okay but the worst part about that asshole creating a manip trying to frame emma/hook as toxic because of emma giving up parts of herself to improve hook’s morality

is that hook NEVER wanted emma to “make him a better man.” never asked. never even implied. would be horrified to be accused of such a thing.

he ACTIVELY RESISTED letting her pry into his past and try to fix him, framing it as his responsibility and his alone to make up for past sins. he tried to CUT HER OFF numerous times when he felt his own past and personality were unhealthy for her - especially when it came to emma’s relationship with her family. and he HELPED HER become closer with her family and becoming a stronger woman, essentially by giving up on winning her heart and focusing on becoming a good man

and what’s more, emma herself never CONSIDERED the idea that hook would rely on her to make him better. she. believed. in. him. improving. himself. she avoided getting into a relationship because HER walls were up, and because she felt unloveable. but once she was ready, she accepted him for the man he was: flawed but honorable. she knew she had work to do, and he did, too. she became ANGRY when he didn’t believe in himself as much as she did - because she knew he could help himself

if anyone was shown to be chopping bits off themselves to “please” their partner, IT WAS HOOK. he bared his soul to her in front of her parents. he stepped in as henry’s stepfather. he gave up his revenge. he sold his ship. he abandoned his crew. he literally fuckin DIED, and when she came to rescue him from hell but it proved impossible, he sent her home safe with her family, then helped her find closure over his death (however temporarily)

finally, so far as i can tell, hook gave. up. being. a pirate. to become emma’s friend and husband and deputy. and emma didn’t give up anything. she didn’t limit herself in ANY WAY when she stuck by hook’s side throughout his redemption cycle

she’s still the same ass-kicking sheriff we came to know and love in early seasons. and her husband wouldn’t want it any other way

On Forgiveness and Redemption, By The Paladin

Humanity is imperfect. Those three worlds sum up everything that ails us as a people, the source of nearly every challenge, the reason why we have war, and are constantly making mistakes and often failing to learn from them.

We hurt the people we love, and they in turn hurt us. And if we are capable of inflicting suffering upon those we treasure most, how much harm are we capable of inflicting on our neighbors, friends, strangers, our worst enemies? Where the does the cycle of mutilation upon the brotherhood of man unto itself end? Will we ever come upon the day when the last war has ended, where injustice becomes a memory, evil cast down and forgotten, we need never fear one other again?

I dream of that day, the time of final victory and peace everlasting. I can feel it in my bones, and have wept at its kiss on my brow, pure and warm as the light of the first spring. But then I open my eyes to the world we live in, and I know the work to make it happen is yet to finish. Because before that day comes, we will have to break the cycle.

Redemption: an old word, and powerful. It’s original, archaic meaning was to buy your freedom from either debt or slavery. In the modern context, the definition has spread to nothing less than the quest to find absolution from evils committed in the past. In the end, the task is still the same: freedom, to breathe easier without the weight of our sins on our backs. I would argue that the quest of redemption goes even further, to not only break the shackles and balance the scales, but to have the freedom to the best version of ourselves. For to redeem something or someone is to unlock its true value, is it not? Why should we stop growing, stop reaching for the light?

The journey for redemption is a long one. But it’s a journey made easier by not climbing alone. We all stumble. We all fall. Some farther than others. Forgiveness is the means we offer each other a way back up. But of course that metaphor only goes so far. For the crimes humanity has inflicted on itself are as innumerable as they are vile: theft, torture, murder, rape, enslavement, genocide, entire systems put in place to break a people’s spirit.

How do you make a people forgive a tyrant who conquered them, the abuser who harmed them at their most vulnerable, the murderer who took away their children in the night?

You can’t. It’s not something that can be forced, nor should it be. No matter how great or minuscule the crime, forgiveness is ultimately our own gift to give. It can be something parted without pain or with many tears, but in your heart of hearts it cannot be taken.

That does not diminish the grace forgiveness bestows upon the offender, or the strength it took for the giver to grant it. But we live in an age where every perceived slight is magnified, our mistakes left open to be put under a microscope. Whether judgment is warranted or not, in all this constant examination, the journey to become a better person is overshadowed by the attempt to just not be seen as a bad one.

And forgiveness in this time is mistaken for enablement or weakness. To forgive the unrepentant is considered either foolish, impossible, or permissive of greater evil. Forgiveness for its own sake, so a person can move on with their lives, is sneered at.

But despite all that, I still believe forgiveness and redemption are the key to hope. That bettering ourselves and making peace with our brothers and sisters will one day lead us to the day I’m waiting for. The day we’re all waiting for.

Because without them, we’re still trapped in the cycle, and freedom will forever remain in the impossible dreams of children. Come with me now, and let’s make those dreams one step closer to reality, and see what we can do to free the world.

So I’m not a fan of Grant Ward’s. Not in any kind of positive sense, although he was a fun, interesting, and complex villain character. But it kinda sucked all the fun out of enjoying him as a villain when most of the people who enjoyed his character were trying to defend him left and right. I’m of the opinion that most of what he did was indefensible. His backstory gave insights into his character’s choices, but they didn’t make those choices magically okay. (cool motive, still murder)

So that said, what I’m finding interesting about Framework!Ward is that we’re not getting a redemption arc for the actual character, but we are getting more insight into him. What would Ward’s life had been like had different things influenced and affected him, and had he made different choices? And the choices thing is still very important here, okay, because in the real world Ward, falling for Skye, still chose to do evil things. Whereas Framework!Ward, falling for Skye and discovering that she’s an inhuman, decides to stop doing evil things and start doing good things instead. So, choices. Important.

And the reason I say this is not a redemption arc is because the real Ward never redeemed himself, never made those good choices. The real Ward never decided to stop working for Hydra and start working with Shield. The real Ward never stopped seeking things like power and vengeance, and he saw love as something he was owed by someone just because he had a creepy obsession with her. That Ward never went through a redemption cycle. 

Framework!Ward is a different person - if he’s a person at all (depending on how you view the framework and those in it who aren’t plugged in “from the other side”). The Ward in the Framework does decide to stop working for Hydra and to start working with Shield. The Ward in the framework doesn’t care about gaining more power around him or getting back at those he perceives as having hurt him (he fights Hydra not out of vengeance but out of righteousness). The Ward in the framework understands the nature of love as something given freely and doesn’t expect Daisy to love him back but continues to fight for her cause, even knowing that what she believes is that he isn’t even real.

So when Daisy says that she understands the real Ward better now, she’s not saying some sentimental thing about how she wishes she’d understood him better before and maybe they could have been together. That’s not what her body language or facial expressions or tone of voice are saying at all.

What she’s saying is that she can see how much Garrett’s influence messed him up, and that she can more clearly see what Ward might have been like if he’d developed differently. But he didn’t, not in the real world. In the real world, despite his many chances to make better choices, Ward almost always chose wrong. 

So, no. I’m not a fan of Grant Ward’s. But, like Daisy, I appreciated getting to see a different, better, side of him than he chose to be in the real world.
Anne Hathaway’s love-hate-redemption publicity cycle is a familiar (and sexist) one
A timeline of hatred and redemption for celebrity women, featuring Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence, and Taylor Swift.
By Constance Grady

This is an important read about the life cycle of a young starlet. Jennifer is mentioned as being in the current Phase 3 of the four phase life cycle but it’s my opinion she isn’t anywhere near exiting into phase 4.

It’s also my own personal thought that Jen has done a LOT to put herself firmly in stage 3 and yes, this is what happens to every young pretty female actor in Hollywood. But sometimes you have to help yourself and not put blame on society. Jen has said and done some things that have pushed this along. 

I still think it’s an interesting read.

anonymous asked:

Would you mind showing what ref you have added into ur papers over the yearss (just when I thought you hv reached the epitome of tony love)

omfg listen

  • i’m an entrepreneurship minor, so every time i had to write about a successful business person, i picked elon musk, and every single time i mentioned RDJ based his portrayal of tony stark on him
  • i wrote about howard hughes one time for an extra credit that i didn’t need but turned in anyway bc i got to use a 616 tony quote
  • my essay about entrepreneurs vs managers was basically meta comparing tony and pepper’s business profiles
  • actual footnotes like “tony stark, also known as iron man, did this in [comic issue here]” to papers about entrepreneurial techniques and shit
  • cited examples straight out of iron man comics when writing about utilitarianism
  • wrote about 616 tony stark as an utilitarian and consequentionalist in action, with strong deontological yearnings 
  • i wrote an essay diagnosing 616 tony as an assignment for my abnormal psych class
  • wrote an extra credit essay about 616 tony as a rhetorician
  • opened my honors seminar presentation on chaucer’s troilus & criseyde using tales of suspense panels about armoring
  • 100% had tony’s “intimate enemies” nightmare in mind as i put together my thesis for an essay on dante’s “inferno,” and now that i’m working on the “purgatory” assignment, i’m using 616 tony’s cycles of redemption/forgiveness as inspiration
  • took some creativity workshops and my personal final project was to isolate the reasons why fiction resonates so much with me, using 616 tony’s narrative as a basis
  • idk man this is what i remember rn
Hypocrites *rant*

Okay. I’m gonna give a rant y'all. I’m gonna be a meanie. Lol

Y'all know as better than anyone that we’re called abuse apologist for shipping SasuSaku, mostly by people that ship other Sasuke pairings or ‘fluffy unproblematic ship’ and only like 'fanon SS’.

I’m gonna have some lulz right now:

*If you say SasuSaku is abusive because Sasuke is an abuser towards Sakura, what makes other Sasuke pairing shippers assume that their ship is exempt from this 'abuse’ title?

Sasuke was a brat 'abusing’ everyone. No one got especial treatment, Naruto and Karin got the most shit tbh. So seriously, when the haters say SS is abusive, we all know they got a bias towards SAKURA and are doing 'victim blaming’ while claiming that their ships got some kinda free pass.

Rofl. No. They. Don’t.

If YOU say Sasuke is an 'abuser’ he ain’t gonna be selective in a relationship. He’s gonna keep up with his chidori stabbing, 'back offs’, demeaning insults and punching the gut of your 'perfect Sasuke partner’ with a smile on his face.

So by all means continue with your 'Sasuke is only abusive if he’s paired with Sakura’ crap. *sips tea*

*There’s no proof that Sakura is being physically or emotionally abused in her marriage because that’s all based in 'telenovela’ fanon speculations.

People that make up such headcanons to run with 'SasuSaku is a potentially abusive relationship’ forget the following regarding the Naruto verse…


Why can peeps like Gaara and Obito be forgiven/redeemed, but not Sasuke with SAKURA?

Why can former villains in the Naruto verse become good guys, but not Sasuke towards SAKURA?

The answer: SHIPS.

If Kishi has this kinda unrealistic turn around crap in his manga, what makes you haters assume Sasuke is any freaking different? Lmao

Oh… Its S A K U R A. If he were paired up with YOUR chosen characters the unrealistic redeemed 'bad guy’ trope overused in Naruto would make sense to YOU.



*'Fluff shippers’ and/or 'fanon shippers’

Dear children,


I know you’re insecure and butthurt and suffer from some especial snowflake complex, but that doesn’t take away the fact that you jumping on our cases doesn’t protect you or your ship from our own criticism.

All. Ships. Have. Flaws.

Your 'unproblematic ship’ can be torn to shreds in a matter of seconds just like anyone else’s.

You’re not immune to criticism of your shitty online behaviour because of what you ship.

In fact. Nearly all canon ships are unrealistic save one, but I won’t say the name of that one since y'all attacking everything that threatens your 'alpha ship complex’.

And btw, the most realistic Naruto ship ain’t even my otp. Can you believe that?! Unlike certain fluffers I don’t put my ship on a throne of infallibility.

SasuSaku is my preference. I already know its flaws and have had them drilled into my brain many times already. I don’t need some bratty child online thinking theyre 'speshull’ doing the same shit ASSes do while claiming to ship 'fanon SS’ or a certain other ship.

Calm your tits and hop off SasuSaku with this insecure bs. Our pairing doesn’t cause a conflict with yours, in fact its completely separate, so all I see from a small select group is Sakura-hate, and straight up fandom jealousy. You’re jealous of numbers, or what VAs freaking say about our ship. Jfc. As soon as we get something, we don’t have just NS or SK crosstagging hate… We get people from YOUR FANDOM putting Sakura and SS hate into our tag as well.

So chillax with your salt. And I’m not targeting the whole fandom, but just like ten people outta the hundreds doing this childish temper tantrum routine. Its not my fault they’re not as special as us.

For the most part, we only gaf about OUR ship and our goodies. We only talk about how magnificent our ship is to US in OUR fandom, but a handful of little kids see that they’re not the center of attention and wanna make everything about them.

*end rant*