Imagine the kids fucking with each other every time they register accounts. Dave takes the carcinoGeneticist username to mess with Karkat for a bit, and then uses misspelled versions of it to confuse the others occasionally. Everyone’s passwords are super cryptic (and everyone using two-step authentication) due to Hal’s machinations, especially those against Dirk. Terezi makes accounts under arachnidsGrip sometimes for the feels.

I think I just found Hussie doing some sneaky ass DM slides (upd8 theory)

Okay so,

We all know how Terezi sent the image of the black hole to John right?

Now most people know that if you turn your brightness on your computer or phone all the way up you get this:

Its a bit difficult to see, but you can see a faint outline of something in the middle of the black hole there.

Now that’s cool, but with the powers of photoshop, we can now get:


Now this looks pretty cool, but its sorta hard to make anything out in terms of symbolism and such, so I had my friend play around with the image some more, such as working on exposure and color inversions, etc. And this is some of the stuff we yielded.

With the colors inverted it kinda looks like a cloudy eyeball

Here’s the same thing but with better resolution and different screen settings so the orange part is red now.

SO that’s all pretty interesting, feel free to form whatever opinion or theory you like about them, but-

THESE are the two that caught my attention, especially with the second one, it sorta looks like an object becoming dismantled or dissolved, but I figured that hey, if this is a black hole, then its probably putting pieces together right?

This image also gave me deja vu since it kinda looked like something else…

It has some rather loose similarity to the record that the scratch was done on.

The theory I came up with more or less speculates that the black hole is rebuilding another disk or something of the sort, since you can see that the disk in the black hole is most damaged where the original scratch incisions were made. I thought that maybe its compiling all of the power and memories of the ghosts to make a new disk? It really doesn’t make sense since Calliope created the black hole but it could be a last ditch effort by the green sun to save itself. idek man I’m not good at homestucking

But yeah, we didn’t perform a ‘full’ investigation on this so feel free to come up with stuff on your own too, hope that this was interesting. @sdfhgjkgjgk did all the photoshop work give him some sick kudos