Finally watched this week’s OUAT, and ugghh. It really sucks when your favorite character (for me, Belle) only gets airtime when that airtime centers on your least favorite character (Rumple). It’s even worse when it’s basically the same story over and over. 

At this point, I don’t understand why Rumple is still on the series. The writers have no intention of developing him beyond the same anti-redemption arc cycle and frankly, it’s actually realistic that a shit like him wouldn’t change. But instead of going through the same thing over and over with him, it’s time that character be A) killed off or B) given an ending that makes sense for him (returning him to a state of complete powerlessness) and never bringing back into the narrative again. 

When Belle used his powers to make option B happen two seasons ago, that should have been the end of him. But nope. Cycle continues. Belle sees that potential for good inside this evil douche and loves him, then finds out that despite his potential for good he’s an evil douche and kicks him out of her life, then finds out that there’s still potential for good in him and reunites with him, and then realizes that he’s still an evil douche and leaves him, then realizes there’s potential for good in him … and so and and so forth. Even though she’s refusing to be with him now, it’s pretty clear that their inevitable reunion is being set up already with the EQ being the one to actually put Rumple’s own plan into motion instead of having him do it himself. Just glancing through Belle’s tag, it looks like EQ’s already being blamed for ruining R/B’s happiness, you know instead of Rumple being blamed for his own behavior.

It would be easier if I didn’t like Belle as a character, but unfortunately I do. The Belle-centric episodes that don’t revolve around Rumple are some of my favorites in the series. But those are few and far between since she rarely seems to matter in the series if her purpose isn’t Rumple. If it wasn’t for her connection to him, she probably would have been dropped like Aurora and Cinderella. tbh, I kind of wish she had been at this point.