfreeman / @nanihoosartblog / @nevolition /  @niightwiing / @nanananananananabatfam@nomnomcupcakesworld / @nevolition@onlypistachio / @oeracle/ @preciousthingsareprecious  / @pumpkinsinner /  @redhocds / @redhoed @redhoodys@robin-dukethomas / @shamedeity  /  @stephaniebrowm  / @suncosmo /  @superheroesincolor / @timdrakee /  @timmydrkes@walkingentityofsnark  /  @whore4batfam / @wondergrayson 

@11thsense / @ababybat / @ace–jace / @acesontodd / @allumetterouge / @aquaman-tho / @arabian-batboy / @arkmkngt@asexualdamianwayne / @asterbats / @baeson-todd / @bartallens / @beauty-brains-and-batarangs / @binahlance / @blkcnry /  @captain-flint / @cherryandsisters / @christiantimdrake / @daamian-wayne / @damn-ianwayne / @darnianwayne / @dbravenerd / @detective-birdy / @dicapriyos / @dickgraysonn / @drakefeathers / @dukethomasisblackandtrans / @galacticgraysons / @gaylantern / @generatorcat  / @gothamprince / @gothm / @harleyhquinn / @hereliesjasontodd / @iatethepomegranate / @imrobin / @incogneat-oh / @jasondonut / @jasontoddsbeautifulbutt / @jayctivist / @justiceleaque / @kingofthesevenseas / @korivnder  / @latinxjasontodd / @m-u-n-c-h-y / @mrsredhood@oh-mother-of-darkness / @queerksilver / @redrobin-detective / @robin-dukethomas / @rockin-robinz / @sen1227 / @slightlycrookedletters@spidymans / @swanqueenfeathers / @terrymaginnis@tiimdrakes / @timaltman / @timdrakemockingjay@unhoods / @wing-wing-the-bat /

@alexandriachildofbatman  / @amaradella / @bucky-barnes-for-president  @cassandraccain@changetostoppeoplefromfindingme  / @charmingpurple@cleverlycatlike / @detective-birdy  /  @frostbiteandglitter / @hoenestly-confused  /  @inorid / @jaeyna / @nahitsjustme / @opposite-of-aster / @queenkittygalore /  @redjayson / @tabbs001 / @timothydrace-yum /  @theplutonian-skies /  @theslavicshaclow@writingfish

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it’s here! my very first follow forever. i’ve spent a total of 4 years here on tumblr and owned 2 other blogs but these past 4 months have been the greatest. i’m so glad i decided to create this blog because through it, i met a lot of amazing people here and i don’t think i’ve ever loved my tumblr dash as much i love it right now. so here’s a little thank you for being so amazing.


@0roro-munroe ♡


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p.s: i’m really sorry if i’ve missed anyone out and i just want you to know that if i follow you, you are appreciated and loved :)

queensofthemyscira’s follow forever, ❤️>> the squad, the banner is bad sorry


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