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any clear signs that someone isn't an enfj?

They do not automatically shift their emotional response to others, with an eye on the big picture involved. (The ENFJ I know grew up super-sensitive to others’ feelings and aware of her own place in the social hierarchy in racial terms. Her first thought upon encountering Elsa in Frozen was delight that now albino little girls with white hair and light skin have their very own Disney Princess that looks like them! She felt the same way about Anna representing redheads with freckles! This represents her Fe — enjoyment of others’ happiness — and Ni equally — seeing the princesses’ appearances as a symbol of social acceptance and inclusion of different appearances and skin colors being seen as equally beautiful.)

They are not ultra-sensitive and worried about how their art will be perceived. (If you are dealing with an extrovert and a feeler, but they do not share with you their concerns over how people will perceive their art/writing/behavior, you’re not dealing with dominant Fe. Social appropriateness and interpretation matters a great deal to them and frequently goes to war with their Ni-vision of the art itself. It can turn into a battle between Fe “is this too taboo / will it offend people?” and Ni “this is a perfect symbolic piece of art and I want to finish it.” Ultimately, the stronger internal vision of Ni will win out and Fe will concede but approach the project with awareness of the potential fall-out.)

They do not think in futuristic terms. (Living in the moment types are sensors; ENFJs think more about the future than the present. They like to visualize outcomes and work toward them. They tend to read people and predict what they will do, often accurately. Each major decision is intensely scrutinized to determine whether it is purely has short term benefits or will still be good in the future. MY ENFJ believes in giving aid when necessary but also ponders with me whether or not the aid given will be seen as patronizing by future generations. She thinks a lot about how future generations will look back on us and judge us by their modern standards, as we look back on previous eras and do the same.)

They switch easily between topics of conversation. (Nope. This is the realm of a comfortable Ne anywhere in the functional stack; Ni often will ponder an idea or concept or desire for an endless amount of time, analyzing it from as many angles and perspectives as it can as it seeks to fully comprehend it and strip it down to its simplistic essence.)

They never predict what will happen down the line. (ENFJs, like all the Ni-doms/auxes, have a certain amount of faith in their inner sensings and premonitions. They often have a clear vision of where their future is headed and what may happen to them.)