It is unfortunate that I often times neglect my family, immediate and extended. Last night brought back a lot of memories and it was amazing to share new ones with my cousins and my mother’s cousins. Actually going through the process of getting one of these little red packets filled with lucky money instantaneously took me back to my childhood. I think the next time I go to LA I’m going to visit my grandparents and omit a few details of my life, no need to worry them. #lunarnewyears #redenvelopes #family #happynewyears

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TONIGHT!! Come by and check out over 50 artists display some cool stufffff!

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#tbt to that time I forgot to wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year ☺️😁🐏 with “ILMX015 Spirit Animal”. It might be the ambiguous year of the sheep/goat/ram but I am certain you will love this mix, like definitely. After all, there is excellent music to be heard from the likes of #Qua, #LymbycSystym, #SlowMagic, #ClamCasino (@instaclam), #WaxTailor & #TheBudosBand. And you will no doubt, love this amazingly festive cover, illustrated by the getouttahere talent of Alex Riegert-Waters (@ariegertwatersart). Perfectly captured playfulness of the spirited dancing lion. More here! #illustration #digitalillustration #vectorart #chinesenewyear #mixtape #illustratedmixtape #redenvelopes #newmusic

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A red envelope is simply a long, narrow, red envelope with money in it. Traditional red envelopes are often decorated with gold Chinese characters like happiness and wealth. During the Lunar New Year, mainly in Southern China, red envelopes are typically given by the married to the unmarried, most of whom are children.

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Well I live in Southern China, Guangzhou and to most of the adults, I am still considered a child. I received 10 red envelopes also known to most foreigners as “Lucky Money.”  This is considered a lot of envelopes especially as a foreigner. The amount of luck I received totaled just about 400 RMB! Lucky lucky me! I received most of them at Me2 Club in Shunde after my performance on the Chinese New Year. Other’s came in randomly and unexpectedly but still greatly appreciated. It was explained to me that, it is an honor to receive a red envelope from a stranger, because that means that they see potential in your profession, in your education and in your love life.

I have yet to spend any of the money in my envelopes and I’m not really sure why but until the day comes I will continue to enjoy this tradition every year and ever ytime I look at my red envelopes. 

Happy Lunar New Year. Wishing you prosperity.//Chúc Mừng Năm Mới. Vạn sự như ý.//新年快乐. 恭喜发财.
Good luck envelopes from my boyfriend’s family ^_^

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