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I just couldn’t resist after the new update. I loved it so much and I hope Old Xian knows how much her work means to us. 19 days is a fucking blessing, my heart jumps whenever I re-read it.

(Have an older He Tian and Mo Guan Shan cuz I hope they’ll end up together, stay a (gorgeous stupid bitch ass) couple for the rest of their lives and love each other like idiots. I have this headcanon that Satan-Tian has this scars on his neck and hand and proudly shows them off cuz he protected his property back then. Btw, dunno what He Tian did this time to piss Momo off, but I bet it wasn’t just a dick pic XD )

The Maid : Part Eight

Summary : Lucy was a 24 years old lone survivor, in her path of survival and escaping death , she stumbled across The Saviors who took her to The Sanctuary, where she found shelter and food. But what she didn’t know was that the girl who always hated and bullied her at school, is one of Negan’s wives (Frankie ) and is about to turn her life into a living hell all over again!

Pairings : Negan x Lucy

Type : slowburn

Warnings : language

Dedicated to @negansmainwife


“Fuck my life!!”
Lucy muttered under her breath as she sat on the cold ground of her cell staring at the dirty wall , hugging her knees. Her breath hitched in her throat and a tear escaped her blue eyes.

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The Maid : Part Three

Summary : Lucy was a 24 years old lone survivor, in her path of survival and escaping death , she stumbled across The Saviors who took her to The Sanctuary, where she found shelter and food. But what she didn’t know was that the girl who always hated and bullied her at school, is one of Negan’s wives (Frankie ) and is about to turn her life into a living hell all over again!

Pairings : Negan x Lucy

Type : slowburn

Warnings : language -minor violence and smut- bullying

Dedicated to @negansmainwife

















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Have a Gallavich Christmas

Title: Merry Fucking Christmas To Me, Then
Rating: M
(there’s more fluff than sex though)
Genre: Domestic Fluffy Gallavich. Should I say more?
Set in: A generic date of Season 2 before Frank finds them. It’s in july, more or less. 
Warnings: No warnings come to mind. 
Summary: “Write about what would have happened if Ian walked in on Mickey as he played the guitar” - tried to follow this prompt. Ian doesn’t exactly walk in on Mickey, but there’s music involved. And more kinky stuff.  
Notes: It’s just a little something something to wish to all my Shameless followers a Merry Christmas! Couldn’t go to sleep until I finished it. Also, it’s a request I’ve received from an anon, and I hope the anon will appreciate. 
The song Mickey plays on the guitar is this one. Specifically this version. I find the difficulty level to be just the right level. 

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AU Ideas ~ USUK

Sweet Devil Alfred and Sweet Devil Arthur get into a massive argument to end all arguments. The redheaded devil up and disappears, leaving Alfred alone for about a thousand years. Alfred was never one to hold a grudge against Arthur, but the same could not be said in reverse. Time and time again he searched both Earth and Hell for the stubborn devil to no avail. 

That was until one day he found the mischievous devil had changed his appearence. He was posing as a high school English teacher. There was no way Alfred would let that damn devil out of his grasp again, so he scoops him up and carries him back to Hell forcefully.

I was not until later after all the ranting and raving had calmed down did he realize his error. How could he make such a mundane mistake. The King of Hell Alfred had brought back a Human!

“Now what the hell am I supposed to do?’

Why (part two)

Here’s the second part of ‘Why’! I just gotta say, thank you from the bottom of my heart for 3k followers it means so much to me how many of you guys support me. This chapter is dedicated to all my internet friends who I really don’t know what I’d do without them. Thank you guys for always being there for me and I love you all.

Setting: Long-Distance AU

Pairings: NaLu, Gruvia, Gajevy, Jerza and all the BROTPS in between.

Read part one here

Summary: Everything was so surreal now for Lucy. She overcame hardships and met her best friend, Natsu. After a year in college, Lucy decides it’s time to meet the rest of the gang, because after all, internet friends are just as great as real friends.

Italic: Skype Messages

Bold: Text Messages

Lucy: Hey everyone!!

Natsu: Hey Luce

Levy: Hi Lu-chan!!

Lucy stared longingly at her computer, a sigh coming out of her pink lips. The first year of college had been a success, for both Natsu and herself. Lucy smiled at the thought of the past year, her and Natsu had practically been inseparable. Even with all the acquaintances they made, they still managed to include each other in their lives everyday. For the holidays, Natsu traveled back to his hometown while Lucy made the two hour trip back to her estate. Even with all the crazy schedules, they still managed to get a lot of alone time together. The corner of Lucy’s lips turned upward in a smile.

There was nothing she’d rather do than to be with Natsu.

Gray: Oi Flame Breath! How’s it feel to be away from Lucy?

Natsu: It sucks. I miss holding her already :(

Gray: Gross! Keep it PG in here since your sisters in here!!

Natsu: Whoops, sorry Wendy!

Wendy: It’s okay.

Natsu: Well, its not like I’m gonna be here for long anyways. Luce, Jude and I are going to look at apartments for me and Luce.

Levy: You two are moving in together?!?!?!!

Lucy groaned, sliding a hand down her face.

Juvia: Gray-sama! Lets move in together!!

Gray: No! … Not yet anyways.

Lucy: Natsu! It was suppose to be a surprise!

Natsu: Sorry Lucy! I’m just excited about it’s all.

Lucy’s slight anger dissipated quickly after what Natsu had said. Man, did she love this idiot.

Erza: I believe there are more serious matters to be discussed.

Levy: What can be more important than Natsu and Lu-chan moving in together?!?

Erza: Have you all forgotten about our plans to meet up in a few weeks?

Lucy: How could we forget?

Lucy became more excited with each passing day. She was finally going to meet the people who she’d considered her best friends for four years. Lucy heard her phone vibrate on the desk next to her.

Gajeel: Can we do a call or somethin’ to talk bout it? All this damn beepin’ is making my brain hurt.

Natsu: What brain?

Gajeel: Fuck off Salamander, you’re just jealous that my brain is bigger than yours.

Lucy: Language! Wendy’s in here!

Gajeel: Hmmph.

Erza: All of you need to shut your damn mouths, but I do agree talking in a call will be easier.

Natsu: Okay I’ll start it!

Not a second later, the pop-up for the Skype call popped up. She reached for her headphones, plugging them into her laptop before pressing answer.


“Hey Luce!” She heard Natsu greet, a smile was instantly on her lips.

“Hello Natsu.”

“Please keep it PG.” Gray’s voice said as he answered the call.

“Oh shut up Popsicle. You’re just jealous.”

“Jealous of what? I got Juvia.”

“Ahh Gray-sama!”

“Smooth move exhibitionist.” Natsu snickered.


“Gray, Natsu. Shut. Up.”

Natsu and Gray shivered in fear as they heard Erza’s commanding voice over their speakers. “Y-Yes ma’am…”

“Hi everyone!” Levy’s sweet voice chirped in.

“Hey Levy-chan!” Lucy greeted. “Now who are we waiting on?”

“Well, Igneel wants me to meet you all first before I bring Wendy along. So, just lug-nut.”

“Who you callin’ lug-nut?”

“Whoop there he is.” Gray announced making everyone laugh in the chat.

“Hey Erza,” Levy questioned. “Where’s Jellal at?”

“His family is in town, so hes spending the day with them. I’ll inform him later.”

The chat fell into pointless chatter and Lucy just decided to listen to it rather than talk. The vibrating of her cell phone brought her out of her thoughts.

Jude: Lucy, the business meeting I’m attending is running a bit late. I thought I would just let you know. Love, Dad.

“What was that? Sounded like a buzzing sound.” Natsu questioned.

Lucy smiled at her dad’s text message before talking in the chat. “Oh sorry that was me, my dad told me his meeting was running late tonight.”

“Aww, so you’re going to be alone? Wish I could be there to keep you company.” Lucy smiled at Natsu’s sincerity.

“You’ll be here soon enough.”

“Your guys lovey-dovey shit is making me sick.” Gajeel’s gruff voice sounded out while Gray was making vomiting noises.

“You dicks are just jealous.” Natsu muttered out, his face reddening the sweetness he tried to hide from his friends. Out of respect for his girlfriend being a closet romantic, he only showed his affection for Lucy privately. He guessed after a year of not having to hide those said affections it just kind of slipped out.

“We got girls too Salamander.”

“Yeah, but you haven’t even met Levy yet.”

“Yet.” Gajeel said sharply. “Say that to my face in a few weeks.”

“All you will have is a few weeks to live if you don’t stop your fighting.” Erza said in a dominating voice that shut up the three bickering boys. “Anyway, I was just confirming the plans. We are meeting in Crocus correct?”

“Yup!” Levy said excitedly. “And since Natsu and Gajeel have motion sickness, the amusement part is out. But, it’s Crocus! Theres so much to do in that town.”

“Right. I did the liberty of reserving the hotel rooms for the week. Girls shall stay with girls while boys stay with boys.”

“WHAT!” Natsu, Gray and Gajeel screamed in unison.

“Do you WANT us to kill each other Erza?!?” Natsu shouted.

“I agree with Natsu for once. Did you even consider the possibilities of what could happen?!”

“You really are the redhead she-devil.” Gajeel stated more calmly than Natsu or Gray. Erza felt her temper flare.

“Thats ENOUGH!” She roared, earning squeals of fear from the three males. “Our hotel rooms are right next to each other, and if anything does go wrong… you won’t be the ones killing each other.”

The three males audibly gulped, making their three girlfriends sweat drop at them.

“You three are something else.” Levy mumbled. “But yeah Erza, sounds like a plan to me! We just need to research some things to do so were not all cooped up together.”

“Agreed. The Grand Magic Show is in town, would any of you be interested in seeing that?” Erza asked.

“The circus is in town?! I’m so in! I love the fire act.” Natsu commented with enthusiasm. He wished he was able to do things with fire like actors did.

“Of course you would you pyro.” Gray sighed out. “But sure, it’ll give us something to do.”

After everyone else in the group agreed, they started to discuss other ideas of what to do. The girls suggested going shopping while the boys suggested going to watch sports. After a few hours of discussion, the group had their plans in place.

“Excellent.” Erza stated in satisfaction. “So, circus, sports, shopping, sightseeing, the beach and going to see a concert. I will go tell Jellal, I shall talk you all later.”

“Yeah, its late here. Goodnight everyone!” Levy hung up the phone. Soon followed Gajeel and Juvia until there was only Natsu, Lucy and Gray left.

“I’m out too, I don’t wanna hear you guys be all lovey dovey.” He instantly clicked the hang up button leaving the couple by themselves.

“Well then.” Natsu said after Gray left. “Guess its just us.”

“Yep.” Lucy replied awkwardly. “Can you believe it though? First it was us, now everyones meeting.”

“I know, it's… great.” Hearing Natsu’s voice swell with emotion brought a smile to Lucy’s face. She knew Natsu would never admit it to anyone but herself, but Natsu was thankful for their small group. After Zeref’s death, they were there to help him cope with the incident after the period where he isolated himself. He owed his life to their friends, as she did hers.

“It’ll be nice to actually have friends for a change.”

“What about everyone we met at college?” Lucy rolled her eyes.

“You know what I mean… having true friends.”

Hearing Natsu chuckle relaxed Lucy’s nerves a bit. “I gotcha Luce. Yeah, I wish all my friends were like internet friends. They’re the best.”

Lucy smiled. “Yeah, people over the internet sure are the best.”


“Attention passengers this is your captain speaking. Please fasten your seatbelts as we’re about to land.” The planes captain announced over the intercom. Lucy buckled her seatbelt just like she was told. Her heartbeat was rapid. In just a few minutes she was going to meet all her friends for the first time. That, and she got to see Natsu again. Her smile turned giddy at the thought.

She felt the wheels hit the runway, signaling that the plane had landed. After the pilot said that they may exit the plane, Lucy stood up and grabbed her luggage for the week.She knew she was the last one of eight to arrive since her plane was delayed due to weather. Baggage gripped tightly in her hand, she started to walk off the plane.

Once off, she looked around to spot any sign of pink, blue, red or black hair. She didn’t see any, but heard a disturbance.

“Where’s Luce at!” Natsu whined out to the group.

“She’ll be here soon Flame Brain, stop your whining.”

“What’d you say to me?!”

“You heard me!” Natsu and Gray butted heads. But soon they were torn apart by Erza’s strong grip.

“Behave yourselves or I will make you cry like children.”

“Yes ma’am…”

“You guys are already fighting?” Lucy spoke up in an amused tone. They all turned to look at the blonde who just made her presence known.


“L-Lu-chan!” Levy stuttered tears streaming down her cheeks. Lucy felt tears burn her eyes as well.

“Levy-chan!” Lucy shouted back before embracing the petite woman. “I can’t believe I’m finally meeting you.”

“Me neither.” The bluenette sniffed pulling away from the embrace. “You brought your books right? We’re gonna have a book night for sure!”

“Boring.” Gajeel groaned out to the two bookworms. Levy walked back over to her boyfriend.

“Oh hush, you’re just mad I’m going to spend a day just reading with my best friend.” Gajeel rolled his eyes, throwing a shoulder round his short girlfriend.


Lucy looked at all her friends, disbelief rushing through her veins. She watched as Gajeel pulled Levy closer so she was flush by his side. Juvia clung onto Gray’s arm like a second skin, but the ink-haired boy didn’t seem to mind that much. Also, he watched as Jellal and Erza had their fingers intertwined together. They were all smiling at her, the overwhelming feeling of contentment rushed over Lucy. She watched as her own boyfriend walked up to her, stretching out his hand to her.

“Come on Lucy, a new adventure awaits.” He said with his infamous grin. Lucy’s lips stretched so wide, her cheeks started to her. Everything was so perfect in her life at this very moment. Her family life, her friends, her boyfriend… everything. The emotion she felt was so strong, tears of joy began to slide down her pale cheeks.


She took Natsu’s hand as he began to lead the girl away, onto a new life and adventure with her best friends she had met over the internet.