I find it interesting the way Whelk describes Noah when he was alive:

“Czerny didn’t really have a sense of humor. He just sometimes said things that happened to be funny.”

“Czerny still hadn’t cared, not really. He was the most mild, ambitionless creature Whelk had ever seen,”

Versus the way Noah’s sister describes him when he was alive:

“My mom always said he was a firecracker, which just meant he was always getting speeding tickets and jumping on tables at family reunions and stuff. He always had so many ideas. He was so hyper.”

He called me one evening, I guess it would’ve been when he was fourteen, and he told me he’d had this dream about ravens fighting and battling. He said they were all different colours and sizes and shapes, and he was inside them, and they were, like, swirling around him.” She motioned around herself in a whirlwind; she had Noah’s hands, Noah’s elbows. “And he told me, ‘I think it would be a cool art project.”

And finally the glimpse into alive Noah when he is feeding off Blue and Gwenllian’s energy:

“Internal you?” he guessed, as if she hadn’t said anything. “Whatever. I just mean, like, a general you. So you come up with five, like, super great chicken recipes. Like, rotisserie. Those are the ones that cook for ever, right?” He ticked off his fingers. “Like, uh, Mexican. Honey-curry. Barbecue. Uh. Teriyaki? And. Garlic-Something. The other thing you need is, like, beverages. Crazy addictive beverages. People have to think, I’m craving that honey-curry chicken and that, uh, lemon tea, hell, yeah, to the max, yeah, Chickie-chickie-chicken!”

He was more animated than she’d ever seen him. This cheerfully prattling version of Noah was surely closer to the living version of him, the skateboarding Aglionby student with the bright red Mustang. She was struck by the realization that she probably wouldn’t have ever become friends with this Noah. He wasn’t terrible. Just young in a way that she had never been. It was an uncomfortable, sideways thought.

“— and I would call it – are you ready – CHICKEN OUT. Get it? What do you want tonight? Oh, Mom, please get CHICKEN OUT.” Noah smacked Blue’s little ponytail so that it hit the top of her head. “You could wear a little paper hat! You could be the face of CHICKEN OUT.”

And it just makes me even more angrier at Whelk, who was supposedly Noah’s best friend, because he didn’t really know the true Noah if that’s what he thought of him.

My final animation! There are a few frames that still need fixing, but I ran out of time. Otherwise I am very proud of this!

68 drawings in total, 128 frames. 

(… *facepalm* i realized AFTER handing this in that the bush is placed too close to the figure, and they’re jumping into the bush a bit. Sigh. Typical me, rushing to hand things in and not noticing obvious things T_T)

Snippet of my next pynch fic. Is it horribly cliche with over used tropes? You bet. 

“You want me,” Adam said incredulously, “to pretend to be your boyfriend.”

“Just for the weekend.” Ronan stressed.

Adam looked at him witheringly, continuing in a flat, bewildered tone. “Let me get this straight. You want me to fake date you at your brother’s fancy party so you can make some sort of idiotic statement.”

Ronan shrugged. He was trying for disinterest. “If it’ll get Declan off my fucking back then yes.”

“And this is the only way you can think of to achieve that?”

“Jesus Christ, I’m not forcing you to, I’ll just -” Ronan huffed. He looked seconds away from storming out.

“Hey, wait,” Adam paused, reaching for Ronan’s shoulder. Ronan looked visibly distressed, raking his fingers across his scalp. He seemed genuinely distraught over the entire idea, awkwardly hovering beneath Adam’s palm. It was the only reason why Adam blurted out his next words. “I didn’t… say no.”

my pynch headcanons

  • their friends noticing that the longer they’re together the more they both smile, though ronan still not as much as everyone else
  • adam slowly moving all of his stuff over to the barns without realising, until he goes to sleep at st agnes one night and notices he doesn’t even have a toothbrush there anymore
  • one night ronan, thinking adam was asleep, whispers ‘sometimes i wonder if i pulled you out of a dream’ and adam opening his eyes and looking ronan dead in his and telling him ‘i’m real ronan, and i love you’
  • ronan freaking the fuck out because adam loves him back
  • adam taking twice as long as it should have to drive to college because he kept turning the car around and driving back a few miles at the thought of not seeing ronan in person every day 
  • adam getting really stressed at college and the only thing that can immediately calm him down is the hondayota mixtape, much to his roommates confusion and annoyance
  • ronan sending adam care packages of random things like polaroids of opal and himself and stuff hes dreamt for adam
  • adams henietta accent really coming out when he talks about ronan to his collage friends
  • adam taking one of ronans shirts with him and wearing it whenever he misses him then he eventually starts wearing it to bed every night
  • ronan actually using his phone to facetime with adam
  • , adam had to teach him how
  • talking to each other in latin when adams roommate is around and they wanna say something sappy or sexy 
  • but his roommate can still tell they’re saying something like that from how adams voice drops and he starts blushing
  • ronan being ecstatic that adam talks about him so much to his friends
  • , and being even more happy to find adams friends in complete shock when actually meeting him
  • adam telling all his friends that opal is ronans little sister that he’s adopted since both his parents have died
  • , and them noticing how adam talks about opal like she’s his and ronans daughter
  • the gangsey having a get together at adams college as gansey, blue, and henry pass through on their trip and them noticing how much closer the two are since they left them at the end of the school year
  • ronan always making sure he sits on adams right, especially in group settings so he can still whisper comments into his ear
  • it took them a while to be open with verbal affection in front of their friends but eventually they warmed up to it and every time ronan says ‘i love you’ to adam blue loses it
  • , before they were comfortable with it ronan would say ‘you’re a dream parrish’ and adam would reply with ‘i’m as real as it gets lynch’ and they would know what they meant

anonymous asked:

Since KK said they dont know if they want to continue the Skywalker Saga after 9, (atleast that what i think they said), Do you think they will actually let them go, or is she avoiding future spoilers for more movies in the future?

I think she’s avoiding spoilers, since if TLJ does reveal that Rey isn’t a Skywalker (which is what we’re now all expecting) it then becomes clear that Kylo Ren/Ben Solo is the only hope for the continuation of the line. And if he’s going to have babies, that raises the interesting question of who he’s going to have babies with. I’d say the prospect of Kylo Ren having a family also basically makes his redemption inevitable (since I don’t think they’re going to have daddy rule the galaxy with an iron fist and co-parent at the same time). In other words, it’s in their interests to remain non-committal. 

Okay so I have a dumb headcanon that maybe a collective 3 whole people will like at all but hear me out.

So, in Weirdmageddon Part III we all know that Bill Cipher was fucking murdered. 

BUT what if since Stan has his memory back…there are still fragments of Bill in Stan’s head. He’s fucking useless and has no powers left and no hope of ever gaining them back, but he can show up (seen only by Stan) to give terrible advice and try to convince Stan to do things for him. He fails miserably of course. Because he’s a failure, a loud, annoying failure.

I bring this up because I love the idea of him as Stan’s personal Harvey. Who is Harvey? This is Harvey.

He’s the clone of the main antagonist of Farscape that lives inside the protagonist’s head. It started out Harvey was trying to steal secrets from protagonist’s brain but the protagonist figured out how to overpower Harvey completely (sounding familiar?) and now Harvey’s just a nuisance he has to live with.

And Harvey continuously shows up in stupider and stupider scenarios in the protag’s head so the possibilities are limitless really.

The Stans go on a roller coaster? Bill is there

Casually sitting somewhere? Fuck you here’s Bill

There’s so many stupid things you can do with Bill trying to mess with Stan while also being disgusted he’s gotten to this point.

This has been: a very roundabout way of saying I want to hear Bill Cipher say “Kill them, then we’ll have Pizza, and Margarita shooters!”

Laughter from their mad boy-king is a rarity, unexpected and oh so captivating.

Cutting, fierce smirks are common.

High, wild cackling isn’t unheard of.

But joy… Joy in the pack’s wild Pagan god is a thing to be treasured.

Laughter from Joseph Kavinsky is almost enough to make his dream boys forget about all the wickedness in the world.

Laughter from Joseph Kavinsky is almost enough to make his dream boys forget that K himself is the wickedest thing of all.


Ladies of 300 Fox Way: Tashi Rodriguez as Misc. Character

(not gonna lie, the whole point of this was that I found too many pretty girls that should be in the show, and not all of them can be Orla)


“God, I’m sick of your condescension, Gansey,” Adam said. “Don’t try to make me feel stupid. Who whips out repugnant? Don’t pretend you’re not trying to make me feel stupid.”

“This is the way I talk. I’m sorry your father never taught you the meaning of the word repugnant. He was too busy smashing your head against the wall of your trailer while you apologized for being alive.”

Both of them stopped breathing.