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The murders, the evidence... All pointed to him. But nothing proved it... So to prove his guilt they sent out one of their agents to watch him. If they didn't catch him doing it, and the murders still went on, innocent. Downside to the plan was who they had put with him to watch him 24/7. Valentina Rossa, the over the top redhead who blamed him the most. Val sighed as she walked into his house. "You'd think someone committing these crimes would live in a ghetto house and neighborhood."

He knew someone was coming soon. It was in his speculative possibilities. Nothing can be forgotten lest it cost him dearly.  He would much rather not be arrested, as what would follow would be..unpleasant for himself, and would ruin everything he had planned. He heard someone simply walking in, without any knocks, without any previous signs. Good thing he had prepared in case this happened.

“Excuse me? Who the fuck let you in?” He said coldly as he opened the door to his bedroom.

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She knocked on his door, heaving a sigh when no answer came. As usual. She let herself in and walked into his room, sitting down on a chair she had pulled up next to his bed for herself a few visits prior. "Having a nice nap so far Rae?"

As the previous days, no response came from the sleeping man. He had a few bandages around him, on his nose, a little bit around the neck… He was rather fortunate wounds where not enough to off him.

After a few moments,  He turned his body, a groaning sound came from his mouth as well.  Maybe he was starting to wake up?

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The cyborg stumbled, dragging himself through the neighborhood of dwellings, noting that electric sparks fizzed along his broken leg as he struggled to make use of what had remained intact. 

His arm was in no better shape, either. He couldn’t move it, even after a few tries. The wires were in disarray, and a single stream of flashing words hovered near the center of his vision.


Yes, he knew there was an error. He just needed to find shelter so he could at least try repairing himself. Knowing he probably shouldn’t push himself further, he settled with crouching into a garage, making quite a bit of noise as he did so. Oh well, couldn’t be helped. Time to start on repairing his robotic limbs.

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"It's been a long time, hasn't it?"

He had left far before she would see the end of the line.  It was how it was meant to be the moment she bloodied her hand with his life, how lucky had he been to stay behind and experience almost a life between life and death, between the end and leaving.

He was allowed to stick around and wait for her. He had expected as much as not being able to go, but to be allowed to wait here instead ? Not to bad. There where still plenty in this ‘in between’ space.

That’s when he saw her. After a long long wait. One thing that was different was the fact her hair was not a vibrant red anymore, replaced by her natural brown. Artificial dye did not follow one past death, but chances are, by the time she died, she may not of been using said dye anymore.  She did look a bit younger than he remembered leaving her as well… He sneaked to her in the quite large crowd of new souls finding out where they where headed.

“You look great today Val~” He whispered into her ear. He himself looked far better than he did, the wounds had scarred over nicely, and he kept his left eye closed now. No more bumpy skin, and no more open flesh.They could choose how they could look here, and, as odd as it sounded, he choose to remain closely to the state he had died in.

“I waited a while to greet you~”

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The small redhead tossed and turned in her sleep, bumping him slightly a few times. She was obviously having a bad dream. What it was about, no one could tell. But it was probably one of the worse ones that she has...

She would never bump into him on purpose, especially with how much she disliked him. He pretended to be still asleep from his nap for a little bit. Would she talk in her sleep? or just toss and turn?

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When she had walked in with Rae she had not expected that. She took an uncomfortable step back. Wait... Akat had called her mommy, and Rae called her "Your Royal Majesty"... Her eyes widened. They hadn't told her that... And seeing Akat and his mother together, hugging... It made her feel... Somewhat left out. Neglected again. She wanted to leave but didn't.

She knew she had no place here. She knew… 

“No need for formalities.That title left me on that day.” She had avoided to mention any terms pertaining to death. But her child was slowly falling alseep in her arms. He had so much strain on his mind and body, that he was so desperately tired.

“You may call me simply Evelyn…I assume you are Raemonde…. you look as he described you.”

“But…I’ve never heard of the young one with the scarlet hair.”

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The redhead sighed. How had that test tube broken and leaked gender swapping... liquid all over her? The now male scientist plopped himself next to Rae. "Hey Rae. It's Val, just sayin'."

“Val?…well… aren’t you oozing with masculinity today.” He himself was not the most masculine of the bunch, and she looked far more than he ever did.

“Potion gone wrong? Spell cast? ”

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When she finally got to his house she leaned on the doorway and knocked, the bag of her favorite treat still in her hand. "Rae..." She croaked. "Open up..."

She sounded right out of it. What was wrong with her…….

Raemonde opened the door in a slight rush to see what was causing her this grief.

“Val?! …Quick, inside.” He rushed himself to open the door large enough for her, while running off to fetch a pot filled with water and a washcloth.


He sat there utterly confused at the sight before him. It’s not everyday that someone comes to see him, but that is not the reason for his shocked expression. Orange hair, purple eyes…

he motioned him to come in with a smile just like it was yesterday the last time he had seen him. this would be an interesting…talk.

After a several minutes, someone else knocked at the door. Hopefully Val this time.

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The brunette haired woman slowly strolled through the forest that her old friend Rae had once lived. She heaved a sigh. She was glad he finally got to go onto his next life but she missed him. "Val!" She blinked. Who said that? When she turned around she nearly fainted. Rae! How was he?!... He wasn't. "Oh my god Rae... What happened?"

He acted like nothing was out of the ordinary. to him , it was no different from yesterday, or the day before that, or even the month before that. It looked like he had no idea of what had happened recently.

“What happened? Why do you sound funny?” He gave her a confused look.

It’s like he was living around as if he was still alive.