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Okay so I’m not done with this and legitimately when I have time this summer in the season break, will probably end up writing some Savitar fic and will probably make it coldflash if I do.

  • Steve: why did you dye your hair blonde
  • Natasha: I thought you preferred blondes, after all they have more fun
  • Steve: oh yeah? Well actually I prefer redheads
  • Natasha: and why's that?
  • Steve *grins and pulls Natasha close*: because they're wild and excited me more
Too Hot To Handle: Chapter Twelve

So I kinda wrote a different kind of fanfiction. It’s nothing as in depth as my other fics so I am going to post it here. ENJOY!!

   ***Actor, Real Person Fanfiction, Walking Dead RPF***

Featuring: Jeffrey Dean Morgan X Original Female Character, Norman Reedus and others.. (FYI this is total fiction, as in I know nothing about JDMs life or that of his real SO and son etc. Because of this, for this work of fiction, they don’t exist. Jeffrey’s been a typical actor playboy dating fellow stars etc. This is written for sick daydreaming pleasure.)

Aria St. James is a busy woman with a thriving restaurant. She thought she had everything she needed until a few famous faces visit her dining room. A tall, dark and handsome actor decides Aria’s just what he’s been looking for.

Rating: Mature

The week had been difficult, not only with staffing issues and the upcoming wedding rehearsal dinner but Aria was missing Jeffrey fiercely. She wasn’t sure how but the man had firmly rooted himself into her life and with him gone, she was feeling lonely. It wasn’t even as though they spent everyday together. With both of their schedules being hectic, they’d go days, if not more than a week from seeing each other. They did however talk frequently throughout the day and more often than not they would Skype or FaceTime in the evening.

Jeffrey was addicting it seemed and now that she had a taste of what it could be like to have someone in her life, someone she could have dinner or breakfast with, she wanted it all the time. They’d only been dating for a month or so but she was clearly feeling something stronger than any of her other relationships. Maybe it was because she was older but Aria could tell, what they had was deeper and longer lasting. She wanted to be with him and she could see them becoming even more to each other. 

All of this was wonderful, she was thoroughly enjoying it but it was also completely and utterly terrifying. 

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His Redhead Girl

Hi Guys! Sorry it has been a long time since I posted. This is something I have been working on based on Alan’s livestream last week where Val said he prefers Redheads. There will defy be a part 2 if you guys enjoy this so let me know! Looking forward to the comments :) Like and Reblog! 

Sharna sat up abruptly pulling the bed sheet with her. He sat up against the headboard and ran his hands through his hair.

She bent down to reach for her bra and put it on, with her back to him. “That shouldn’t have happened.” She spoke quietly. She reached down for her other clothes.

“No, it shouldn’t have.”

They were both quiet, not knowing what to say next. Once she had all her clothes on, she stood up, “I’m just going to go.” She pointed over her shoulder at the door.

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For @seasless. 😘

On the left we have James (Harvey suggested the name, as a nod to Mike’s dad supposedly, but Mike suspects it was actually more to do with a certain awesome starship captain), but he usually goes by Jamie, and on the right we have Gordon (absolutely a nod to Harvey’s dad and one Mike was happy to consent to), who of course is immediately Gordy to almost every one from the day he’s born.

Jamie is boisterous and full of beans. He lives for Little League (Harvey coaches his team and swears he isn’t being biased when he says Jamie is the next Derek Jeter) and water pistol fights and when he’s older he will definitely be caught raiding the liquor cabinet. He’s also crazy about Donna and will develop a lifelong preference for redheads because of it.

Gordy is quieter, a little more reserved and shy until he really gets to know you. He loves reading and drawing and is definitely the musician in the family (he could make a living at it when he’s older, of that Harvey has no doubt, already mentally clearing space in his office for the first Grammy award which Gordy will obviously gift him with). He also loves helping Uncle Benjamin with his inventions, but he thinks his Uncle Louis is a little too obsessed with cats.

The boys (fraternal twins) are adopted and yet somehow Mike can’t help thinking that they’ve both inherited Harvey’s traits. His athleticism, competitiveness and playfulness in Jamie; his loyalty, warmth and love of music in Gordy. Harvey doesn’t say anything when Mike mentions this. He just smirks and his eyes twinkle in that way which shouldn’t still be so distracting to Mike after eight years of marriage and eight years of dancing round each other before that and Mike knows he agrees.

And yet they’re both just as surely Mike’s kids. They’re stubborn and bright, compassionate and empathetic, with hearts the size of Texas. And they can wrap Harvey round their little fingers.

And whether you chalk it up to nature or nurture, they’re both as into movies as their dads. Friday night is movie night in the Specter-Ross household. There’s nothing all four of them enjoy more than snuggling up on the huge couch Mike picked out when he and Harvey bought this house together, Mike insisting on decorating it like a proper family home and not some pristine, minimalist bachelor pad. Harvey rolled his eyes and grumbled, but he didn’t fool Mike for one second. This is the home he’s always craved too.

Of course, movie night wouldn’t be complete without snacks. Some nights there’s popcorn and chips and too much soda. Other nights there’s pizza (yes, the kind with cheese in the crust) and French fries and chocolate milk. But always there’s superhero pyjamas (and that’s not just the kids, much to Harvey’s never-ending amusement and fondness every time he spies Mike in those Spidey bottoms) and soft Henley’s (which, again, shouldn’t still be so distracting, but decidedly are) and sometimes an old Harvard t-shirt or sweatshirt (and seriously, Mike wonders, does Harvey have a guy in Boston supplying him with those things or something because they can’t all still be from his college days surely??).

They take it in turns choosing an age-appropriate movie so they each get one choice a month, and, honestly, if you’d told Harvey ten years ago that this would be his life, lazing on an overstuffed couch on a Friday night with Mike’s head a warm, welcome weight on his shoulder and a beautiful, perfect, beloved son curled up on each of their laps, popcorn strewn about the place from their food fight earlier and the latest Pixar behemoth on the box, he’d have said you were crazy. But now he just shakes his head in wonderment and counts his lucky stars, all the while wondering what the hell he did to deserve all this.

And while Lily may be a part of his life again, and a stellar grandmother to the boys, he sometimes still has to swallow a not insubstantial amount of anger when he looks at Mike and their two sons and can’t even begin to comprehend the idea of doing anything that would put him at risk of losing them, put him at risk of hurting them.

But then Mike smiles at him or Jamie throws himself into his arms demanding hugs or Gordy tugs on his sleeve and asks him to play Grandpa Gordon’s records again and the knot in his chest both eases and tightens at the same time as he lets go of the anger and love floods his system all over again.

And, really, there’s no other place any of them would rather be right now than here, together. Mike and Harvey aren’t stupid. They both know it won’t always be this way. All too soon they’ll be alone on Friday nights as friends and dates take their place, and later work commitments and maybe families of their own. But that’s all right too.

Sure, they’ll miss these nights together, but they’ll still have each other (and Jamie’s rings from winning the World Series multiple times, alongside Gordy’s platinum discs commemorating his several bestselling albums because no matter what Mike says about being realistic Harvey knows their boys are destined for greatness) and they’ll have the satisfaction of knowing they raised two good men.

Two good men who will never doubt how much they were loved and wanted, and who will carry both their names, and their fathers’ names, forward into the future and bring nothing but honour and respect to them, and to the two men who taught them the meaning of family and showed them what it means to love and be loved.

And in the meantime, they’ve still got ‘Ghostbusters’ and ‘The Goonies’, the Indiana Jones trilogy (yeah, both Mike and Harvey agree they’re stopping at the third one) and ‘The Princess Bride’ ahead of them to discover anew through bright, wide, innocent eyes that they couldn’t love any more than if they were born of their own flesh and blood.

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I just found out that red hair is partially dominant and adds a reddish tint to whatever allele it's paired with, so like, concept: celegorm is a strawberry blonde

GOOD NEWS EVERYBODY. Or at least everybody that prefers redheads. 

Someone who can draw, get on this. I tried myself but the results were…less than impressive. 

Super Long Kylux Rec List #1 (Completed Works)

A large number of my favorite gleanings from the ever-amazing gift that is the Kylux fandom.  

Most are rated E, although there are some Ms and Ts.  I like long fics…5k is like a nice prologue to me, so these tend toward the lengthier side - but there are some shorter works as well.  I don’t always know which authors are on Tumblr or what name they use here.  If I’ve missed tagging one correctly, please let me know.

WIP Rec list coming next.

My preferred tropes…let me show you them.

They Team Up to Defeat Snoke and/or Rule The Galaxy (or Parts of It)

The House of Paper Bones   by @ofcorsetstrash
Not Rated - 58k
The author has taken the familiar elements of the story that leads up to TFA and thrown them into a Cuisinart, re-assembling them in all sorts of novel and interesting ways.  Part of the enjoyment of reading this is figuring out who is who.

Run Once More by leoandlancer
E - 70,900
Just post-TFA, bitter survivors of the Republic kidnap Hux with the intent to torture and execute him.  Snoke don’t care.  BAMF Ren saves the day.  That’s just the first 2 chapters.

Order in Chaos by @ezlebe
E - 86k
Force-Sensitive!Hux gets matched up as a young man with the volatile Kylo Ren, to aid him in maintaining control of his emotions.  

It All Goes to Hell (They Maybe Defeat Snoke But Rule Nothing) - Some Have MCD

In Our Bedroom After The War by @claricechiarasorcha
M - 8,600
The end of Hux and of Ben Solo’s sanity.  

The Cursed Prince and the Pauper/Soldier Boy by @5ovspades
G - 2,700
An AU told in fairly tale form.  Not a happy ending.  

Legacy (3 part series) by @kat2107
E, E, Not Rated - 46,700
A little something for everyone - S&M, Brendol Hux Sr’s A++ Parenting, Pre and Post-TFA, kids.  There are surprisingly few fics that give Hux a wife (he doesn’t have one here either) or children.  Meet his son, and later, Kylo’s daughter.  Not quite fluffy Space Dads; but there’s hope.  They defect to the Resistance.

Aware of His Own Halo by @badspacebabies
E - 33,400
Defeated Hux slinks off to lick his wounds in the ass-end of the galaxy on a two year drunk.  Ren shows up to (in the author’s words) “just fuck all the shame out of him”.  Ending is open - they may go on to galactic conquest, who knows?

Before TFA, When They Were Young(er)

The Slightest Shift in the Weather by @claricechiarasorcha
E - 21,500
My gateway drug into the Kylux fandom.  Maj. Hux the sniper and Kylo, Knight of Ren meet when they are paired together a mission.  This author really excels at the small observations and insights that really bring the characters to life.  There’s a follow-up story that’s currently a WIP.

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger by @hollyhark
E - 36,100
Maybe not the exact right category for this, but…tragic Hux backstory, mind/memory alteration, so so many feels.  

Origin Stories by @hollyhark
E - 31,200
“Nineteen-year-old Hux goes on a tour of his father’s stormtrooper training facility and meets a strange, hooded financier and his equally strange but far more intriguing apprentice.”  One of those fics where you just want to grab them and say “Pay attention and get out now while you can!!”

Just Chillin’ on The Finalizer (usually pre-TFA)

This is kind of a catch-all category.  Some of these stories have multiple tropes going on and so I stuck them here ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Ties by Ajaxthegreat
E - 30k
We get to see ResourcefulEngineer!Hux at work with CrazyPowerfulForceUser!Ren on a planetary mission gone wrong, plus dreams of sexy mud (really) and my fave ‘sparring leads to sex’ action.  Pretty ‘Classic Kylux’ that leads to a hint of feels, too.

Be a Body by @cracktheglasses
E - 5,100
Hux just wants down and dirty bathroom sex while high on drugs.  He gets it.

What Can I Do For You by @claricechiarasorcha
E - 44,400
Jealous virgin Ren does not like it when he discovers the ‘friends with benefits’ arrangement Hux has in place.  This author has a number of short(ish) works, all of which I wholeheartedly recommend.  

At the Beginning of the World by @huxcrying
E - 10,100
“Porn With Feelings’ in here.  Also Virgin!Kylo.

Build a War With Your Assistance by grue, @whoresonbob
M - 10k
Post-TFA, they give each other gifts to express their…feelings?  Extremely funny.  Author description “General Hux is full-stop done with everyone/everything and Kylo Ren has the emotional maturity of a psychotic toddler.”.  The follow-up story is a murder mystery containing one of the funniest ideas I’ve encountered in this fandom.  Or maybe my perverse sense of humor just aligns well with the author’s.

I’m a Doctor Today, I’m Curing Viewers by the Thousands by grue, @whoresonbob
M - 5,400
A post-TFA absurdist screwball comedy with gross medical trauma and altered states of consciousness?  SIGN ME UP!   Part 2, Don’t Speak (I Came to Bang) includes tags for ‘nonchalant gore’ and ‘Snoke’s euphemisms for Masturbation’.

The Taste of Copper on Your Tongue by @that-vicious-vixen
E - 7,900
Three connected fics, all are good (don’t miss the last, Yours, B. Hux, a snarky exchange of letters between Hux and Leia).  The story arc: “Kylo Ren confesses his love like he does all things - with a straight face and loads of unnecessary circumstance, as if everything he is, was, and ever will be hinges on one moment”…”General Hux confesses his love just as he does everything else; with efficiency and few words, more “show” than “tell.”  In-between, you get power bottom Hux.

Sex Ed by DaveChicken, @sithofren
E - 2k - NOTE - this is Kyluxma
Hux’s sex techniques need improvement.  Why tell when you can show, with the Force?

Give Me a Shot to Remember by @decotext
Not Rated - 10,700
“You’re starting to suspect that this has all been the world’s longest joke, a lead-up to a great cosmic punchline. A morally ambiguous Sith Lord and sarcastic General walk into a bar…”
Funny and original writing style.  This is part 1 of 2, plus a stand-alone OC story (yes!  it’s good!).

One or Both are Unaware of the Other’s Identity, Allowing for Feels to Develop

Please Write Back by @acroamatica
T - 5,600
Hux gives good advice in his syndicated column (not an AU).

Check the ‘Porn Ships It’ category for a few more like this.

Fake Dating, Bed Sharing, Roommates, and We Just Work Together (Mostly Modern AUs)

Something About Volcanoes by betts, @bettydays
M - 28k
Office equipment sales coworkers Ben and Hux attend Rey’s Hawaiian wedding.

Downbeat by @acroamatica
E - 17,300
Hux the High-Strung Conductor vs Kylo the Intense Piano Virtuoso.  Snoke the shit-stirrer.  Bonus links to gorgeous music.

Stet by @acroamatica
M - 17,000
Hux the pissy editor vs Kylo the writer with writer’s block.  This author has an elegant, sophisticated - almost effortless (seeming) style.

Chaos, Control, and Corgis by RockSaltAndRoll and Shortsighted_Owl
E - 90k
Someone on the spectrum + someone else with BPD mixed with a lot of nosy & involved neighbors = a big payoff when they finally get there.

Parchment and Vellum by @gefionne
E - 32,300
If you like the idea of sexy librarians (who don’t know they’re sexy), here you go.  You also get Kylo the Weapons of the Middle Ages grad student.

From the Landscape: A Sense of Scale by @brawlite
M - 18,900
Not quite roommates, but an intense boarding school friendship that ends abruptly.  They get a second chance years later.  Poetic and beautiful.

The Secret Heart by @slutstiels
E - 48,300
Hux is a closeted actor, Ben an intense one; they’re cast together in career-making roles, but can’t stand working with each other.  Very hot sex, angst, anxiety spirals, etc, ensue.

Porn Ships It

Starfucker Base by @eralkfang and @nightsofllyn
E - 12k
Is Ren’s preferred redheaded twink porn actually made for him as part of a plot by the loathsome Resistance?  Hux can’t have that.  Super hot and also extremely funny.  

Wrong Number by @cosleia
E - 8,500
Lonely Hux misdials a phone sex line and gets Kylo instead.  Modern AU. Sweet & hot.

Cinema Verite by @huxcrying
E - 27,600
Hux finds a beautiful webcam boy and they become close.  He’s never seen Kylo Ren’s face so he has no idea they are one and the same.  Very hot and also FEELS.

Casadega by deadonarrival, @dead-on-arrivals
E - 40,800
Grad student Ben is an escort.  Post-divorce Hux just wants some relief.  Super hot plus feels.

Hotline Bling by @minzimpression
E - 36,900
Hux just needs some wank material and texts his most recent hook-up for a dick pic.  Wrong number!  What he gets instead is a picture of Kylo Ren’s mad dick.  You know this ends up with them getting married, right?

(Somewhat) Hard Kinks and/or ‘Classic’ Kylux Hatesex/Enemies that Leads to Something More Fluffy and Feels-y

Honeycomb by betts, @bettydays
E - 48k
Three tags tell the story: “Hurting Ben Solo for Fun and Pleasure”, “the author had to duct tape the mouth of her conscience shut to write this”, and “there’s no room for guilt when you open your heart to sin”.  10 kinds of wrong but so right.

This is Very Normal by zamwessell
E - 3,400
Not a hard kink, really - but not your usual roleplay/cosplay, either.

Not About Angels by MellyTheHun
E - 258,900 (This is a 4 part series, part 4 a WIP)
There are many tragic Hux backstories; this is pretty much the most tragic.  You also get sexy sparring, lots of Phasma The Awesome Friend, and a fantastic slow burn.  Also has something I really enjoy, where you get everything from two different POVs - the second one after you’ve spent a lot of time with the first and have largely accepted that one’s interpretation of events.

In a Place Where No One Appeared by @gefionne
E - 119,500
Immediately post-TFA, Snoke orders Hux to take Ren to Arkanis for recuperation.  We get tragic Hux backstory and a great slow burn.

Ex Machina by sual
E - 32,700
If there were more of this kind of fic, I’d make ‘Ben Solo Master of Droids’ a trope category b/c what can I say, I like droids and this author provides plenty of “cruel and unusual uses for droids”.   AU where Ben sees his future as Kylo Ren and rejects it - but is still an odd bird.  Surprisingly touching.

Anyone But You by zamwessell
E - 14,900
College AU.  Conservative & closeted Senator’s son Hux hooks up with liberal artist Ben.  LOTS of loud sexual encounters follow.  So much sexier than James Carville & Mary Matalin.  

And There Will Your Heart Be Also by jellyfishsodapop and oorsprong / @gentleman-caller
E - 38k
Kylo Ren is a considerate lover like a boss to blushing virgin Hux.  WHO KNEW.

Aletheia by @badspacebabies and @reserve
E - 40,200
Kylo is not a nice man.  Poor Hux’s brain, having so many memories altered.  NO KYLO!

Arranged Marriage, Fake/“Temporary” Marriage, and Other Forms of Forced Relationship

Husband by @eralkfang
E - 1,700
“Hux and Kylo get smashed when they’re on a random planet, and end up getting married - and having the wedding night to go with it. They wake up the next day, are suitably horrified, and vow to get an annulment asap.  Except they don’t. And they keep having sex. And one night, Hux calls him husband and Kylo comes right there and then.”

In This Life and All Others by @fakeandinspace
E - 47,600
An in-canon-verse AU where things went a different way post-Empire.  “The firstborn child of the Organa family and the firstborn child of a prominent military family, the Huxes, have been promised to each other since before birth, as a means of sealing a peaceful arrangement between the mercenary remains of the Empire’s military and a prominent ruling family of the galaxy” - One party DOES NOT WANT.  At least, at first.  Sweet and patient study of these 2 idiots getting to know each other.

Raise Your Hands With Burning Candles by @everknowing
M - 22k
12 year old Ben Organa is kidnapped by the First Order; his public image is managed by them, including in time a fake relationship with rising star Hux.  The story is told via an effective and clever multimedia approach - blog posts, texts, chat logs.

A Balanced Tribute by @cracktheglasses
E - 5k
Medieval AU; Rey weds Emperor Hux for the good of her land.  It’s a bit crowded in this marriage, though.  I could read 100k more of this tbh.

Ghosts, Witches, Monsters, Eldritch Horrors, Etc.

Honey, It Will Come Back by Flyting, @agoodflyting
T - 4,300
Pet Sematary on The Finalizer.  Very creepy.

Ghosts by Flyting, @agoodflyting
G - 1,800
As the author notes, ‘Obvious Plot Twist is Obvious’ - but wrenching nonetheless.

The Hanged Man by @that-vicious-vixen
E - 13,300
The Hux children meet a monster of a man who seems to have emerged from the forest behind their Savannah, GA home.  The eldest son gets involved despite his better judgement.  One tag: “I’m not super great at keeping things dark so it’s somehow violent and fluffy?”

List #2 
List #3 
List #4
List #5
List #6

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No I just have a preference for redheaded women, sorry to disappoint you tho.

I hope you’ll stick around anyway

Kiss says it all (Bruce Banner x Reader)

Originally posted by 1900stove-0

Fandom: Marvel
Character: Bruce Banner
Persona: Female reader insert
Prompt: Hello can I request a fluffy/angsty Bruce Banner x reader where they’re best friends but In love with each other but the reader thinks that he’s in love with Natasha but he’s not and she gets hurt on a mission and he gets worried and when she wakes up he kisses her and says I love you (Is that too specific it feels very specific)
Author’s Notes: I’m so happy to be working with a Bruce x Reader because I personally believe that the cutie doesn’t get enough of the Avenger Fandom love, so I’m super psyched to write this. Essentially the prompt describes how this is going to work out. @mentallydatingrobertbrucebanner, this is for you!

Bruce was your best friend, had been for quite a while now, and you liked that, he was geeky and meek, unless provoked, then a whole new guy came out to play, but you didn’t mind, to you that was what made Bruce, well Bruce, he was cute, adorable, well adorkable really, he was a dork and a science geek, but that was all part of the charm for you, part of why you’d fallen in love with him, many on the team believed it to be nothing more than a “school girl, he was cute and nice to me” crush, but you knew better.

Currently though, he was also avoiding you, you believed that to be rather unlike him and all sorts of other words that all lead up to it simply being a bit odd, considering that he usually was quite happy to hang with you. the past couple of weeks whenever you’d asked him to hang with you, you’d received his apology for being too busy helping out Nat at the moment, you of course laughed it off and told yourself maybe next time. The end of the second week you couldn’t take it anymore “why did Natasha have priority of you? why?” you wondered as you searched all over the tower for Bruce, eventually finding him in the lab “I should have know…..” your happy greeting slams to a stop and your smile falls from your face when you actually see what was going on. You saw Bruce talking with Nat, she seemed like she was happily flirting with him, and he was awkwardly smiling and taking it, tears stream in rivulets down your cheek as you about face and rush toward your bedroom door, that was when Bruce noticed you’d walked into the room but by the time he made a move to speak you’d flown out of the room like the whole of Jotunheim was after you. “ (Y/N)?” he starts calling out, “(Y/N) Come back please” he says racing after you as you rushed to your room. It took Bruce only several moment to reach you room in the tower and a couple of seconds after that to begin knocking, but you didn’t want to know anything, you had seen enough to surmise what was going on and you didn’t like it, the thought that Bruce was in love with Nat was enough to make you sick to your stomach with jealousy, and that was a feeling you didn’t particularly like “Why if he loved Nat didn’t he say so before, if Nat’s so special, if Nat can do that and Nat can do this” you think feeling yourself succumbing to your jealous rage and all the feelings of hatred you had for Nat, Bruce was knocking away at the door, trying to get your attention “GO AWAY, BRUCE I DON’T WANT TO TALK TO YOU RIGHT NOW!” you practically snarl at him , and you hear his knocking pattern falter as he registers what you just said and processed it, knowing him he was probably fighting the Hulk’s desire to break down the door and demand you apologize for yelling at Bruce like that but you didn’t care, you like, noo you loved Bruce, but he obviously preferred the redhead over you and that hurt you more than you’d ever be wiling to admit. If Bruce was at all offended by the tone you’d taken with him on that one, he never made mention of it.

The next day and everyone was acting like it was all completely normal, no one at all found anything to object to, Bruce seemed to still prefer Nat over you and you found yourself feeling even more jealous and then angry at yourself, because when you thought about it, yelling at him about not wanting to talk about it probably didn’t do anything except drive him closer to Nat and that made your jealousy over her even worse, and it didn’t help that you were comparing yourself against her, she had training in combat and was quite renowned for being rather pretty, and what where you compared to her, you cried yourself to sleep at night you were so torn up about it.

a couple of months of you being totally jealous of Nat because Bruce seemed to like her better and you were offered a mission which because you’d decided that it was either you take the mission or sit around the tower doing close to absolutely nothing you took it. At first the mission seemed relatively easy and you weren’t worried that you’d fail or otherwise become incapacitated by the perils of a dangerous mission. When you actually arrived at the location of your mission, which was currently in Paris, France, you were supposed to be undercover, so you had disguised yourself as a French National under the name of Luna Bellerose, Steve helped you pick it out and Tony worked on the techy stuff that would help get you a legitimate appearing back history in case anyone got too suspicious of why a “Luna Bellerose” who supposedly lived in France her whole life would suddenly turn up out of no where. You were supposed to be monitoring activity and make sure agents of HYDRA or any other of the groups of enemies the Avengers had accumulated weren’t planning on attacking soon, the first several days were spent establishing your place of “residence”  and making sure that it looked reasonably appropriate for someone who’d supposedly lived in France since the day they were born and then came the job, luckily you had a small team of technologically superior people working on this whole thing, so they find you a good job to help with the disguise, one that wasn’t too demanding but still could hold water if anyone tried to take too deep a looksee into your “life” as it were.

This had been happily going on for a whole two months more before the worst thing you could have ever thought possible happened, because of an accidental blunder on the part of the group sent to watch over you, your identity as not in fact being Luna Bellerose was discovered and that was were things turned from bad to far, far, far worse in a span of only a whole two weeks, you’d gotten kidnapped, and your captures were wanting only one thing, domination over you for the sake of information on who you really were, where you really came from and what reason you were to have ever set foot on French soil. Determined as you were to hold out for as long as possible you took all the forms of beating on you they could come up with, this was being kept up only a week longer than you had expected, you knew you had quite the determination to not give up your fellow Avengers, and with that you were also quite determined to return to them as much intact as you would ever be after this.

Three days after the third month, you were weak from hunger, thirst and the abuse your captures were putting you through, and quite sure you’d be very close to dying first before they’d even relent or otherwise give up, at this point you had every intentions of dying first, when you thought about it what was there to really live for anyway the guy you loved was in love with someone else, the rest of your team was good points towards living but if you couldn’t have Bruce by your side what was the point “he’d much rather be by Natasha’s side anyway” you think bitterly right before you heard a rather inhuman growl sound and you couldn’t help the smirk that twisted your lips halfway and then you had to do the best you could to avoid being slammed in the face by debris as Hulk burst through the door with his usual but endearing, lack of regard for if anyone was in the room, he just stood there like that looking at you with the oddest expression on his face, you look away, unhappy that he was the one you saw first since even seeing Hulk couldn’t make you forget your jealousy of Nat but if Hulk noticed that anything was amiss he never made any mention of it, well honestly he really wouldn’t Hulk never had been one to really speak, which if you thought about it at this present moment in time was a fact you were supremely grateful for, although knowing your dorky friend he’d have gone totally berserk trying to get you to realize just how much danger you were in and you’d have rolled your eyes and said “No duh, Sherlock” and the banter would have continued on from there, as it was Steve, Sam and the other members who had joined in on your rescue mission filed in all business like and quietly, knowing Steve he was doing the “calm before the storm” bit and you didn’t bother to point out how unnecessary that would be, that you were just so gosh awful happy that they were there that you’d even be nice to Nat, although for the longest time before leaving on this mission you hadn’t exactly been so nice to her. Steve and Sam were quick to undo the shackles your captures kept you in when they weren’t abusing you and Tony kept guard alongside Thor and Hulk who were two of your team’s heaviest hitters, so it made a bit of sense that they’d have been put on look out duty with Tony who was a long distance wild card next to Hawkeye the always ready with a witty zinger. Steve and Sam finish up getting the shackles off of you, you’d had them on long enough that your wrists where they’ d rested had been rubbed so raw they were bleeding and your wrists still felt as though you had them on you and felt heavy and nearly immovable, you were so weak that Steve and Sam had to carry you because you couldn’t walk, they handed you off to Hulk, knowing he’d be able to handle carrying you, he took you in his bulky muscled arms and grunts at Sam and Steve and without further “conversation” he takes you to the nearest hospital within the area, although in between being taken off the shackles for good and being handed to Hulk you’d passed out and were actually quite close to death.

When the Hulk reached the Hospital in New York City, New York, USA the Doctors and nurses were quite shocked to say the least, but Hulk tenderly places you onto a gurney for them to wheel you to immediate surgery and try to work on getting you stable. It took the best Surgeons in the whole state four whole hours to get you even close to stable and another three to get you to where you wouldn’t die if they moved you again. three hours after that and they’d finally gotten you able to go into recovery with all your wounds stitched up and otherwise taken care of, the had you on several IV fluid to help with recovery and rehydrating your body one of the doctors comes into the waiting room to discuss with the rest of the team the prognosis “Well, we’ve done everything physically that can be done, all her wounds have been surgically closed and taken care of, she’s in recovery right now with some IVs in her, there’s some to help with her dehydration and some to help with the rest of her recovery, however she’s unconscious right now and we’re not entirely certain when she’ll wake up, she coded twice when we went to operate on her so her system has been through a lot of stress and trauma, how long was she like left in this condition before she was found?” he asks and Steve says “about three months and three days” and the doctor nods “so whoever was her kidnappers had kept her for almost more than the body can stand without proper care, my big concern is how emaciated she is, they obviously fed her just enough to make her able to stand another day but nothing more, you see this commonly in cases such as what was observed in the WW2 concentration camp prisoners, who were treated fairly similarly to way your friend in the recovery room has been treated” he says after a small nod.

During the four months it took for your body to slowly recover and become at least slightly more the way you normally looked, except with pale skin waxy lips and just general “Death bed” look which the doctors were quite certain that once they’d gotten you awake and healthy again wouldn’t be too big an issue for some time out in the sun and other restoratives to help fix, Bruce never left your side for longer than it would take to go to tend to himself as well, he literally slept by your bedside, his hand always on yours as he sat there waiting to see your eyes open, waiting to see some sign that you were going to pull through and live still. Steve and Sam and the others took turns popping in whenever their duties as Avengers could spare them some time to stop by, mostly they were hoping to draw Bruce away from you to help out, but where Bruce felt he was needed or was more important the guy could be downright adamant about things “Come on Bruce, you’re a part of this team too, don’t you think it’s time to leave (Y/N)’s bedside and be a part of the team?” Sam asked one day during the fifth month since you’d been in the recovery room and Bruce practically growled at him he was so fed up “NO, I AM NOT GOING TO LEAVE (Y/N)” he says and Sam was quick to back off after that “Okay, Okay, checking the concern at the door man, Stay with your girl then” he says.

Two more days of waiting by your bedside ignoring all the others’ pleas for him to rejoin the team even for just an hour and Bruce is rewarded by you finally waking up. He was so happy to finally see your (Y/E/C) eyes and that you weren’t dead that he leaps up and practically mashes his lips on to yours in a kiss so vigorous you wondered if it was even Bruce who was kissing you or even if you had in fact died and gone to Heaven, the next thing he did was curl by you on the bed and nuzzle you and whisper “I love you, (Y/N), you and only you” he says and you smile so happy to at last have him say the words your heart desired but your jealous mind feared was going to be given to another, so happy to be by him and that he was yours “I love you too, Bruce” you say, your voice still weak from your being unconscious so long, but he was close enough that he heard every word you’d said.

Friendly reminder than despite being pansexual, Bull has, on many occasions, specified a preference for redheads, individuals of lower social class because they wear less cosmetics, and is notorious for his distrust of mages, (to the point that up to the beginning of DA:I, he has NEVER slept with a mage) and altogether bears a very apparent dislike towards the Tevinter Imperium.

Yet he ends up settling into a very affectionate and monogamous relationship with Dorian. A brunet, Tevinter mage of noble birth.

You’re a natural redhead (requested) - Preference #336



Dan - 

If there was one thing that Dan loved about you, it was your hair. Whenever he had the chance he would always admire the strands and revel how soft it was. He especially liked it when you’d get out of the shower and comb it out because it would turn a few shades darker and the smell of your shampoo would always linger in the air. Along with that he did tease you from time to time, about if you ever got lost all he had to do was look for your hair in the crowd. Usually, you replied with something along the lines of ‘well, if you ever got lost, you’d stay lost.’ Referring to his hair color being brown.


Phil - 

Always looking for a deeper meaning, Phil thought your hair was like your personality. Bursting with color and charisma. He’s admitted in the past that when he first saw you the thing he noticed was your hair. You didn’t really understand…I mean, surely he’s seen redheads before? Replying that he’d seen redheads but your hair was something entirely different, drawing himself towards you. That statement always earning an eye roll on your part from his cheesiness, but appreciating nonetheless. 



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