redhead landing

Young God

Yooo hello Halsey anon!
Request: Could you write a Jason x reader based on Halsey’s song ‘i walk the line’ (or ‘young god’ whatever works better for you :))pretty please :)??

MUCH ANGST. Very slightly NSFW.

Jason and Roy both stared in awe at your form, ever since you landed in front of them. Your movements, filled with skill as you swing through the air with such ease, looking like a flying ballerina.
Roy swore his insides flinched a little with every hit you shoot to attacker. He wasn’t moving and neither was Jason, as he managed to notice. Both of them were dazzled by your enchanting form.

“Y-you… You did this by yourself?” The redhead stuttered once you landed better then, a self-pleased smirk covering your entire face.

“Yeah sure!” You flashed a genuine smile at him, before turning your attention to the one you had been seeking.



Your hands were thrown around him, to pull him in a hug, that couldn’t possibly show how much you had missed him. You didn’t care that you were bleeding, or that the stitches a pedestrian doctor had performed on you had opened. Jason’s luscious smell filling your nostrils couldn’t let you skip away from his arms, even if the pain was unbearable.

Jason noticed, almost instantly, that you’d flinch in pain, yet he didn’t want to let you go. He could remember him self seeking your attention, searching for your familiar scent in every place the Outlaws and him visited.
He’d give up every day and every night he’d hope again. He hoped that he could see you for one more time. Mostly, because he needed to know…

what was it, that was itching him about you for so long.

“Your bleeding” he whispered huskily in your ear in a way you couldn’t distinguish wgther you wanted to pull him in closer or let him go. “I’ll take you to our apartment.. I’m sure you have some wounds you can’t stitch.

“No mines just fine.” You lied. Of course you didn’t have an apartment. You lived in the streets ever since you got fired. You couldn’t even afford a ticket to go back to Gotham. Yet you still fought restlessly to protect Los Angeles. Or a small part of it at the very least.

“We’ll walk you there.” Jason announced and turned his gaze at Roy, who in turn nodded in approvement.


“And here we are” you turned to them and smiled in fake confidence.

“Is the apartment complex at the end of the street right?” Jason casually asked, causing am awkward shuttle to escape your lips add you sunk in deeper to his jacket.

“Nope. The bench right there is my apartment. Thanks for waking me home.”
Jason gasped in horror at how casually the words slipped of your mouth, as if they’d ever sound normal in his ears.

He grabbed your arm with such exceptional force, the moment you turned to leave. The pain was to much considering your arm was filled with bruises, but you daren’t flinch. You couldn’t afford to show any emotion. Pity, was exactly what you never wanted Jason to feel about you.

“You’ll be staying with us.” He announced coldly once again. Never giving you the chance to look back at the bench that had been your only company throughout all these horrid months.

Ten more minutes of walking was the most your body could take, before you collapsed in the floor. Roy sighed at the sight of Jason’s sadness.
“She’s the one right?” He asked while the ravenette bent down to pick you up in his arms, in order to carry you to his apartment.

“What?” Jason muttered and certainly it took Roy a while to understand that inhuman sound.

“ She’s the one you’ve been searching through ever city we’ve been right? ”

Jason nodded with pursed lips. He knew that his secret would be out one day, and tonight wasn’t early, it was in fact too late.
He had promised himself he’d give up on you, just one night ago. It was so ironic that you burst into his life like a sudden fire that he was sure had come to burn him in hell.


After that night, Jason had found himself creeping on you all the time. Was it his need for you? All he knew was that years had passed since the last time he saw you and that he wanted you all to himself.

It took him a couple of drinks to admit to Roy that he was indeed in love with you, even if he knew you’d never feel the same way.

And tonight? Tonight he was aroused. It wasn’t fake, he knew because one; he never got drunk by two glasses of whiskey and two; because how someone couldn’t be aroused when he accidentally entered the bathroom the moment you were slipping off your clothes.

Unfortunately, Jason was aware that tonight was going to be another night of frustration, and self service in the bathroom. He was happy though; some other nights he’d just fight with his own self or stay awake becayse he was a coward who wouldn’t admit his feeling for and to you.

So for him, it was no shame at all as he stared at your shady form showered through the non existent bathroom door.

Don’t get me wrong” he rehearsed his excuse inside his head. “I was just.. uhmm passing and basically the only thing that blocking my view is that curtain..”
He hated this excuse… but, oh well, that was all he had.l, he reminded himself.

“And you’re sure creeping on a the file you’re in love with, that by the way knows nothing, while she’s having a shower?” Roy interrupted, catching Jason off guard.

“It’s not my fault she’s…” The ravenette struggled to speak of a certain perfect feature of you.

Suddenly Jason felt all angry with himself. He was furious that he couldn’t hold himself back the moment your hands spread the bubbling soap on your breasts, then to the rest of your body.
It took him all if his patient not to rip the curtain and start giving it to you while the water run.

And now that he though about it, he needed a cold shower.

He knew that tonight was the last night he’d keep anything to himself. And so he matched to you room and sat on the end of your bed.

Needless to say that Roy and Jason had given you their room in order for you to feel more comfortable.
You had been sleeping on bench for two and a half years.

The moment you entered your room a Hugh pitched scream escaped your lips as you saw Jason sprawled onto your bed.

“Hey.. take it easy… I’m here for a reason okay?” He tried his best to calm you down, but you for sure didn’t need it.
Your face deadpanned once he finished his words and you rushed to answer.

“If this is because you saw me naked and you want to fuck with me then the answer is no.” It came off as a growl and you weren’t sure if you regretted it the moment you let it out of your mouth.
You focused on drying your hair with your towel instead.

“ No.. uhm look… I.. for a long time now… Can you at least look at me? Its important!” Jason yelped as his heart throbbed.

“ Go on!” You said sweetly, being regretful of the venom you spat at him previously.

“I’m.. I’ve been over thinking about it and I know no one would feel like that about me but… I’m in love with you. And it took me too long to realise.”

You watched and listened in awe. Jason was pouring his heart over you, while you laid beside him, dumbfounded.

“I know you don’t feel the same. I’m a killer and-”

For some moments the sound of muffling along with moans was the only one existing in the room.

Your lips moved audibly against Jason’s all the while your heart burst in excitement.

“Don’t ever say that again. Of course there’s someone who loves you Jason. I’m that someone!”

Jason didn’t let out another word, before flipping you over on the bed. Now, he seemed huge as he hovered on top of you, placing soft kisses all over your face and temple, eliciting soft moans from you.

“Jason… hey. Hey stop I…”

His eyes widened in shock as realisation came in his is mind. You were one year younger than him, and he was twenty at the moment. Plus you lived on the street for two years, which meant no home, no boyfriends. You were still a virgin.

“ Don’t tell me that you’re…”

“Eh well, I’m a good girl Jay. I’m planning on going to heaven.” You giggled from under him, feeling the tint of blush forming on your cheeks, causing him to smirk.

“Then why am I not making love to you yet?”
He leaned in to whisper in your ear


When Jason came back in Gotham the two of you split. It was expected actually, he had to mind his own business and you had to purchase a case that had came to your attention.

Nevertheless it was a hard break up. You had a house now, thanks to him, but you never got to see him. You’d only heard his name being called once, as he was accused for attempting to kill the mayor.

And now here you were, thrown onto the feet of his familiar vigilante appearance with his gun point on your head. Black mask was yelling at him, that hed die to if he didn’t plant a bulled in your head.

But Jason, oh Jason, he couldn’t find it in him to do that. He still loved you as a matter of fact. He’d get back with you if you wanted him to.

“I.. I cant do that Black Mask… I..” Jason stuttered, to buy himself sometime. Sweat dripped from his forehead inside his mask, as he thought his lie might not be believable. “ I’ve made it clear to you that I dont kill women and children. Especially if they’re mine.”

Black Mask gasped the same time you did. Silence fell into the room and you stared st Jason with horror literally dripping from your eyes. Your heart best fast in your ears as Black Mask approached you and touched your chin with his gloved fingers.

“If so, then you are free to love with your boyfriend here”

“He’s not my boyfriend” you sobbed, fearing for your life as he knelt before you in order to develop a better eye contact.

“And why is that Red Hood?”

“ I was a coward, I dumped her a s soon as she told me.”

In mere seconds Black Mask was up, his hand coming in contact with Jason’s mask in the form of a punch, that send him laying in the floor.

“He’s going to make up to you now. You’re staying here.”

Jason smiled as he brushed your strands away from your face the moment he woke up next to you.

His fingers, tingled all over your body while he felt this warmth spreading inside of him all over again.

He felt relieved Black Mask had chose him to kill you. If it was for anyone else, you wouldn’t be laying next to him on the huge mattress, but in an uncomfortable casket.

And Jason knew about uncomfortable caskets.