i know i already made a post about this but i just cant imagine how massive pyralspite is, if she ate mindfangs lusus, presumably the same as spidermom whole she would have to be somewhere close to this size at minimum

see that tiny spec in front of spidermom? thats not an odd misstep with my editing, thats vriska,

just please draw more fanart of The Pyropes and there mile long mom

pyrope rotation

Latula(ancestors troll) -> neophyte redglare (beta troll) -> Terezi (alpha troll) -> Latula


 *just re-design.  u_u

 -explain: [1] [2]

 *HS rotation finally complete!













woooo snazzy lil blog update today: now featuring scarves and pericopter

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hI thought I would start analysing things without promt from followers because I am not popular enough yet, so I thought I would analyse my own aspect, which a few other classpectors and analysers share, Mind!

Mind is the aspect of Terezi Pyrope and Latula Pyrope, no humans in homestuck have this as their aspect, however we can use Dirk as a comparison, for princes, early on, mirror their opposing aspect, later however they are more attuned to their own. (eg. Eridan and Dirk) 

I have looked at a few different analyses of Mind, saying that it is representative of Justice, I believe that Justice manifests because of Mind’s primary functions as an aspect. 

If Heart means Internal, Mind means External, but what the fuck does that mean and how does it apply to canon? I ask. I think they both have a shitload to do with thoughts and feelings, especially because of S: REMEM8ER. Mind’s about understanding what people think and feel and what their actions will be in different scenarios BECAUSE of what they’re thinking and how they’re feeling. This is REALLY useful in law, which is probably Redglare and Terezi were so drawn to it. 

Mind is also all about circumstances, but its not like knowing exactly how the coin will fall, its knowing what people will do if the coin falls either heads or tails. For aspects like void and space, one doesn’t really need people there for their powers to work, all they need is a Universe to do it, but with Heart and Mind and other personal aspects, it doesn’t matter about the universe around you it’s about the peeps in it, yo!  

However aspects arent all about the flashy powers though, as I mentioned in my previous post, your classpect isn’t a set-in-stone thing. Everyone experiences every aspect, but its about where you are, how far you’ve come, and what you need to achieve to be the best you you can be.

“Mario has to jump over ALL the holes” - Andrew Hussie

Heart players deal with Splintering of the self, and their goal is to understand that they’re not the same as their copies, but a unique person with unique experiences. I think Mind is about finding the common things about every you, what makes you strong, what traits you have, your personality, and what makes you YOU. S: REMEM8ER is a realllllly good example because Terezi struggles with her sense of wholeness and wants to be strong like (Terezi) (despite (terezi) heting herself and feeling just like Terezi lol!)

Not every Mind player struggles with their feelings of “wholeness” though. We have only seen two after all, and since we know that Dirk is not alike to Nepeta of Meulin very much despite them all being heart players, and Jake being nothing like Cronus or Eridan tells us that everyone expresses their classpects their own way. It’s really up to your class and what YOU think that means which determines your personality and how you express your aspect.

Mind overall, is the aspect of reason, rationality, understanding, thought, reactions, adaptation, creativity, justice, logic, masks, choice, and people, however, These are basic representations of Mind, but titles themselves are more about the journey a person takes, and how they achieve it. Pitfalls, upbringings, setbacks, boosts. That’s what Sburb does, it challenges its players so that the Genesis Frog has the best chance of creation. Mind players most certainly can be emotional, courageous, anxious, funny, naive, carefree, calm etc. however these are personal traits and literally everyone ever is multifaceted. 

I reckon Mind’s pretty cool, so if your read this and thought: “YEAH THAT SOUNDS LIKE ME BRING IT ON!!!” I will do the rest of the aspects soon and then classes unless anyone prompts me so… That’s my analysis for you! Enjoy it, Folks.


anonymous asked:

Hey Terezi, are there any stories or anything about the Neophyte Redglare among legislacerators?


Skaree: *eyes Terezi warily*

Skaree: There’s… a story about a Neophyte Redglare that’s supposed to teach us about the dangers of overconfidence. Although I think most people only learn about the dangers of midblue psychics. Pyrope, um…

Terezi: It’s so unfair! That courtblock setup was not up to her! She wasn’t the one who was calling the shots! How is it overconfidence when you’re pressured into dealing with a high-profile case in a risky way?!

Skaree: Pyrope seems to take it very personally for some reason.