redemption of the lost


My most anticipated games of 2017 (Confirmed Only)

1. Red Dead Redemption 2 :*)

2. Mass Effect Andromeda 

3. InJustice 2

4. Uncharted: Lost Legacy 

5. Horizon: Dawn Zero 

6. Boundless (PS4)

7. God of War 

8. Days Gone 

Which ones are your most anticipated games? 

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Sketch request(if you're not taking them, then ignore this) Ma Pines showing Addi Ford's baby photos cause them bonding is cute

*Steve Irwin voice* The Ford, when his masculinity is stripped, will cease to see the meaning of life, and willfully end it. The Addi will thwart his attempts, calling him a “dramatic, circumcised child” in front of the Ford’s mother and his dignity will be forever lost. The Ford’s only hope of redemption is through fake dignity and confidence that comes with consuming large amounts of alcohol.” 

1:26 am | mingyu

1:26 is a minute that will never last forever

genre: angst. my heart hurt while writing this.

word count: 1.1 k

a/n: ok angst is not my thing so please excuse, but this is for a request (that’s ancient in our box sorry) and i hope you like it! :)

“The world suddenly seemed so perfect, but perfect can never last.”

1:26 am. Your eyes instinctively glared at the clock, flitting over the fluorescent digits glowing in the eerie room. The phone in your hand was burning, tingling your numbed fingers and racing heart, while the blue light casted shadows over your sullen features; eyebrows furrowed as your mind ransacked through the single text.

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Peak 2017 SU would be bringing in an actor from H*milton to voice a racist caricature character that was only there for one episode despite being advertised as a 'new crystal gem'

If They invite LMM to write a song and then that show has lost its chance for redemption

Nevermore (Reprise)

Chapter I - I Am Damaged 

 He is damaged, far too damaged. Remnant is full of fairytales and legends, but it is just as full of beasts and demons, and his misfortune only marks him out as an outcast. The souls that Salem has taken are lost; they are beyond redemption, as he will soon be.

Team STRQ is shattered. One dead. One lost. One traitor. One damaged. 

By watching the turn of the clock, Qrow can see that there’s not much time left before the same fate repeats itself on the ones he loves.

                                                             ☨ ☨ ☨

He was born to the wind and sky, a bird in flight. Born to the blood of the tribe, spilled across the pavement, and to his sister, one whom darkness knew well. Melded to a team— to Taiyang, the one of sunshine, and Summer, shackled to silver and murdered by a legend. He brought misfortune wherever he planted his roots, abandoned the ones he loved, created a spot of turbulent darkness in a beacon of shining light.

A beacon, one that glowed like a star, erected from nothing. His home, now an empty shell. He remembers the one who stood apart from the crowd, unencumbered by the troubles of everyday life, untouched by humanity’s strife, the spirit of light.

The man who was devoured by fire and burned to nothingness, swallowed up and spat out into shards, consumed by the breath of autumn.

Qrow remembers this: his copper eyes.

He thought he’d never see them again.

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there’s so much hate going around about the lost special and the conspiracy and just

I keep telling myself to remember when everyone thought harry was lying about voldemort being back and were all rude as fuck to him but then they realized he was right and all was well (socially for harry at least cause hey it’s fucked up that voldy was back in power)

ughhhh our sherlock redemption can’t come soon enough

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Another reason to keep bismuth on the show is IF THEY CAN TEACH PERIDOT THAT LIFE IS PRECIOUS WHY NIT HER???

Because shes big and Peridot is smoll and cute :3… this show seems to have something against the bigger characters. Notice how Peridots redemption didnt start until she lost her limb enhancers and everyone was like awwh!! So cute!!!!!!!!!!! :3!!


Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan/Reader

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: I offer no apologies. This got so out of hand I’m pretty sure it’s already enjoying next year’s Halloween candy. Your something spooky, for the season! Contains hints of uh…magical!Bray Wyatt. And worship. Tagging @tox-moxley, enjoy!

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…a second chance, a ray of light and a way home.

When the universe unfolds
its plans in the crudest
of manners
it is almost torturous
to find the same nose
following presumptuous logic
being rubbed in the dirt
for not believing in wonders:
all the bravery it took
to accept
complacency as
melts down to its core
of cowardice; a
true love lost and
presumed unrequited
reveals itself as an unlocked door
remaining closed only because
icy fingers tremble
too much to
even shimmy its handle,
and so we turn away
from our destiny
bound by self-inflicted convictions
while the universe whispers,
speaks, and screams
—  Hurry home, by M.A. Tempels © 2016

My inspiration is gone;
my motivation subsided.
I’m doing everything wrong,
and I’m so undecided.

I’m lost on this path -
the road to redemption.
I’m feeling God’s wrath -
the symptoms of depression.

—  It’s not only math I failed this year. (c.g.)
Susan Pevensie

So Susan should be a diplomat. I was thinking what she would do with her life after the Last Battle, and I feel like it would be a great idea. I mean really can you imagine it, she walks into a room and all the guys (which I think is a majority of the people there) are suddenly a bit starry eyed because she’s gorgeous and knows how to use that. Then while their guards are down she swoops in with intelligent and witty comments, conversation, and world views. She’s dealt with politics as a queen so dealing with some guys that aren’t even kings or princes most of the time and that aren’t allowed to try and ask for her hand in marriage has got to be easier right? (Cause let’s be honest, every guy in Narnia would try to ask for her hand, even if they don’t care about her Narnia is the golden country, nobody wants to be on Narnia’s bad side if they’re smart)

On top of that, no one can really decide who she is. They’re like 90% sure she isn’t royalty, but the percentage decreases every minute they see her. It doesn’t matter they looked into her family and the family seems painfully ordinary besides the early deaths, because she’s got to be royalty. She is but they don’t know that.

Also, it gives Susan a chance to save the world. She can use all the knowledge from both lives to blend in yet stand out and be freaking amazing. I feel like she was left behind for more than just ‘redemption’, like yeah she lost her faith and needs time to find it, but she also has something crazy important to do. I’m not sure what that is, but maybe as a diplomat she stops a nuclear war, or protects women, or something awesome. Maybe all of it.


Not that I want Starscream to die anytime soon, but I would love to see Megatron go through his Lost Light adventure/redemption arc while being constantly bothered by a sassy Starscream ghost. That would be beyond amazing. 

Also, would being a ghost that haunts Megatron free Starscream from being haunted by Bumblebee, or would they both team up to haunt Megatron, or would it be like an Inception of haunting?

God I need this fanfic.

the abrupt but totally satisfying transition from prince “woe is me i failed my people i dont deserve redemption all is lost i have to be a sad mopey shit ghost forever” farondis to prince “ur cool gay party uncle who always slips u $20s at family dinners” farondis is probably like, the best and most artfully executed character arc in the history of warcraft 


Keen2 Week Day 7: Why I Ship It

I ship this couple for who they are as individual characters and for what they are as a pairing and team. I’m not really a fan of the “good girl saves bad boy” trope, which is why I love that this couple is NOT that. Liz is not a Mary Sue, good girl character. She is complex, dark, and flawed. Jacob/Tom is also not the evil bad boy needing a girl for redemption. He is a lost, flawed, emotionally stunted man that found love for the first time unexpectedly and inconveniently, when he fell for his assignment. They, as characters, complement each other so well because they are both seeking an identity. Both have issues with knowing who they are, who they want to be, and who they choose to be. Liz was born Masha Rostova; Tom was born Jacob Phelps. Yet, both have things in their past that they either don’t know about, they’ve tried to forget; or they’ve been manipulated for. And so, both now are choosing who they want to be as they move forward, individually and with each other.

With the presence of Reddington in Liz’s life, she now is well aware of the different levels of gray she’s capable of. Picked up as a teenager with a delinquent past, Tom knows what its like to be moved as a pawn and not choose your own life. Both can relate to each other now in this sense. Answers for these two are not clear cut or black and white, circumstances and context affect them every day and they get that about each other and their inclinations. And through their relationship with each other and the circumstances they’ve lived on the show, Liz has reached a level of understanding for herself, of Red and of Tom. Tom has been developing a conscience to what he wants his life to be in comparison to what it has been in the past. Both are capable of very dark actions when pushed or backed into a corner, but they both have hearts that are yearning for a life of peace.

Tom has extended that conscience beyond Liz, we saw with the remorse of Asher, with trying for peace with Gina, and with compassionately talking down Ressler. That for me is always a huge mark of a redemption story, that attitude extending beyond the object of their affection. He is “assembling a soul”, and wants to have peace and wants to be Tom Keen. I’ve seen so many knocks on that, because “Tom doesn’t exist”, but maybe Jacob doesn’t. Looking at his past, we don’t know what foster home gave him that name, what “parent” gave him that name, all we know is that Jacob Phelps was already turning to a life of crime because he was miserable and alone. We are who we choose to be, and what is in a name? When you find out who you really and truly want to be, it’s not fantasy, it’s aspirations to become someone and something better.

Liz is not a doe-eyed, naive, idiot. She saw Tom for who he is, his mistakes, how he wronged her, and his flaws. But in her forgiving ways, which have developed in large part because of her own life experiences, she also saw his reasons and his efforts, and she loves him and wants him in her life, as her husband and the father of her child. Forgiveness is not weakness. It’s strength. It’s virtue. She is imperfect herself and has had moments where she has felt unworthy and lost, particularly in this season, and yet, Tom has told her that he sees her beyond those mistakes and failings. The same way she has seen him. They have been a support and refuge for each other in believing that they are capable of having lives outside of the craziness their worlds have presented them with.

I love their potential to be a powerhouse duo. In Season 2 when they teamed up in a couple of episodes, it was seamless. They fell into this tag team together and it was great to see. It comes from knowing each other and anticipating each other’s moves. I would love to see more of this as we move forward. Whether or not Tom operates as an asset as well, or whatever the case may be, they can be on the same team in fighting the future enemies.

I ship this couple because I love what they offer each other, the effect they’ve had on each other as individuals and also the support they’ve given each other as they’ve grown into the people they are. She gave him tools to “swim” and then wanted him to follow his dream at the chance of a better life, he moved hell and high water to give her a chance at the life she’s dreamed of, even if that didn’t include him. But it did. Their dreams included each other. Because they fit, and they love each other. 

Sam Winchester Appreciation

I love Sam because he’s so full of hope, even after all that’s happened to him.  He still sees the good in things, and in people, even when they themselves cannot see it.  He’s able to forgive, even after being wronged again and again.  Most of all, he knows that he’s done terrible things, but he still keeps going, keeps on seeking that redemption because he knows that nothing is a lost cause, not even himself.


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