5 ways Prince reigned supreme

by Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard 

Photo: Richard Melloul/Corbis.

He was every DJ’s best friend

There’s a track from the early 1980s called Cloreen Baconskin that’s 15 minutes long, and is basically just a jam session with him playing bass and putting on a strange voice. I played it when I was DJing in Brussels and people kept coming up and asking me what it was because the voice is so raw and the drumming is so amazingly simple.

Photo: Warner Brothers /Retna.

He took pop to brave new places

Prince was a pop musician – he never went off and made an unlistenable avant-garde record. But he could still do disorientating things in the studio. 

Photo: E. Aaron/Redferns

He was the ultimate rarities artist

Some stuff from the Parade era is great, such as Others Here With Us, a bizarre and frightening song. Movie Star, which came out on the Crystal Ball compilation, is another favorite – it’s a witty send-up of a successful person in the mid-80s who does loads of drugs and attends all the premieres.

Photo: Brian Rasic/Rex Features.

He was one of the great showmen

When it comes to playing live, Prince was just so confident in his ability. He teased the crowd with segues between popular songs, covers and extended versions, and was quite happy to play slow jams for half an hour if that’s what he felt like. 

Photo: Allstar/Warner Brothers.

He is a lifelong inspiration

It’s mainly the actual groove – the way melodic and rhythmic patterns interlock together – that we take from him. But sometimes he’s influenced me directly. The song Hittin’ Skittles was about someone I knew.

Prince died on Thursday at age 57. Share your reactions and memories with the Guardian. 


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