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From a darkened corner in the Champion’s chamber, Lance found himself observing the scene with disbelief and sympathy. It was such an unbelievable day. First, one of the wonder duo that made the headlines, Green Oak managed to make it all the way to him. The battle was fierce and intense, which ended in his defeat. Lance thought that he was watching the rise of a new Champion until Red entered the picture. He found himself decimated for the second time that day and could only watch as two kids duke it out like their lives depended on it.

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New Additions to The Redhead Hall of Fame

Last night, the following gingers came through with a donation to WFMU during Tom Scharpling’s fundraising marathon during the time period I allotted. Therefore, here are your new additions to the Redhead Hall of Fame.

Alana Quirk
Emily Kadar
Erin Frank’s cat, Pip
Laraine Frid
Nick Ciarelli
Sean Kiely
Christopher Steele
Bella Allen Farrelly
Megan Wildebour

***Note: Can somebody who is keeping track of the official RHoF roster please send me an updated version? Thank you.


#HWYW Halloween pets part two!

1. Doppler is not wearing a Halloween costume.  This is just what she wears to a regular party. Courtesy of Sarah!

2. Dutchie “Duchess” Fancydancer dressed up as a one of the Advanced Style ladies, with a hat that frames her face. Thank you for the submission Elly

3. Mojo, who makes such a good Hidey! Gifted to the show by Danielle.

4. Billie dressed as Charlie Manson. “Eyeliner is surprisingly difficult to apply to fur.” - Kat

5. Jackson, who just celebrated his 13th birthday, as Pauley Perette (#1 enemy of the show).

6. Iggy, who thinks he is a member of the Manson family because he just completed a “creepy crawl” by moving this pillow while Faith was away from the house.

7. Mason (from the Redhead Hall of Fame) with a C**t Skeleton (from Episode 79). Sent in by Daniel!