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Watch // Billie Eilish (Cover)

Here is my new cover of Watch by Billie Eilish. I think you definitly should watch it. Billie is such an incredible artist and I find her such an inspiration. She is so unique and her lyrics are incredible. Please give this cover a listen and share it with your friends!

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I joined in some drawing challenges recently, like “outfit challenge” where you must draw your original character in different outfits. I wanted to draw a simple standing-at-a-pretentious-pose guy but then I thought it’s too boring and I made this. Of course Saoirse and Sanou not have such fancy clothes and won’t have it ever, especially Sanou. Thay don’t even have money to buy it. But Sanou often play music and sing at the street and Saoirse come to hang out with him and his friends. So she can dance barefoot at the street, why not?


This is a thank you video for my supporter on patreon: @brucespencer