Centralia, Pennsylvania
Population: 10

“Analysts disagree about the specific cause of the Centralia fire. Writer David Dekok concluded that it started incident to cleanup of the town landfill. In May 1962, the Centralia Borough Council hired five members of the volunteer fire company to clean up the town landfill, located in an abandoned strip-mine pit next to the Odd Fellows Cemetery just outside the borough limits. This had been done prior to Memorial Day in previous years when the landfill was in a different location.

On May 27, 1962, the firefighters, as they had in the past, set the dump on fire and let it burn for some time. Unlike in previous years, however, the fire was not fully extinguished. An unsealed opening in the pit allowed the fire to enter the labyrinth of abandoned coal mines beneath Centralia.  According to a legend, the Bast Colliery coal fire of 1932 was never fully extinguished. In 1962, it reached the landfill area.

Few homes remain standing in Centralia. Most of the abandoned buildings have been demolished by the Columbia County Redevelopment Authority or reclaimed by nature. At a casual glance, the area now appears to be a field with many paved streets running through it. Some areas are being filled with new-growth forest. The remaining church in the borough, St. Mary’s, holds weekly services on Sunday. It has not yet been directly affected by the fire. The town’s four cemeteries—including one on the hilltop that has smoke rising around and out of it—are maintained in good condition.”

Five dragons

1. A small black dragon which has made its home in an oven. It has disconnected the element, using the electricity supply instead to charge its phone. When it sees something being put into the oven, it breathes what it believes to be a sufficient amount of fire over it, then takes a small portion to eat. It spent a long time finding a person who was careless enough about pizza for this plan to work.

2. Large, sleepy grey dragon, frequently mistaken for a hill. Bad habit of falling asleep near cities, getting classified as a prime brownfield site with excellent redevelopment potential, and waking up covered in housing estate. It is a compassionate sort of beast and usually sends a letter round the houses informing everyone when it is going to be travelling and where to before it takes off.

3. A bright green dragon which is afraid of the dark. In recent years it has invested in a metal suit and some bolt-on engine cases, allowing it to pretend to be an aircraft so that it can travel by day. There have been a few misunderstandings at major airports, particularly when its tail number goes unrecognised. It may or may not have eaten six pilots, a catering truck and a Russian spyplane. If you meet it, never mention the fuelling incident.

4. A dragon that scoops up water from the Thames into its supernumerary pouch each morning. Throughout the day it uses its body heat to convert the water to steam, allowing it to wander around above London all day disguised as a small cloud. It is on the lookout for Shakespeare, although it would settle for Marlowe. It has a really great idea for a sequel to The Tempest. None of the booksellers and thespians it has approached have quite had the heart to tell it that humans do not come out of hibernation.

5. A long, gold-and-bronze dragon that is engaged in digging the secret tunnels of the Beijing metro. It has been quite some work to make sure that the secret tunnels interact only minimally with the public ones. But otherwise how would dragons travel under the city unnoticed? The dragon metro only runs at midnight, but when it does then all the clocks of the forbidden city set to chiming and one can see red lights glinting through drain covers. The stations are disguised as tower blocks. Sometimes they fill up with dragons who are waiting for the smog to fall before they fly, and then the windows glow with colours that one can never quite afterwards remember.

unapejelagarta  asked:

Good night Roberto. I'm an architecture student and your blog is one of my favorite architecture references. I'm currently working in an urban design project that proposes walking/ bike paths inside a hill that is a natural reserve and is also surrounded by my city. I was wondering if you knew similar/ useful examples. Thankyou. Greetings from Colombia!

Here are some park examples:

Paprocany Lake Shore Redevelopment RS+

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if you aren’t even trying to build organised class power which can take control of society and defeat capitalism on the global scale then like… what do you think you’re achieving?

these people always write poems about their ~joyous communes~ and like, the reason those are allowed to exist is precisely because they pose no threat to the capitalist order, and the second they do pose a threat they’ll be bulldozed and redeveloped because they have no base of support among the working class, have never tried to build the strength of the proletariat, have never even aspired to seizing control of the world.

working people deserve better than that. your anarchist co-op is never going to make sure my nana gets a new prosthetic leg when hers wears down. we need meaningful political power for the working class and that means dreaming bigger than just a bunch of terminally feeble shared living spaces for people who have read Tiqqun.

Medieval 'false leg' strap found at Gloucester Cathedral

A strap for a medieval false leg has been uncovered by archaeologists digging at Gloucester Cathedral.

Metal pieces from a prosthesis band were found with a skeleton in the old lay cemetery.

Experts say traces of bone and possibly wood, found with the band, suggest it supported a prosthetic leg.

Helen Jeffrey from the cathedral said: “We are astonished they found it, it was clogged in mud and looked like little pieces of stones.”

The excavation is part of the ongoing Project Pilgrim scheme to redevelop parts of the cathedral. Read more.

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hehehe hey! could you post some information on auras please? :))))

Yay! Aura question, thank you for the ask!

Seeing an Aura is a really interesting experience and just like any other form of the craft, it’s a natural gift/tool we ALL have that we can develop over time to benefit the daily lives of ourselves and others. I personally like to try to incorporate an item of clothing or something into my wardrobe with my daily colour(s) to help boost my energy. Honestly, you’ve probably even experienced aura reading before without even realizing it. You know the ‘vibes’ you get off a person? That’s technically aura reading, you just haven’t developed the true belief to see it yet! No worries though, with a little practice you’ll get there. :)

FIRST COMMON MISCONCEPTION I WANT TO CLEAR UP: Our auras are never the same, they are always changing. Yup, always… and not just in colour but, in shape, size and even transparency. 

NOW, THE SECOND MISCONCEPTION I’LL CLEAR UP: Seeing an aura isn’t as easy as staring at your hand over a blank wall or whatever. I’ll give the benefit of the doubt here and say, sure… maaaaayyyybeeee that miiigghhtt be possible for some people… but I never taught myself that way. I think this is more of a placebo effect technique, personally. 

FINALLY THE THIRD MISCONCEPTION I WILL CLEAR UP: There is NO SINGLE correct listing for colour association and meanings. Sure, you’ll find some similarities between some people’s meanings but, it’s important to find your own. While red may make one person think of love, it may make another think of anger. While some people may see multiple layers, others may see tiny shapes. Find your own meanings, you’ll have more successful readings that way. 

BEST WAY TO TEACH YOURSELF HOW TO SEE AN AURA: Become aware of how you’re affected when you’re with a person. Relax and focus on your senses spiritually and don’t overthink it. Just let your ego go and let your eyes and mind lose focus, the best way to see an aura is not to look too hard for it. Just sort of stare off into space when you are first trying to see them and you should start to see a sort of haze wash over the person (at least, I do). This haze will change form, size… etc the more your eyes develop and the more meanings/feelings/associations you make for yourself. Practice makes perfect, aura reading is something that takes time to do properly!

THE SHAPE, POSITIONING, TRANSPARENCY AND SIZE OF THE AURA all have meanings too, it’s not all just about the colour!

  • Some people will see auras as geometric shapes (think of having a diamond from The Sims above everyone’s heads… that’s what some people see!) Obviously the shapes aren’t limited to just diamonds, there’s a bunch and I’m not familiar with their meanings because I don’t see them that way but, I know there are some books out there you can get that explain them more in-depth. Or you can watch this basic youtube video here  :)

  • Another way an aura presents itself could be in seven layers with each layer representing something different. The first represents the physical, the second layer represents feelings, the third layer represents the mental process, the fourth layer represents the astral plane, the fifth layer represents your physical blueprints, the six layer represents your spiritual blueprints and the seventh represents the divine/source/universe. I do not see auras as layers either but, you can read more in-depth about them here!

  • Now, how I see auras is pretty common I believe for those who have redeveloped their natural sight. The colour meanings I use are the ones I have made personal connections with and have written blurbs on in the past (Click HERE for my colour meanings) To me, the aura presents itself as a hazy, almost foggy bubble around a person usually. Aura showing on the RIGHT side represents the things no longer serving us. CENTERED ABOVE THE HEAD represents fantasizing / dreams and current feelings, LEFT SIDE OF BODY represents what’s soon entering your life, IN FRONT OF THE BODY represents the inability to be humble and acting without thinking of the future consequences, BEHIND THE BODY represents procrastination. BRIGHT AND WIDELY EXTENDED represents optimism of current situation,  DARK AND NARROW represents sickness, dissatisfaction and negative feelings, EVEN ALL AROUND represents currently well-balanced in all areas while HOLES OR MISSING SPOTS represent a loss of personal power/willpower or a hard grudge that can’t be easily forgotten. ABSENT / NO AURA AT ALL  represents a defensive nature, a high spiritual block and lack of an open mind for any understanding.

So, as you can see there is A LOT to know about auras, it’s not all just easy peasy, learn ‘er overnight and be the master of readings by the morning. It takes some serious practice, self-exploration for meanings/associations, intense focus and real belief to see them! It is possible though and I wish you the very best of luck!

 1) Using other senses to read auras
 2) Geometric shapes in auras cont.

Holy macaroni and cheese batman, I hope that novel can help you out in some way haha!  Take care and blessed be. 


Emilio Ambasz

While many of the pioneers of green architecture could arguably be criticized as technocratic and dry, this has never applied to Emilio Ambasz. His concept of “green over gray” has been pushing the debate around sustainability forwards since the 1970s, but alongside this concept he has developed a critical approach to architectural meaning and form-making which competes with many of architecture’s more poetic practitioners. Ahead Vladimir Belogolovsky’s upcoming exhibition of Ambasz’s work, “Emilio Ambasz: Architecture Toward Nature,” which is on show at the Singapore’s Urban Redevelopment Center from February 6th – 28th, Belogolovsky shares his interview with the architect in ArchDaily’s “City of Ideas” column.

Follow the Source Link for images sources and more information.

Ardyn Headcanons

Part of my ongoing Ardyn fic. I posted the first bit a WHILE back, and will be updating it soon(ish). 

  • Ardyn rarely sleeps. Being immortal, he doesn’t need to, and when he does he ALWAYS has a recurring nightmare about a liquid darkness entering and consuming him (he wakes knowing that’s what actually awaits him if he ever loses control, except it will happen from within).
  • The daemons are like a personality disorder. They manifest as impulses and voices in his head, which he can barely distinguish from his own. Over the years he’s managed to quiet them and differentiate, but it’s still a daily struggle. He tries and keeps his emotions in check to prevent them from surfacing.
  • He likes a high shelf brandy. It’s classic.
  • Ardyn has always had a bit of a sweet tooth. People are surprised to discover this; he doesn’t seem the type. Yet as a child and adolescent, the palace kitchen staff were well familiar with and supplied his penchant.
  • He hasn’t felt at home anywhere in Eos since before being exiled. He roams constantly, and knows almost every inch of the world. The only places he feels remotely at home at are the ruins scattered across Eos— the ones that no one can explain, the history long forgotten. These ruins are from before even his time, and he enjoys that there is still something he hasn’t experienced.
  • Aside from a spare change of clothes, some odd souvenirs, and his car, he doesn’t own anything.
  • He doesn’t have a cellphone, and it’s a running joke in Niflheim that the Chancellor is “old-school.” He’s impossible to get in touch with, but he always seems to be in the right place at the right time despite this, so Aldercap and the others leave him be.
  • Ardyn feels an intense loneliness if he allows himself to feel. Not only does he keep to himself, having little in common with anyone and feeling everyone to be inferior, but people are wary of him. He is used to being ignored and shunned, but it’s only made him bitter over the years. Sometimes he finds himself trying to attempt normal interaction, but it rarely goes well. People seem to sense something’s off with him, and this only makes him feel more corrupted / desperate for his end game to come to fruition.
  • Ardyn is tired. Not physically tired, but in his soul. If he isn’t occupied, it strikes him. He has seen and done just about everything over the eons, and no matter how the landscape changes due to natural or human influence, he can feel the familiarity of places in his bones. He is tired of Eos and craves release. He would never admit this, and it’s much easier to pretend that revenge against the Lucis Caelums is the sole reason behind his actions. He’s angry at the gods and Lucians for what was done to him in the past, but mostly he’s angry that he’s had to remain alive for so long— friendless, his soul corrupted, and with the daemons his only true ever-present companions.
  • After his failed execution, Ardyn was placed in the stone tomb on Angelgard by the gods. The imprisonment was three-fold: One, Angelgard is an island, and at that time, his daemonic powers were not known to him / undeveloped (so escape that way was a no-go). Two, the swords / stakes surrounding the tomb were once magically-imbued to keep him from escaping. And three, the narrow window is aligned with the opening in the crag behind the tomb, allowing sunlight to directly enter the tomb and weaken Ardyn due to the daemons in his body (over the years he grew used to the light, but for a long, long time, it pained him, and only darkness brought relief— which is why he grew to resent the light). We don’t hear much of Ardyn through history after his own time period because he was imprisoned. It wasn’t until rather recently that the magic was lost and he could escape. This would also explain how his speech is still fairly archaic.
  • When Ardyn first escaped his prison and “re-introduced” himself to modern society, the idea of having a paid job was abhorrent. He stole and shoplifted to get everything he needed (he did this for years). In his mind, everything was stolen from him, and his own needs outweigh anyone else’s.
  • Ardyn keeps the full extent of his power hidden from everyone. Why? For one, because the more he uses them, the more the daemons have control. Two, because having his powers known would complicate his place in the Empire, and thus his plans. He could easily achieve his goals by being 100% evil and killing everyone until Noct makes his covenants and enters the Crystal, but he isn’t SURE that Noct is chosen until he actually gets pulled into the Crystal.
  • Ardyn does (or did) feel some small shred of pity for Noctis because he’s essentially just a kid who gets screwed by fate as much as Ardyn did, but his resentment over Noct being chosen and able to Ascend (as well as Noct’s bloodline) vastly overwhelms his pity.
  • He gets his clothes custom tailored because he doesn’t like the current fashion trends (and doesn’t feel he needs to adhere to them); because it makes him feel important; and because it reminds him of a time when he had this privilege.
  • His humor and  charm took a while to redevelop (post-imprisonment). At first he was highly self-deprecating, but no one understood his plight or jokes. It wasn’t until he began to try to seem friendly and good-natured that people began to warm up to him and he realized this made it easier to get what he wanted. However, in recent years he’s allowed his contempt to poison the facade and now his “charm” just seems creepy.

SN: there is an attention grabbing line below about letting urban transformation unfold organically as opposed to the massive demolition, construction and grand unveiling of many of today’s large scale urban ‘improvement’ projects. Having witnessed both in my backyard over the past 20 years, the quiet organic growth seems to be more in harmony with the communities it encompasses whereas the large scale projects of the grand unveil variety seem more in tune with fueling large contracts and are often ego projects for local developers and/or government. They do however generate headlines which for a city such as Detroit can be a welcome change to years of negative portrayals in the media. In the long run I’d bet on the organic development as the stronger glue but hope that the two models work well in tandem.

40 years ago, a rule-breaking reimagining turned an industrial wasteland into a bustling public space

For many Vancouverites, Granville Island has always been the unique shopping, arts and industrial hub that we know today, nestled under the Granville Street Bridge on False Creek.

But 40 years ago, it was little more than a collection of corrugated tin shacks, surrounded on all sides by increasingly decrepit sawmills. About the only recognizable modern features are the towering silos of the cement plant.

Over the years, the island became home to a number of industrial operations, much of it geared toward serving the sawmills that dotted the south shore of False Creek.

But by the early 1960s, the sawmills were falling into disrepair. After a massive six-alarm fire at the mill immediately to the east of the island, the writing seemed to be on the wall.

The late Ron Basford, MP for Vancouver Centre at the time, envisioned a unique mixed-use space that could be home to industry, shopping, a school, the arts and more.

The public market opened in 1978, and what was originally the Vancouver School of Art moved to the island in 1980 after being renamed the Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

One of the keys to the island’s success was that gradual evolution through its early years, as opposed to a complete rebuild and flashy grand opening that one might expect of a similar project today. Instead, buildings were restored or repurposed, not replaced.

The island’s unique jurisdictional situation allowed designers to get away with things they probably wouldn’t have if the island was owned by the city, and therefore beholden to city engineering standards.

For example, sidewalks and proper traffic separation would have been required. But under federal control, the result was a mishmash of vehicle and pedestrian traffic that creates an urban space unlike anything else in the city — to say nothing of the mixed use zoning that saw an active public market almost next door to a still-operating nail factory.

Shifter / Part XI

Summary: Raised as one of Hydra’s experiments, the reader has the abilities of a shapeshifter. Once rescued by the Avengers, the reader lives and grows up among them. However, as the events of Civil War begin to unfold, Y/N becomes ill. She is left under Tony’s care but Tony has recruited a new member – how will this affect the reader and the rest of the Avengers, and where will Y/N end up?

Author’s note: Sorry this took so long! I had it almost completed, but then I really didn’t like how it came out and decided to rewrite it! I’m sad to see Shifter end, but I’m glad it’s not continuing because it’s an opportunity for me to put out new stuff! I’m super proud of it now, and it makes me really happy to read and put out for you guys! Enjoy!

Part One || Part Two || Part Three || Part Four || Part Five || Part Six || Part Seven || Part Eight || Part Nine || Part Ten || Part Eleven (Final Part!)

Peter Parker x Reader

   Your speedy recovery surprises pretty much everyone. The serum, created at an earlier stage by Tony, was redeveloped to work faster and hastily pumped into your bloodstream. Only a few weeks after being kidnapped by HYDRA, you were back on your feet and healthy again, your shifting powers under control and any signs of illness gone. The ‘destructive’ power the doctors had spoken of turned out to be electrokinesis - the manipulation of electrical energy. You haven’t harnessed this power yet, but it isn’t out of control - the most damage it’s done so far is given Steve an electric shock when he passed you the bowl of popcorn.

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Update San Francisco: Freeway Removal in Palo Alto

Today I was doing some experimentation on removing freeways and supplementing the neighborhood with upgraded light-rail/streetcars:

I tested this on a pretty ugly freeway intersection complex in Palo Alto:

and its connection to the central freeway:

I removed all of the freeways and replaced with a divided highway with light-rail street cars in the median:

I’d still like to work on the shore-line freeway by either removing entirely or cleaning up their approaches and ramps from the new highway.  I may implement this into the city–but i’d like to test on more areas to see how traffic changes.  I’ve noticed more people are using street-cars and light-rail and it’s not creating too much traffic so far.