redelice draws


Opening commissions [5 slots]

Seeing how I now have a week off from school I’ve decided to try and gather some funds for further cosplay material with ART!

-one character
-lines + shades + simple background
-15EUR/20USD [paypal only]
-option: Additional character is possible but adds 7,50EUR/10USD [as these are supposed to be quick commissions at this time I can only draw 1 extra character per commission]

I suppose there are some rules to what I will and what I won’t draw. when it comes to animals/mecha/furry I have barely no experience, I am willing to try it but there’s a risk it might not be the quality you hoped it to be.

Finished request will be sent to you on 100% quality by email and a smaller watermarked will go on my tumblr/deviantart/cghub.

For further information you can send me a note/email. If you are interested in commissioning me you can send me a note/email as well.

email: redelice (at)