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Light in the Midst of Hell || CLOSED


Time is a strange thing. If one can manipulate it, your past can become another person’s future, and vice-versa. Events you never thought you would relive can come back to you, or people you once thought impossible to meet can appear when you least expect them.

The boy with the Vortex Manipulator had known that. The boy Josh had hurriedly latched onto as he was about to jump through time; the boy he’d thrown off-course and enormously angered… And yet without him, the soldier would never have met his love.

People you never thought you’d meet again can appear when you least expect them.

The phrase applied not only to Josh, but to the boy – a young man now, by the name of Oscar – who was running from something. Alongside him, three figures; two women, one a redhead, one a tiny blonde, and a man with wild black hair. All were armed, and all running. At the end of a turning, they stopped to face the thing chasing them, or rather, the group of things. The street had long-since evacuated, and barriers of pure water had been set by the boy to ensure nobody else got in.

It was now that Josh was meeting with Lyric, just a couple of streets away. They were just going to walk… Something Josh very much enjoyed doing, especially with Lyric. But this time, he took pause, tasting the air with a deep frown, “Something’s wrong…”

His ears turned to the kerfuffle not far away, as battle had begun. The smell of burning and salt water and blood reached his nose, and he swallowed heavily, raising into the tall, dangerous stance of the soldier he was. “I’m checking it out,” he muttered, frowning deeply, “You should stay put…”