2013 is going to be a busy year for Redeyednblue. As you may have noticed, Redeyed is stocked up on stickers and posting them everywhere. So if you’re in NY, BK, (and maybe even SF…) keep a sharp eye. If you spot a sticker, take a picture, post it to Tumblr or Instagram, and tag #redeyednblue - and I will send you something awesome (gummy bears, Action Bronson T shirts, mixtapes, etc.)

So keep an eye out! Post>Tag>Win. Spread the love y'all.

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It’s the beginning of fall. It’s a slow, gray day. Seems like a perfect time for the next installment of RedEyed playlists. Here is RedEyed Presents: The Country Blues. There’s a real mix of styles, artists, and time periods in here and I promise it won’t bum you out too much. Ideal for strolling wet streets alone, sitting pensively at a bar with a glass of whiskey, or staring out the window contemplating the pains and virtues of loneliness. Enjoy.