Redeem the Mountains shop page is now up on the website! (:

If you all aren’t aware, I have a website aimed at awareness about mountaintop removal, a horrible industry that is brutally ripping apart the beautiful mountains I call home. Not only is our highly bio diverse environment suffering, but our people are being buried in the rubble. Our water is being poisoned, our air polluted, and homes destroyed. If this isn’t stopped, the oldest mountains in North America will be lost… leveled, and destroyed. I’m tired of seeing my people suffer at the hands of Big Coal. It’s time for clean energy sources, and an end to this destruction. Please help support my cause, by purchasing one of these buttons! For more information on mountaintop removal, the Appalachian region, and the people who live here, please visit my website! Although it’s not completely finished, I have worked very hard to get as far as I’ve came. This is the most important thing in the world to me… saving these mountains, and my people!
Redeem the Mountains

My mission is to educate people on what’s really going on in our mountains. And hopefully spread my passion for saving them!

I’m currently working on a website, it will be I’m making it to educate people on the horrible destruction Mountaintop Removal is ripping through the Appalachians. This is just the beginning, I hope to do something great, and make a solid impact on people. People need to know the facts, and I’m here to spread the word. These mountains are my home, my greatest passion… and I want to protect them. 

I also have a Tumblr for my cause. I’ve made it in the last couple days, been working on the layout and junk today. It will be full of horrid photos of butchered mountains, and facts about what’s going on. Check it out, and follow!

If you like my blog, and my photos, please support me on this! The awesome places I share with you all on here, will cease to exist if this industry doesn’t stop! Everything I love is at great risk. I’m gonna fight for it!!! I hope you all will fight with me! There is nothing in this world that’s more important to me, than to end this madness.