AU: Waking The Demon (@redeemtheheavens)

Lisanna was heading towards the mountains near the Grand Magic Games’ arena, feet sore and slight fear crossing through her bones. Porlyusica, as part of her treatment for her patients, had ordered for a few things that needed to be searched throughout Crocus. The takeover mage’s job was to find a medical herb that could be found in the woods. At first, Lisanna thought it’d be the easiest request, since it was closest by, but she was wrong. 

It was a long way towards the clearing in which she had to search that wild plant in. Also, it was dark, so it made this all the more difficult, even when the path had more light from the strangely bright moon. “Why the heck do I need to go so late at night to find this?” She questioned, though she knew quite well that it was urgent. But luckily for her, she could stumble upon a trio of which she could recognize only one features from – Mystogan’s counterpart, better known as Jellal.

>On her way towards the higher spot of the mountain, the snowy haired mage knew she was on the right track when she could see the arena from where she stood. It was a breathtaking scenery, Crocus was shining behind the arena like small lanterns. Lisanna wondered how was it, spending nights in such a beautiful place.

Without wasting much time, she continued walking. She could have plenty of time to return there on another night, when she wouldn’t have important things to do. Her thighs began to hurt once more. “That’s what you get for being lazy…” She imitated her sister’s words and giggled before she noticed a figure sitting near a cliff. Her eyes narrowed in attempt to recognize who was that, but there was no use.

“…maybe it’s one of those, Crime Sorcier people?” The blue eyed mage muttered as she made way through a few bushes towards the clearing. When she finally stepped out into the light, dusting her clothes with her hands, her voice called out to the figure that was sitting there.

“Hey, uh… Jella–” Her voice cracked as she raised her head to witness something that she would never thought she would see in real life. She turned on her heel, “–sorry, the person I was looking for didn’t have fur on their backs.” She stuttered before she began running for her life.