Mt. Wolf - #WCW WolfCrushWednesday

Mt. Wolf is everything I love about the POTENTIAL of the current state of music, but that I can rarely ever find in it. That’s why, when I do stumble upon something so pure, authentic, and REAL, I devote an entirely unplanned day of blogging to it. I even name a whole day after it. #WolfCrushWednesday

I must have spent close to thirty minutes listening to (and beginning the repetition of) the Red EP, tossing around words in my head to describe the way hearing Mt. Wolf for the first time this morning made me feel. Unfortunately, for the first 26 of those minutes, I was in a music induced intoxication, where all I could do is sway back and forth, and get lost in how reinvigorated I felt for the first time in a long while.

Ethereal, ambient, spectral, cinematic, a complete experience and journey of the mind, a beautiful gateway to the more pure parts of our existence. The part that, if you’re anything like me, you might have lost touch with.

Mt. Wolf is half wavy, modern pads, dreamy pianos, and mellow, binaural beats rhythmically aligning with your heartbeat; half organic folk that would survive if the apocalypse came and all electronics became inoperable. A refreshing blend of meditative vibrations, symphonic orchestration, reverberated guitars, timely stacking of chords and ethereal melodies, and warm, heartfelt, gospel-esque vocals.

Find a vulnerable space to receive a message from the ether and listen to their instrumental track, “Burgs.” It’s an organic, slowly progressing symphony, that leads you to your highest potential.

After that… listen to the whole Red EP. It’ll be the best 23 minutes you’ve had in a long time.