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#1178. (Modern AU) Link drives a motorcycle that has a detachable sidecar for Time and Skull Kid to ride in. The license plate says 3p0na
Zelda's Log #3: A Labor of Love

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‘I’m so glad we met Robbie, his insights were quite interesting! His recent ideas about the guardians are so useful,’ Zelda rambled as she and Link rode down the road to Lake Akkala, ‘Dismantling the inactive ones to make armor is sheer genius! And it also works to study their inner workings!’

‘You can use my set of armor for your studies, I told you before’, Link laughed, deeply amused by her never ending enthusiasm.

'It’s perfect!’, she clapped her hands merrily. 'Now, you told me we were going to a very special place, care tell me where?’

'Well, we arrived to the lab through the Shadow Pass road, right?’, he reminded her, 'Now we’re going through the road that passes near Lake Akkala, which is where we’re headed’.

'Oh, this is so exciting!, She said in a singsong.

After a while riding, they arrived to a neck of land joining the island on the lake. They dismounted at the only entrance.

‘Tarrey Town?’, she read the sign out loud, 'I assume this is a new settlement’.

'It is!’, Link affirmed, smiling widely and full of pride, 'The thing is… I partly helped build this place’.

Zelda’s eyes widened at his words, lips slightly parted from surprise, but not enough to make a full 'oh’.

'Hudson, one of Bolson’s workers, was sent here to make a new settlement’, he explained. 'He was sent here on his own, so I aided him, collecting materials and finding people willing to start over… whose names ended in -son, of course. You know, company policies’.

‘Company policies’, Zelda chuckled.

11:26 a.m. Link’s surprise was quite something! I was perplex when Link told me of his involvement in the development of this place, considering he used to be quite reserved and kept to himself. He might have changed in general aspects, such as being a little more talkative and expressive, but he is still Link after all - he is not to brag about his achievements.

Tarrey Town is lovely; Mr. Bolson’s houses fit really nicely in the environment, and the people are so welcoming. I was also surprised to find the priest from Zora’s domain (now retired) is the Innkeeper . It’s certainly comforting to find people that actually remember you as you are - not as the character of a story.

It might sound contradictory, but despite loving not being recognized, I like to find people who lived during the days before the Calamity. It makes me feel all the sacrifice was worth it.

'Zelda!’, Link called her out, 'come meet some of the folks here!’

He grabbed her hand as he hurried down the path.

'This is Hudson, and his wife Rhondson’, he introduced them to her. 'They’ll have a baby soon!’

'Nice to meet you, and congratulations!, She waved at them, 'I’m Zelda’.

'Oh, like the Princesses of yore!’, Rhondson noted, 'it’s cute, young vai’.

Zelda smiled widely.

'I know you travel a lot, so I wanted to ask you a small favor’, the redhead gave Link an envelope. 'Can you give this letter to my mother? I want her to know I’m well, and invite her here’.

'Sure!’, he answered, taking the envelope, ‘We’re headed to Gerudo desert soon, so don’t worry!’

'But how are you entering the city? You’re a male’, Hudson asked, 'You’ll get kicked out’.

‘I have a special waiver after helping them with the Divine Beast’, Link grinned.

Zelda gave him a look, a mixture of disapproval and disbelief. No you don’t, you rotten scoundrel! You just sneak out in women’s clothes!

The couple believed his words, and soon departed to their labors.

Link introduced her to the other residents of the town. They all greeted him warmly, and in one way or other, reminding him they were there thanks to him.

‘Something tells me your involvement in the foundation of this town is larger than it seems’, Zelda commented while they had lunch​ at the sightseeing point with a view of the guardian cemetery.

‘I just did what I told you’. He munched on an apple. Zelda waited for him to continue. 'I made time to help them in between parts of my quest. They were quite different people from what you saw now’.

'How so?’

‘All of them were dissatisfied with their lives’, Link remembered, 'they wanted a fresh start, a sense of hope, even in the dark moments we were living’. He took another bite of his apple.

'Hudson and Rhondson got married a little after the town was finished. I went to the wedding, of course’, he continued, 'and I was so strangely proud of their happiness…’

He suddenly paused. To Zelda’s surprise, his eyes were full of tears.

'I am sorry’, his voice cracked, 'I don’t know why I got so sentimental’.

Zelda got a handkerchief from her pocket, wiping his cheeks.

'I never thought the ever-silent champion of Hyrule would cry remembering weddings’. Zelda held his hands, rubbing them softly, in a gesture of understanding.

'It’s just that… it made sense. All the fighting and running around’, he sighed, ‘It was not only for you, it was for all of them also. I worked hard to make happy as much people as possible’.

She smiled widely, and gave him a peck on the cheek as she wrapped her arms around him.

11.55 p.m. A long time ago (literally a hundred years ago) I wished someday I could see Link’s true colors.

Today I saw them in all their glory. They were trapped inside them for so long, but now they shine bright, and never to be hidden again.

We arrived home quite late, but despite the obvious tiredness of the journey, we still had some energy to make dinner.

We will be at home for tomorrow, and the following morning we will head to Kakariko  Village, for I have been the most ungrateful to my dearest friend Impa. Goddesses know I have missed her.

Link says she has a granddaughter our (apparent) age, Paya. He says she is really nice. I’m so excited to meet her.


Modern Star Wars (TFA)’s characters (1/6)

↳ Ben Solo/Kylo Ren

Literature student, who goes by the name of Kylo Ren. Loves sketching people on local coffees while drinking his usual espresso. Loves black clothes, old paper and My Chemical Romance. Passionately idolizes his dead grandfather. Learning how to take nice portraits on polaroid cameras… Of course he’s just practicing on that ginger guy, that’s all. “Can you take a photo of me while I act casual?”. Pretty much that hipster guy who sits alone on the grass at lunch, while reading books and having a couple existencial crisis, but also a dork. Dealing with a difficulty of controlling his anger.

allya373  asked:

Do you prefer Nathaniel with the Peacock Miraculous, the Moth/Butterfly Miraculous, or as a civilian? Why?

Oh man I don’t even know, I love them all! At the moment I’m feeling partial to Peacock Nathanael, but that’s only because a) I’m working on a fic that involves him, and b) LAST NIGHT I JUST READ THIS ONE PAON NATH FIC THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL, everyone should read it if they haven’t already, it’s called Of Honeybees and Redheads, here’s a link! BUT that being said, I love all Naths equally <3 <3 <3


Okay guys, some of you might’ve noticed the random pics and mentions of the AU I’ve been working on, and here it finally is in one massive post!! In order to keep this shorter than it would be, I’m going to put all the information under a cut. Now introducing…


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(Fake dating encounter? Yes, thank you anon.)

“Kagami-kun, you were so great in your game!”
“Yes Kaga-chan, you were so handsome!!”
As the group of girls grew around him, Kagami looked around in panic. He had never been good with girls. The only girl he had any actual experience with was Alex, and he still wasn’t sure if she should be put in the same category as the females in front of him. Backing up, his hands in front of him, he smiled nervously.
“Thank you. Thank you for coming and watching.”
“Ohh Kagami-kun, you’re so sweet! Can we go get some food?”
“No you can’t! Kaga-chan is coming with me!”
Kagami panicked more as he looked around for an escape, suddenly noticing that Kuroko was nowhere to be found.  Traitor. Just as he was losing hope, he saw a familiar head of dark blue hair.
“Huh?” Aomine turned and saw Kagami racing towards him, a group of excited girls on his heels. The look on the redhead’s face explained everything.
“Aomine you want to play one on one? Please?”
Smirking, the blue haired boy looked over Kagami’s shoulder at the group of girls getting closer, “You can’t handle all the fans, Kagami?”
The redhead didn’t have the energy to argue with his rival, the high pitched whining and calling from behind him making his heart race. He couldn’t handle all of this attention.
“Aomine hold my hand.”
Jerking back sharply, Aomine stared at the other boy in shock, “What?!”
Leaning forward, not leaving any space between them, Kagami whispered, “Hold my hand and say you’re my boyfriend.”
“Why the fuck would I do that?”
The horde behind them was getting dangerously close. The fear of facing the girls on his own creeped into Kagami’s mind. Before he knew what he was doing, the redhead had grabbed Aomine’s shirt and pulled the boy even closer, their faces only inches apart.
“I’m really sorry about this Aomine.”
With that, the redhead crushed their lips together and held them, even as Aomine gripped his wrists hard. Not closing his eyes, Kagami suffered the intense glare that was sent towards him. Dealing with the hate, Kagami realized the noise behind him had gone silent. Pulling away, the redhead hurriedly linked hands with a frozen Aomine and turned to the girls behind them.
“Ah sorry everyone, let me introduce you. This is my boyfriend, Aomine Daiki.”
Most of the girls looked heartbroken at the two boys holding hands, but some of them shot daggers at Aomine, not caring how rude it was.
“If you’re really Kagami-kun’s boyfriend, then what sign is he?”
Aomine took a long moment to process the actions that had taken place before he sent a death glare towards the boy next to him. His voice was emotionless as he mumbled.
The girl questioning bristled visibly, “Fine. That was easy. What is his worse class then?”
“All of them, he sucks at school.”
“Another easy one, that proves nothing. What is Kagami-kun’s favorite thing to do?”
Aomine had had enough. Smirking down at the girl questioning him, Aomine took his hand from Kagami’s and wrapped his arm around his shoulders instead, bringing the redhead close to his side.
“What is his favorite thing to do? Well besides getting fucked by me, I would say basketball.”
The amount of blushing from the girls and Kagami made Aomine grin.
“Any more questions?”
Vigorous head shaking was his only answer, the girls turning and running away. The moment they were out of sight a sharp jab to his ribs had Aomine wincing and pulling away from the boy next to him.
“Why the fuck did you say that?!”
“Cause you obviously wanted to get them away from you, so I did. You should be fuckin grateful, baka.”
Kagami had never been so embarrassed before. Yes, Aomine was right; he had been hoping Aomine would go along with his plan to get the girls to go away, but did he have to say that?! Shaking his head in frustration, Kagami walked past the other boy, hoping he could just make it home and forget this whole incident. However, a strong hand on his arm pulled him back around, stopping him from his escape.
“Oi, Kagami, did you think you could use me like that and walk away?”
Groaning, the redhead let his head hang, “What do you want Aomine? I’ll make you Teriyaki burgers if you want. Just let me go to the store.”
A dark chuckle had the redhead looking up at the boy in front of him.
“Yes, burgers would be awesome, but that’s not enough. I want this too.”
Kagami barely had time to gasp before he was pulled forward, his body held tight to Aomine’s as lips pressed hot to his. It was different than the kiss before in every way. This was hot and passionate, and Kagami’s toes were curling inside his shoes. His eyes closed automatically as a tongue swept across his lower lip before pushing inside his mouth, licking him as if Aomine couldn’t get enough. A strong hand slid down his back, the move making the redhead arch into Aomine, their hips firmly pressed together. Just as the redhead went to wrap his arms around Aomine’s neck did the kiss break, the blue haired boy pulling back completely with a satisfied grin.
“Thanks Kagami. I’ll be over for those burgers later.”
Standing in shock, Kagami watched as Aomine sauntered away.
“I hate him,” whispering to no one, the redhead turned around and stomped back to his apartment.
As his door was pounded on a few hours later, Kagami refused to leave his bed to answer it.