redheaded vengeance

Imagine calling on the boys for an unusual case...

You swallowed hard. Never before had you believed in Karma (definitely with a capital K), but today was a day full of surprises. Really shitty surprises admittedly, but they were surprises none the less.

“So you’re telling me she bit your arm?” Deam scoffed.

“That is exactly what I’m saying, yes, keep up.” You snapped, wincing as your arm shifted in its makeshift sling.

“A woman bit your arm so deep you can’t move it properly. And she wasn’t a vamp or anything,” he reiterated, a smile twitching at his features, “Just some normal, crazy ass-”

You pursed your lips, resisting the urge to roll your eyes. “This isn’t a joke. Remember that guy who asked me on a date a few weeks back? And I told him I’d meet up when the weather was better?” You said, watching as Dean nodded in agreement. “The weather got better and I never replied. I thought I was letting him down easy but apparently Karma came back and bit me. Literally.”

Dean opened the door the the motel room and let you walk straight in. Sam was stood back further in the room looking nothing short of confused. However, you had to admit you were relieved you weren’t going to have to stand on the doorstep anymore because the next bit was going to sound insane. You sat on the edge of the closest bed quietly fuming until the boys came and stood in front of you.

“Karma is a bitch.”

Sam blinked a couple of times, before narrowing his eyes and beginning to speak, “What do you-?”

“Karma is a 5"4, 20 yr old redhead with a vengeance against me… Guys, I’m really going to need your help on this one.”