redheads and the outlaw

Jason Todd (Part 1)

(A/N This is Jason’s first part of the GenderBend AU, the introduction is included in this one. I’m going to start doing tag lists and it’ll be by character so if you want to be tagged let me know!)


“Hey! Watch it!” You yell as you dodge an arrow, and round house kick one of the thugs, in the face.

“I’m sorry,” Royce yells back as she fires another arrow at a different thug, “for saving your life.”

“Sure,” you say pulling out your gun to shoot a thug, who decided running was a good idea, but before you can Koray hits them with one of his starbolts. “Nice shot Star,” you tell him.

“What, no nice shot for me?”

“You almost hit me,” you say.

“No, there was inches in between you and the arrow,” Royce says, jumping down from her vantage point, and throwing her arm over your shoulder.

“I’m going in,” you say, removing her arm from your shoulder and heading towards the door of the warehouse, that the thugs had been guarding. “We’ll split up and cover more ground,” with that you go in the building.

You begin moving through the warehouse, looking for the leader’s hiding place, when a hole opens up under neath you and you fall in. “Uff-” you hear and you feel a body underneath you. You hurry and stand up to face the person you had landed on, pointing your gun at them, and they’re in the same position facing you, and, and its you. Well, at least they’re wearing the same costume as you, but they’re taller and, not, a, girl?

“Who are you?” Both of you ask at the same time, your voices changed by your hoods.

“None of your business,” you say.

“Hey! Jay, the place is empty,” you hear a voice yell from around a corner.

“No its not, Arsenal,” the man in front of you says, still pointing his gun at your head.

“What-” the man pauses when he comes around the corner, followed by another figure, and sees you. What the, he looks like Royce, whats happening, “Who’s your friend?” He asks.

“No idea,”he pauses, “She didn’t tell me anything,” he says that like he’s trying to scare you.

“Why is she dressed as you?” The fire haired alien asks. The man with the gun turns to face her, about to say something; you take the chance topic the gun out of his hand. You dive after it picking it up in your other hand and standing up facing him again all in the same move.

“I have a question,” you say pointing your guns a them, “why are, you, dressed as me?”

“I don’t know, you’re the one that fell from the ceiling,” he says.

“Great, it wasn’t just a hole,” you mutter, and he hears you.

“There isn’t a hole up there,” he says and you resist the temptation to look up.

“Whats your name?” You ask hoping a different approach will help.

“Many people have tried to get to know my name what makes-”

“No, not that name. The name of the guy with the red helmet,” you say.

“You don’t know what he’s called and yet you’re dressed up as him,” the red head says.

“Red Hood,” the man you asked says.

Great, you think to yourself, “I’m going to either do something really stupid or smart right now,” you say. If I die, oh well, been there done that, you think to yourself as you put the guns down and reach for your helmet. You pull it off, revealing a red domino mask and your white streak of hair.

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