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I’m still alive!
I finally finished my Magus Bride print. Love the manga, and absolutely love Yuris (Ruth) and his “sister” Isabelle. It might’ve only been a few pages worth of back story, but I’m in love.
Anyway! These lovely two will be with me at Anime Austin! I’m looking forward to it!

anonymous asked:

Father's Day is coming so I got a couple of ideas for ya. First idea is Yusuke being an awesome dad to his child(ren) and teaching them how to draw and such. Idea two is Sojiro is being the overprotective dad he is, and gives a lecture/warning to Yusuke when he finds out that Yusuke is going out with his daughter. IDEA THREE is Sojiro is about to cry (he cries anyway) when he walks Futaba down the aisle on her wedding day. Happy early Father's Day for awesome dads everywhere! :D

I did IDEA THREE but idea one was too cute to resist so I mock doodled it up pretty quickly. Apparently they had the most generic child ever. 

but here’s IDEA THREE written out: Sojiro walks his daughter down the aisle for the Yutaba wedding. *fingerguns* Which is a great idea, btw, always hit the bullseye with me for Father’s Day stuff my dad is super cool you guys so I’m all about promotion of dads interacting with their kids in media

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