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High Tensions

A/N this has been linked to tumblr before and then deleted. It’s such good fun though and it’s in need of an edit (cos it was like the third multi fic I ever wrote) so I’m reposting it!

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Reid x reader

“Guys I’m out. Going without sex or orgasms for this long is not worth a grand or the bragging rights in my opinion,” Emily handed her two hundred dollars to Derek with a defeated look on her face. “Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s a very handsome fella over there that just offered to buy me a drink. I’m fairly certain he’s gonna be taking me home tonight.” She downed her drink before sauntering across the dance floor to where a dusky haired male had been sat intently watching her for the last hour. 

“So it’s just Y/N and Pretty Boy left,” Derek grinned at the pair of you, adding the money to the envelope already containing his own and Garcia’s buy outs. 

“You just wanna give in now Y/N?” Spencer looked over at you, a smirk on his face. 

“Nope. I’ve got this. I can beat you. I will prove that guys need sexual intimacy more than girls.”

“Oh Y/N come on. We knew it was a long shot any of us beating Reid, but if it was gonna be any of us then it was going to be Prentiss just because of her sheer determination. Just give in now, I saw you eyeing up that bartender.” Morgan raised his eyes at you, glancing over to where the hot bartender was leant over restocking the chillers. Oh my, he had a nice ass. You could definitely sink your teeth into that. You’d bet he had something nice he could sink into you as well.

Reid shifted in his chair, following your glance and leaning into you whispering, “Do it, do it, do it.“ 

You punched him on the arm, glaring at him. 

“You’re not helping Spencer.”

“I’m not meant to be helping, I’m trying to win here. Plus, which one of you was it that paid that escort to come on to me when we first started this little bet?”

“No idea what you’re talking about,” you averted your gaze to the ceiling. 

What? It had been the only way you’d initially thought any of you could beat Reid. 

Now it’s not like you were suggesting that the only way he could get laid was with a hooker. In fact when this whole thing had started you’d been as surprised as the rest of the team when Spencer had wanted in, you’d all kinda assumed he was a virgin, shocked when he’d revealed that actually his numbers were not that far below your own. 

You’d just thought that if you could crack him first, then the rest of them would be easy pickings. So you may have contacted a local escort agency. May have suggested she come on to your friend and colleague and just pretend she’d noticed him across the room. May have offered to pick up the tab for whatever else happened afterwards. 

Yet Spencer had recognised her as someone the team had questioned in a local case before you’d joined the team. 

This had all started three months ago when Garcia had shown you all that ridiculous story of the 27 year old sex addict who gone along to a group therapy meeting, only for it to end up turning into an orgy. 

You’d all laughed finding it hilarious initially until Emily had said, “And let me guess. It’s a man.”

“What makes you assume it would be a guy?”  Derek had been offended on behalf of his gender. 

“Statistically speaking it is more likely to be a male. Only 12 percent of women have openly admitted to actually being addicted to sexual activities,” the genius of the group had pointed out. 

“Yeah but for it to turn into an orgy there had to have been some women in that group right. Other wise wouldn’t it have just been a load of guys beating themselves off together,” Derek stated.

“I agree with that. There had to have been some women there right? But you can bet it was the men that initiated it. Women find it easier to take care of their own needs without guys, whereas men prefer to have their needs taken care off by another person.” Emily’s come back had had you shaking your head, just waiting for Reid’s next comment. 

“Actually, that’s not true either. Studies show that men and women have pretty much the same statistical preference when it comes to either engaging in intercourse with another person or masturbating alone. Around 65 percent of both sexes prefer sex with someone else as opposed to doing it alone.”

“And where do you stand on that preference Spencer?” You saw an evil glint in Derek’s eyes, him spotting an opportunity to make Reid feel uncomfortable. 

“Depends what mood I’m in. If I’m feeling lazy then I’ll do it myself. If not then, I find someone to assist and to share pleasure with.”

You’d all turned to stare at him then, everyone’s jaws dropping. 

“I’m not a virgin you know. Just cos I don’t come into work bragging about who I spent the weekend doing like Morgan or Emily do, doesn’t mean I’m not actually doing it.”

“Nicely said my friend, nicely said,” you held up your hand to him and he high fived it, a slight grin on his face. 

“Hey, what about Y/N? She does it too. We all watched her walk of shame the other week,” Morgan looked directly at you and you shrugged. 

“I don’t go into explicit detail like you though. And neither does Garcia.”

“Yet you two were happily discussing what new ‘toys’ you’d bought the other week.“ 

"What’s your point Morgan?” You were failing to see where this conversation was going. 

“I just don’t like the assumption that it had to have been a guy, who initiated the orgy. Women are just as into sex as men.”

“Yes we are my handsome chocolate muffin, but I bet we could go longer without it,” Garcia patted Derek’s arm before looking around at the rest of you. You were all sat at around JJ’s desk, minus Rossi and Hotch who were at a lecture off site. 

“You’re on then,” Morgan offered his hand out to Penelope who just gawked at it confused.


“Yep. Because I don’t think you could. So we’ll have a wager shall we. Which one of us can go the longest without any sexual activity.”

Penelope thought for a second before declaring, "I’m in. If these guys are.“

And so your little bet was born. You’d all agreed to be 100 percent honest with each other, and although you’d agreed never to profile each other, this was the one and only time you’d all allow it. 

The rules were clarified, no sexual activity with another person and no self relief. Kissing would be allowed, but nothing further than that. The stake was set. Two hundred dollars from each of you, the winner taking the pot as well as bragging rights. 

“Just to check…… Is this just sex with a member of the opposite sex? Or are we saying that all sex is off the table?” Both Spencer and Derek’s heads quickly turned in your direction, and you spotted a smirk on Emily’s face. 

“All sex, regardless of gender….. But when this is over, please feel free to have as much girl on girl action as you like and to fill me in in explicit detail.”

“Haha not a chance Derek, what me and my lady friends get up to, stays between us,” you replied hearing him groan. 

Penelope had been the first to cave only four weeks in. She and Kevin had been on a break when the bet was originally made, but now they were back together. She walked into work one sunny morning, an even brighter smile than usual across her face and a floral scarf round her neck despite the rising temperature. 

She’d taken one look at us all staring at her quizzically before digging into her purse and pulling out four fifty dollar bills, sheepishly handing them over. 

Derek had lasted another five weeks, him becoming increasingly cranky at work. It was hilarious watching him shifting uncomfortably whenever Garcia discussed her previous nights antics with Kevin. 

Emily had suggested that you both wear skirts to the office the following day in order to break him, and so you both rocked up in tight fitting A line skirts with long slits up the side, finding every reason possible to have to bend over in front of him. 

By the time he’d left for the day you’d both been certain he was going to explode. He sent a group text four hours later, a photo of himself lying next to a hot redhead.

And now three weeks after that Prentiss had declared defeat and from your view across the room it looked very much like she’d be getting her fix within a matter of hours. 

You really wanted to win this, but you were also very, very frustrated. Sure you could cheat and go home and browse through a few choice videos on porn hub whilst having a good old intimate chat with your friend Ryan (Reynolds not Gosling, yes you’d named your rabbit. What of it?) but you knew you wouldn’t be able to hide it from the rest of the team the next day. As good a profiler you were, you were a horrendous liar when it came to personal matters. 

But now it was down to you and Spencer…….and although the boy wonder had surprised everyone with his confession that he wasn’t a virgin and actually had had an arrangement with a bartender he’d met on a case, he’d already gone eight months without it and didn’t appear to be struggling at all. 

Where as you weren’t used to going a few days without at least having a chat with Ryan. Poor old neglected Ryan, gathering dust in the back of your drawer. You’d make it up to him when this was over, maybe even buy him a friend to keep him company. 

An idea sprung to mind,“Guys what if this was a draw?" 

"What so you both admit defeat now together. That’s no fun. If you do that then it doesn’t prove anything,” Morgan shook his head at you. 

“Oh come on, we’re long past making a point now.”

Garcia’s eyes suddenly lit up and she pulled Derek to her, whispering excitedly into his ear, a grin spreading over his face.

“Baby Girl I love it. But they are so not going to go for it.”

Spencer’s eyes narrowed at them, “Go For what exactly.”

“Trust me kid, what she’s suggesting is way out of your comfort zone. No way will you be down for it. Y/N maybe but not you. You just don’t got it in you Kid.”

“Haven’t got what in me?”

You watched the two of them wondering what the hell was running through their sadistic little minds. 

“Penelope was suggesting that we change the bet now it’s just you two left…..And instead it becomes a contest to see which one of you can break the other.”

“Break the other? Why would I want to break Y/N? What would I even be breaking, I don’t understand.”

You did, you knew exactly what they were getting at. But you weren’t going to say anything….. Yet. 

“Break her newly regrown hymen Reid,” Derek chuckled. 

“Hymens don’t regrow, that’s a myth. It doesn’t matter how long a woman goes without sex it doesn’t grow………… Wait what?” he spluttered as his brain finally processed what Derek and Garcia were suggesting. 

They fell apart laughing.  

But…… It wasn’t actually a bad idea. And it would be seriously fun. You’d formed a friendship outside of work with Reid, but that definitely didn’t stop you thinking he was hot. And watching him getting flustered was the most adorable thing ever. And it would save you having to go out and find someone to fuck when the was all over. You could remain professional at work. It would just be sex after all.

“How would that even work? Like I have to convince Y/N to go to bed with me? Or she convinces me to go with her?” Reid interrupted their laughing and your train of thought and now it was your turn to exclaim.

“Wait what?" 

"Essentially yes,” Morgan clarified when he’d regained his composure. 

You and Reid looked at each other, each wondering what the other was thinking. 

“Oh guys, it’s no secret that you two like each other. That night we played truth or dare….. You both admitted it and we’ve been waiting patiently for something to happen between you…. But you’re not giving us anything!”

Ugh, you’d drank so much that night it was a wonder your liver had not demanded removal from your body. And you’d been so embarrassed the next day when you recalled some of the questions you’d been made to answer, but also pleasantly surprised at some of the answers Spencer had given. But nothing had ever come of you admitting your mutual attraction to each other. 

“So would we actually have to do the deed with each other? Or just get the other to admit that they wanted to? And how would you know which one of us won?”

“Either one is good with us, although of course you actually doing it would be mutually beneficial…. Especially after all this pent up sexual tension. And we’d just have to rely on you being honest with us.”

You took a deep breath turning to your friend. Were you going to regret asking this? 

“What do you think Spencer? Think you can wear me down? I’m game if you are.”

He looked thoughtful for a moment. 

“You know what, I think I can.”

the art of being a gentleman

because who doesn’t want a muggle au? 

James should be thinking about several things.

He should be thinking about his history course work due in two days or his match on Saturday. He should be thinking about the prefect timetable he has yet to organise and he definitely should be thinking about the niggling pain in the back of his knee and if he should mention it to his coach. What he categorically shouldn’t be thinking about is the pretty redhead at his bus stop and how he wants to kiss the colour out of her lips and hold it in his chest.

She’s wearing those bloody jeans again, the same as the week before, that hug her legs and around her waist (and other areas James definitely isn’t looking at). The streetlamps have already clicked on, her skin is woven gold under the amber light.

He can’t look away, won’t look away as she wanders up and down the bus stop, her fingers tapping at her phone screen and her mouth lifting into a lazy smile as she reads a text. Thunderous grey clouds hang heavy in the sky and he wonders if he is going mad, standing in the cold about to be soaked when with one call he could have a car pick him up with complimentary tea and biscuits.

The girl smiles again and he knows he’s going mad because his heart is pumping in his throat and flowers are growing through his ribs. His phones rings and he lifts it to his ear, noticing there is still a smear of blood across his bruised knuckles.

“We need your help,” Sirius tells him. James can hear what he thinks is Pete trying to move a bed. “Where are you?”

“I’m at the bus stop, I need to nip to the flat to grab something.” James tells him, craning his neck to see if the bus is coming. The girl glances at him, pulling her bottom lip through her teeth. James flashes her a grin and blood burns up the neck he so desperately wants to press his lips against.

“I thought that’s what you were doing last week?” Sirius replies.

“Yeah, I just need something else.” James winces at the silence that follows. There’s another crash and Pete is violently swearing.

“This wouldn’t have anything to do with that redhead who was on the bus last week, would it?”

James can’t stop his eyes flickering to where she stands, leaning against a lamppost, her silhouette cut from the shadows. “Err- potentially- anyway why did you need me?”

“We’re trying to find Moony’s philosophy notes, he’s hidden them.”

He runs his hand through his hair, it needs a wash to get rid of the remnants of mud. “Obviously, last time you used them you spilt gin all over them.”

“That wasn’t my fau- oh you utter bastard you know where they are don’t you?”

James laughs and leans against the crumbling brick wall behind him. “Look, Pads, I’ve got to go, I’ll see you tonight.”

There’s more crashing and what sounds like ‘James you fucker’ before James can press end call. The girl is staring at him, the corner of her mouth twitching. He pockets his phone with a sheepish grin at her. He’s about to ask her something, anything. Words are climbing up his throat and dancing across his tongue, a ballet of letters held between his teeth.

Then the sky opens.

The rain isn’t particularly heavy but it’s the sort that seeps under the skin and lingers in the blood, James’s hair is already damp by the time he gets his hood up. The girl is shivering, her thin jumper soaked through. James’s legs start moving before his brain does, his hands unzipping his rugby bag and fishing out his school hoodie. The girl looks confused, James must too because he’s not really sure what he’s doing.

“Here, it’ll stop you freezing to death.” He says, offering it to her. She reaches for it, uncertainty spilling out of her eyes. “I’m James, by the way.”

“You’re not a serial killer, are you?” she asks once she’s tugged it over her head. He almost misses the question, thinking too much about how she would look in nothing but his rugby shirt.

She’s staring at him expectantly, her brow crinkled ever so slightly.

“Only on Thursdays, you should be safe.”

She laughs, sunlight falling from her lips, her fingers tucking strands of copper hair under the hood. “I’m Lily,” she says. Lily. He nods, it settles in his stomach like it’s always been there, Lily. The rain keeps up it’s symphony on the pavement.

“So how posh are you, on a scale of Eddie Redmayne to Prince William?” she asks. Her eyes are alight, her voice bubbling like cheap champagne. He thinks he might be already drunk.

He raises an eyebrow, pretends to look offended, drinks in the light that’s pouring out of her. “Me, posh? Never.” Her phone beeps but her hands stay tucked in the pockets of his hoodie, he lets a drop of warmth creep into his bones.

“Seriously though, I hear your school fees are insane.”

He glances at the crest stitched into his jacket, into the hoodie, into his skin. Red and gold and laughter and adrenaline and home. “I’m not that posh. Sirius, he’s a lord, but I’m nothing special.”

He knows the weight the name carries, knows the looks in the street, the eyes noting the tie and blazer, the polished shoes and tailored trousers. He knows what they think of, arrogance smirks and burnt fifty pound notes, wrecked cars and opportunities thrown about like paper in a classroom. They’re not all like that, he’s not like that.

“A lord, huh?” she says, “Can you get me his number?”

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Bughead Prompt

Anonymous asked: Can you do one involving Archie getting jealous of the Bughead relationship and Jug being scared Betty will leave him for Archie of course Bughead will pull through! Love your writing btw!

dorky-unicorns asked: Can I request a fic where Jughead and Betty are dating and they have to deal with a jealous Archie like he tells them they can’t be together cause Betty is still in love with him. But Betty is having none of Archies shit and she explains that she loves Jughead and she thinks she’s been in love with him for a very long time but she just got her feelings muddled. And then obviously lots of Fluff from an overly affectionate Jughead please :))

I hope you both like this! Warning: It’s sappy. :P

Archie had thought that the biggest heartbreak he was going to face at least for his two more years of adolescence to come was one and only, Ms. Grundy leaving for good and leaving him behind.

He was wrong.

The revelation came a usual Friday night at Pop’s when Betty and Jughead not only sat next to each other at a booth across him and the rest of the gang, sharing a chocolate milkshake – Jughead’s favorite – along with their respective orders, but also held hands over the table, announcing with stupid, shit-eating matching grins that they were indeed a couple. Veronica was ecstatic, Kevin was supportive and Archie…well, Archie was confused.

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Summary: Mickey catches Ian and Kash together. He tried to deny his jealousy as he storms off, but Ian finds him and it’s hard to mask.

Word Count: 1001

Notes: I’ve been working like crazy on all the requests so I haven’t gotten to what you requested yet, I will asap!

Though Mickey had been a complete ass to Ian, he was very horny and secretly missed the crazy redhead– emphasis on the ‘secretly.’ Without speaking to Ian for the past week, he hasn’t been fucked by anyone and he’s in dire need of it. With determination, he puts his coat and scarf on and then sets foot for the Kash n Grab.

On his way to the store, he pushed out any thoughts of how excited he was to see Ian– he could careless about him, right? It was a constant battle between his mind and his heart to be convinced that the Gallagher boy did not matter to him. As he neared the Kash n Grab, he did his best to shrug the feeling off and put his head on straight.

When Mickey walked into the Kash n Grab, he looked around and noticed that Ian must’ve already been in the back, which made him smirk— they could get right down to business. He locked the doors, grabbed a Snickers bar from the shelf, and then made his way to the back room.

He pushed the door of the back room open and saw a sight that he never expected— something he did not want to see. Ian was balls fucking deep inside of a thirtyfive year old towel head. Ian and Kash both abruptly turned at the sound of the door being slammed open. Kash looked horrified, but Ian seemed guilty. “Shit,” Ian said quietly

Mickey masked his upset feeling and scoffed. “Motherfucker,” he said and then dropped his Snickers bar on the ground. He immediately stormed out of the store. His heart was pounding in his chest– these were the sole proprietors of the times he really wished he didn’t care.

Taking out a pack of smokes from his coat pocket, he lit one and rushed his way to the abandoned building that he often snuck off to. Hensort of used it as his safe place— a place where he could be free to think or feel whatever he wanted to without anyone interfereing.

After he ran all the way to the top floor of the building, he grabbed the bottle of vodka that he had stashed in the corner of the room, and took a swig of it. He needed to get completely wasted after seeing that.

Little did Mickey know, Ian had followed him there. “Mickey!” He heard come from the bottom of the stairs. “Would you stop fucking moving so fast?” He watched as Ian trudged his way up the steps.

Mickey completely hid the hurt expression on his face by covering it with a scowl. He didn’t know why he felt so offended after seeing Ian with someone else, but he fucking hated it. “The fuck you want, man?” Mickey said.

“I’ve been fucking Kash for months. I tried to get him to back off, but he just came on me,” Ian tried to explain. He was clearly distressed about the whole situation.

“You were the one with your dick in him,” Mickey cockily snorted. “But it don’t fucking matter.” He tried to sound careless, but he had to avoid looking at the redhead in fear that’d he’d see right through his tough exterior.

“Yes, it fucking does–”

“I could careless who you decided to fuck on your free time, asswipe,” Mickey spat. He immediately regretted saying that because he knew that Ian could hear the jealous venom that stung in his voice.

Suddenly a look of annoyance and smugness flashed across Ian’s face. “Well, I mean, it just surprises me you even came by. You don’t give a shit about me, right?” He was trying to mock Mickey.

Mickey rolled his eyes and scoffed. He hated to hear Ian speak like this because no matter how much he tries not to, he does care. Looking down, he tightly shut his eyes. Ian slowly walked forward until Mickey could feel his breath.

“But I don’t think that is right, Mickey. I think you do care,” Ian pushed. Mickey eventually nodded because it was inevitable for him to fully hide something from the redhead. “You do care,” he spoke with a hint of shock. “I’ll completely stop fucking him if you want.”

Mickey rolled his eyes and put his defensive wall back up. “He’s a fucking pedophile. Do what the hell you want, dick breath.” It was an instinct for him to speak like this, and he didn’t know how to stop it.

Ian shrugged. “Fine. If you don’t care, I’ll go back there right now and stick my dick in him rather than you. Never did finish,” he started to turn but Mickey grabbed his arm.

“Don’t. Don’t go back to him–” the Milkovich boy started. He was very opposed to kissing, but a strong wave of lust washed over him and he grabbed the back of Ian’s neck to pull him in for a heated kiss. It definitely took Ian by surprise, but when he realized what was going on he kissed back harder. Before separating, Mickey lightly bit down on Ian’s lip. “Mine,” he said protectively.

Ian nodded and grinned into Mickey’s mouth. He loved seeing the possessive side of Mickey, and this was also the first kiss they ever shared so he he was on cloud nine. “Yours,” Ian crashed their lips together again.

Mickey suddenly pulled back with a smirk. “You said you never got to finish?” Ian shook his head. “Better get on me then,” he turned around and unbuckled his belt.

They fucked hard and quick. All it took was a few moments of hearing Mickey’s moans and how he was telling Ian that he wanted him to fill him up, and he did exactly that. For the first time, they laid there for a while after– just laying in each other’s presence. As Ian looks at Mickey, he understands that is hard for Mickey to express who he truly is, so he’ll take what he can get.

So many AU’s in my head. What if Robb survived the Red Wedding and was present during the battle of the bastards (and how that would have even happened with him around) Maybe I’ll end up writing a little something about that.

You know, I never shipped Jon/Robb until I read a fic where they knew they were cousins, then I was like Ohhh, it works so well. But JonxSam is also so sweet, and JonxGrenn that was a favorite of mine. Well that’s me at 4 am thinking about slash.

PS. Give redheaded Robb or give me death! Also damn he got beefy

Shy (Ch. 4)

Summary: When Ian and Mickey are having heated and jealous sex, Terry walks in and forces Mickey to do something he does not want to do.

Word Count: 3382

Notes: This chapter is so much longer than the others, but here it is :)

Chapters:1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

For the past two days, Mickey had been pestering Ian about coming to a party with him on Thursday night. People in the school were finally starting to accept their relationship, other than Rick, but no one cares about him. Mickey was obviously still getting invited to all the big events, but now they were telling him to bring his boyfriend along as well. “Please, Ian. It’s one party,” he begged. “It’s at Katie’s house, she’s nice to you. You like her, she likes you— friends. You guys are friends. Friends go to their friends parties.”

“More like lab partner,” he scoffed. Yeah, him and Katie were friendly with each other, but they weren’t anything other than classmates. “Anyway, Mickey, you’re gonna want to hang out with your dumbass friends when we get there. Why do I have to go?” He complained.

“I just fucking like it better when you’re there,” Mickey crossed his arms. He never gave a pouty look, but right now his eyes were piercing through Ian’s and practically daring him to go.

Shrugging and letting out an annoyed huff, Ian replied. “Fine, whatever. I’ll fucking go. If it ends in another fagbash though like last time, I’m gonna kill you.” His tone was stern.

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His Redhead Girl

Hi Guys! Sorry it has been a long time since I posted. This is something I have been working on based on Alan’s livestream last week where Val said he prefers Redheads. There will defy be a part 2 if you guys enjoy this so let me know! Looking forward to the comments :) Like and Reblog! 

Sharna sat up abruptly pulling the bed sheet with her. He sat up against the headboard and ran his hands through his hair.

She bent down to reach for her bra and put it on, with her back to him. “That shouldn’t have happened.” She spoke quietly. She reached down for her other clothes.

“No, it shouldn’t have.”

They were both quiet, not knowing what to say next. Once she had all her clothes on, she stood up, “I’m just going to go.” She pointed over her shoulder at the door.

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RobRae week DAY 4: evil AU

Please tell me you are not surprised I’d draw Teen Tyrants for this day. It’s literally a canon evil AU. 

Red Robin refers to Red Raven as ‘love’ and this just goes to show that in whatever universe he is in, the damn boy still has a thing for redheads (pink is close shutup). You are utterly hopeless.


In which confessing first isn’t your thing

Genre: Romance, fluff, smut

Part 4| 1 2

“You’ve been in an awfully good mood lately.”

Taehyung’s observation catches everyone’s attention, and soon all eyes are on you.

You subconsciously tuck yourself further into the cover that’s draped around you and Jackson, his hand moving up discretely to rest on your bare thigh.

Tonight is movie night, which means the whole squad including Krystal gathered up in Namjoon’s living room, you all voting on a few movies to watch. Not call you out in front of everyone.

“What do you mean?” you deadpan.

Taehyung shrugs. “You usually can’t stay happy for more than a day unless you’re seeing someone or got some bomb dick.”

Well you haven’t gotten any bomb dick. 

Jackson is chuckling beside you, eyes still on the screen in front of him even though he’s barely paying attention to the plot anymore. He’s interested in how you’ll respond to Taehyung’s observations.

You side-eye Jackson before replying.

“So are you saying I can’t be in a good mood just because?”

Krystal scoffs beside you, quickly straightening up and averting her eyes back to the movie when your side glare is aimed towards her this time.

“Now that I think about it,” Namjoon interjects, betraying you. “You’ve barely had time to spend with us lately.”

This comment is what gets everyone mumbling in agreement and you’re rolling your eyes with your own scoff.

“My world doesn’t revolve around you guys.”

Your responses are bullshit and you know everyone can sense it. Even though you and Jackson had decided to let things fall into place naturally and let the rest of the group know about your relationship carelessly, you two still haven’t given them a way to put the pieces together. 

There’s no need to rush with Jackson. The small transition from friends to lovers is nice and you’re enjoying it. There has always been lots of touching from his end, but you can feel the difference in his grip when holding your hand or hugging you. You can feel the new possessiveness in his hold and touch when one of the other guys get too handsy for his liking.

He hasn’t mentioned telling everyone and neither have you. You like the privacy, but it’s slowly getting tiring.

You want to see everyone’s expression when you either tell or show them what’s been happening. But since Jackson wants to laugh, you have something for him.

“Well if you guys must know,” you pause, letting everyone look at you before continuing. You can especially feel Jackson’s gazed and the hand on your thigh squeezes. 

Jackson thinks you’re about to tell everyone that the guy that has been making you such a happy person is him.

“Remember that party you had the other week? That night you fucked that redhead all night and kept interrupting my sleep?” you ask, eyes on Namjoon. He smirks because there’s no venom in your voice, nodding and leaning back on his hands. “I kinda hooked up with someone, too.”

Interested stares turn into looks of disbelief and there’s Jackson’s hand again.

You don’t look away from Namjoon’s gaze, because if you look at Jackson you’ll cave into him. The man on the floor in front of you squints, and it’s clear he doesn’t believe you.

“Yeah right,” Namjoon scoffs. 

You shrug nonchalantly. “You wanted an answer and you got it.”

His head is shaking and he’s sitting up straight, leaning forward instead.

“Last time I checked, you were either pouting in a corner, with Jackson, or being a baby in my bed,” he scoffs. “You tried it.”

Everyone else’s eyes are going back and forth between the two of you. 

Namjoon is way too confident for someone who was smoking and sticking his tongue down a random’s throat all night.

You hum.

“But you don’t know what else happened while I was in your bed.”

A wink is sent his way and there’s no longer a hand on your leg. Your head finally lulls to the side to look at Jackson. There’s confusion and irritation written all over his face and it’s entertaining, but you wonder if you should keep going or just laugh it off.

“Did you really fuck someone in his bed?” Yugyeom asks.

Krystal is laughing quietly to herself now. She’s the only one that knows about what happened between you and Mark and about yours and Jackson’s new relationship. Hearing how suspenseful you’re making the story is hilarious to her because you’re getting exactly the reactions you wanted.

“Well, no. I would never do something that trifling.”

“Then what the hell did you do and who the hell did you do it with?” Namjoon interjects. His voice is calm but you can hear the annoyance in it and you’re loving it.

You look back at the screen and gasp dramatically. 

“Shh this is the best part of the movie.”

Your dismissal of the conversation causes groans to arise and Namjoon asks again but gives up when you ignore him, eyes focused on the movie you had indeed picked out.  

Jackson’s hand doesn’t return to your lap, so you opt for leaning into Krystal.

Youngjae and Namjoon are knocked out. The former with his neck bent back over the top of the couch while the latter is laid out comfortably on the floor. Krystal isn’t paying attention to the movie, instead scrolling through social media and texting Amber all while Taehyung’s back is facing you as he taps furiously on his phone screen. Yugyeom left around twenty minutes ago.

Jackson’s hands are still to himself and you’re sure he knows that you’ve noticed, but you don’t care enough to question it. It’s obvious he feels some type of way because of your words from earlier, but he’ll get over it. For all he knows, you could’ve just been saying all of that to mess with your accusing friends. 

“Can you come with me real quick?” is whispered in your ear before you feel Jackson’s body lift from the couch and he’s disappearing up the stairs.

With a sigh, you mumble to Krystal that you’ll be right back and she just waves a dismissive hand in your direction.

When you get to Namjoon’s room you see Jackson seated on the edge of the bed.

“What’s up?” you ask, walking in front of him and settling yourself in between his parted legs. 

His hands grab your own, bringing them up to rest on his shoulders before his fingers are kneading into your hips.

“It was Mark wasn’t it?”

You could act dumb and ask him what he’s talking about, but what’s the point? You knew he’d know instantly and he doesn’t seem mad. His face in blank but his hands are bringing you closer until you’re hovering over him, neck straining down to look him in the eyes.


He nods, licking his lips.

“And you said you didn’t fuck him, right?”

He’s scooting back into the middle of the bed, leaving you at the edge.


Soon he’s guiding your legs one at a time to straddle his lap, rubbing up and down your thighs.

“What did you two do, then?”

You’re not sure if you should’ve been expecting this question, but it still catches you off guard a little. With the position you’re currently in, you’re not sure if that’s the best question for him to ask.

“Does that really matter right now?” you chuckle, dipping down to peck his lips a few times, each one getting slightly longer than the last. 

Kisses are trailed across your cheek until they reach your ear. 

“It does. Especially when you were kissing me afterwards.”

You laugh louder this time, your head falling back. He’s one to talk.

If you remember correctly, at the party when you were pouting in a corner and Jackson was in the pool with all of those girls shoving their breasts in his face, there was a particularly bold one amongst them. Brown hair, cute face… what was her name again?


He doesn’t show how surprised he is by that name slipping from your lips, but you can feel it in the slight falter of the motion of his hands.

Jackson had barely even remembered kissing her.


With a smile, you reach up to gently push him on his back by his shoulders, him following the silent instruction without resistance.

“I’m sure I did the same thing you were doing with her,” you shrug, running your fingers down his torso until you get to the hem of his black wife beater. “only I was right in this bed while you were in the pool,” you finish, pushing your hands up his shirt and raking your nails up and down his tense stomach.

Jackson’s bottom lip is caught in between his teeth at the feeling of your nails on his skin, grip switching from your thighs to the bottom of your ass and pulling you even closer to him.

“So are you saying you did it to be spiteful?”

The arrogance in his voice is hard to miss, the smirk finding its way on his lips only making it worse.

Snorting softly, you shake your head with a small roll of your eyes.

“Oh honey, I was horny and he practically threw himself at me.”

There’s a harsh grope on your ass and it has you breathing out, pressing your crotch down into his subconsciously as your eyes shut at the feeling.

Not even seconds after your back is hitting the soft covers of Namjoon’s bed Jackson’s fingers are sneaking under the band of your yoga shorts. There’s a question of if what he’s doing is alright mumbled into your neck and when you nod,digits are slipping down into your panties. 

There’s a nip on your earlobe just as your teeth sink down into your bottom lip,  a fingertip running up and down your slit. He applies pressure, his finger getting sucked in by your folds and pressing into your clit. It has your hips rising, only to be pushed down by the hand rested on your hip.

As he continues to tease, hardly coming in contact with your clit again and opting for gathering your wetness on a couple of fingers and circling around your entrance, your breathing gets heavier and you’re quietly whimpering in Jackson’s ear. 

Soon his lips are slanting over yours and his middle finger is sliding into you. Not long after his ring finger is joining in, making your breath hitch. A small moan escapes you and your hands are finding purchase on his shoulders, grip only getting tighter as he begins pumping his digits in and out of your entrance. They spread, the stretch causing you to hiccup before a low mewl comes out. When the fingers start scissoring, Jackson’s kisses only become more intense and his tongue is dominating your mouth without even giving you the opportunity to reciprocate.

“Take ‘em off,” he rasps out as he pulls away. 

You’re kind of dazed and barely hear what was said, but when you look at him and see that his shirt is already off and that he’s untying his sweats, the words ring in your mind and you rush to pull your clothes off. You reach under the mattress and feel around for a bit before pulling out a row of condoms.

“These good?” you ask, holding them out for him to see. When he nods you throw one at him and throw the rest on the floor beside you while mumble for him to hurry up.

After slipping on the condom on, he gives himself a few pumps as he walks back up to the bed. His lids are heavy as they admire your body, and even though there’s barely any light shining through the window from the moon, you can see how dark his iris’ have turned and how dilated his pupils are. 

There’s no doubt you have the same look in your own eyes.

Jackson crawls back onto the bed until he’s hovering over you. A hand comes down beside your head while the other spreads one of your legs so that he can get in between, your other one following suit.

You eye his movements, watching when his hand goes from your thigh to his cock, fingers wrapping around the shaft so he can guide it to your dripping core. You watch as he drags the tip up and down your slit, your juices quickly coating it. 

When you feel the initial push, it has your eyes rolling back while shutting slowly, and your jaw drops, mouth only getting wider the deeper he gets.

Jackson swoops down to give your bottom lip one last peck before he bottoms out, face burying into your neck and you feel the deep breath he takes, causing a shiver to run up your spine.

There’s a tight grip on your hip when he starts up a pace, cock sliding in and out slowly as he takes his time to feel your wet, tight walls around him.

You pant with your mouth slightly ajar, arms finding their way around his neck to pull his upper body closer. You want to feel every part of him right now.

His chest rubs against your nipples and the feeling makes you gulp, mouth and throat already going dry. A leg wraps around his hip, urging him to fuck you harder and he immediately picks up on your hint, the fingers digging into your hip gripping even harder as his thrusts get more aggressive. 

“Oh my god,” you moan out, head tilting back and eyes squeezing shut while your heart begins to beat out of your chest. The wet, loud sound of his dick repeatedly entering your pussy echos throughout the room but the mewls spilling from your throat are louder.

So much air comes out of you in one breath when he pulls out, your chest heaving and lips drying out. You open your eyes and see how fucked out Jackson looks as he peers down at you, tongue darting out and dragging across his bottom lip before he nods once at you with a small cough.

“Turn over,” he commands, voice deep and raspier than ever.

 With your lip caught in between your teeth you do as told, lifting your ass up for him by bending your knees. His hands glide across the cheeks before getting a good grip and spreading them apart. 

You both let out a fuck when he pushes back in, your voice airy while his is rough and scratchy. Jackson starts slamming into you, faster, harder, and so much deeper than before and your voice gradually gets louder. The grunts coming from behind you only make you wetter, but when he’s pushing your bottom half up more by your ass there’s a slight burn and it increases the pleasure by so much. 

If Krystal and Taehyung haven’t left or fell asleep yet you know they can hear everything by now. The bedroom door is wide open and you’re not trying to mute your mewls and screams as he angles his hips just right, letting him know just how fucking good it feels.

Hell, you’re probably loud enough to wake Youngjae up and he can sleep through someone banging on his bedroom door.

“Baby,” Jackson grunts out lightly. “If you don’t shut up Namjoon is gonna hear us.”

There’s amusement laced in his voice, as if he wants the owner of the apartment to wake up and catch the two of you fucking in his bed. But you don’t really care, Jackson’s words going in one ear and out the other. 

“Don’t care” you breath out, lifting yourself up on your forearms.

His chuckle is broken and you’re almost positive he’s close to coming, groans becoming deeper and more frequent. A hand moves away from your ass, sliding passed your hip and down your pelvic bone to reach your clit, and it has your head hanging forward and now you’re hiccuping around moans.

The motion of his fingers are perfect, just the right amount of pressure and the speed matches his thrusts, the sensations combined making you squeak out his name before one last, long moan leaves your lips as your walls flutter around his cock and you reach your high.

“Shit,” you hardly hear him whisper, both hands landing on your hips as he gives his last few thrusts, pulling your hips back to meet his own.

When he lets go, your body is flopping down into the mattress and your body is spent. There’s goosebumps all over your body but your skin is on fire, sweat covering you in a light sheen.

There’s a soft dick lying in between your ass cheeks and then there’s a hot, just as sweaty chest pressing against your back.

“You good?” Jackson asks, breath tickling your ear and making you squirm a bit. 

You hum, picking your head up a little to peck his lips. 

“Get off so we can get presentable.”

Fully clothed and blissed out, the two of you walk back downstairs.

Krystal is long gone, but in her place in Namjoon, looking at you and Jackson with a blank expression. Now that you’re back to your senses, although still a little dazed, you feel the embarrassment starting to rise.

“You’re trifling as fuck, by the way.”

He bursts out laughing, Jackson soon joining in and you roll your eyes, embarrassment vanishing and amusement quickly replacing it.

“Well at least you got your answer now,” you wink. 

aaaaaaand there ya have it :)

I don’t plan on writing anymore chapters but look out for if I randomly get the urge