If anyone dares say Greeks are POC, i will literally be so angry. Greeks are white. Wait, Americans!! NOT EVERYONE THINKS LIKE YOU, YOU’RE RACIST MORONS WHO TRY TO SEPARATE EVERYONE YOU KNOW BASED ON WHAT RACE THEY ARE and that is ridiculous and racist (yes, it is) 

Basically, these are teens in this picture - it’s from a national parade. Do any of them have that deep olive skin you guys think Greeks have? No. VERY few people have olive skin in Greece, most are just tan because of sun exposure and get very white in the winter. Greeks are NOT people of colour, or white-passing.

They’re white, and they look like Romanians and Italians and Albanians and Spaniards. Blue and green eyes are common, blonde hair is common, there’s a surprisingly big pool of redheads as well. BTW, Brits and other Europeans aren’t as pale as they think, anyway. Have you seen yourselves in the summer? You tan and grow very pink and rosy, instead of getting a proper tan like southern Europeans. And that’s why tanning salons are so common. So, first you wanna call tanned people POC and then go get fake tans to be darker-skinned than them? 

This obsession with race is disguisting and has got to stop. (Especially when Americans talk about this issue, since Europe ISN’T the united states)

Know the Water's Sweet But Blood is Thicker

Pairing: AH OT6
Word Count: 20,901

“different anon ah!ot6 prompt were gavin, geoff, ray, jack, and ryan are all vampires and they are trying to find their blood slave and then they find michael who is of course their mate”

Notes: I tried extremely hard to give this a sort of twist, because honestly… not a huge fan of cliches! i started this ages ago but got distracted! i haven’t posted in like 2 weeks, so i figured this might make up for it. anyway

there will be a smut one-shot sequel to this since that’s what my original plan was… oops



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Ah this is a silly thing lauren and i traded ideas on i wanted to drabble out a fic real fast (as in its sloppy and unedited sorry) cause she feels sick! feel better buddy hope you like it! I also have never ever uploaded a fic here before but… ah first for everything right

Pairing: Fem!Mavin, Gabrielle and Michelle
Rating: Swears, kissies, thats it though its fluffy
Summ: Gamer co-workers get stuck in their office for the night when a storm rolls in, no longer with the option to leave and get home. Of course they’re scared, why not distract themselves?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

“Gab- Gabby get off me!!” the redhead hissed, pushing on the other girl’s arm which had snaked around her waist. 

“I can’t help it…” was the pathetic reply, followed by a high toned whimper of fear. If Michelle didn’t know the other better, she would have assumed it was fake; but no… Gabby really was fucking scared.

What a loser.

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