It's Time to Abdicate

Can I here an amen? defines abdicate as thus, “to renounce or relinquish a throne…” and renouncing my throne is something I need to do every day. When I say throne I do not mean the porcelain throne (which I discovered the average human will spend roughly a year or more on in the course of their life) but the throne of my life, my will, my soul, my heart, and my purpose. Sadly, the fact is the average human being who spends a year on the porcelain throne, will spend all their years on the throne of their life, and all of eternity in hell bearing the wrath of a Holy God. 

The outlook would be bleak if I was left to myself. Left to ourselves all of humanity would only be able to choose eternal death, for there is eternal death (hell and the wrath of God) and their is eternal life. And eternal life is this, “that they know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom have you sent.” (John 17:3) God did not leave us to be condemned to eternal death (which He could have done, and been fully justified in doing so). God sent His Son Jesus Christ to bear the wrath of God on our behalf, suffering ridicule and slander, beating and torture, cursing and affliction, for my sake, and all for God the Fathers glory. I now have a choice, eternal death, or eternal life.

So which to choose? A seemingly simple choice, eternal death in a place full of fire, darkness, pain, sorrow, utter separation and abandonment, or eternal life where Jesus will greet you and say, “Well done my good and faithful servant.” where our bodies will be made new, where the King shall reign, where we will need no sun because the glory of God will be light, where Jesus will wipe away every tear and sorrows will cease. “I’ll take eternal life please!” Than abdicate. Relinquish the throne of your life. Jesus says, “Eternal life is this, that they know you the only true God…” if the verse stopped here we would be in major trouble. We cannot know God. Only Jesus Christ is worthy of entering into Gods presence, and only through faith (being convinced) in the work of Christ on the cross as payment for your sins can you receive the free gift of eternal life, so that it God know longer sees your sins, but His Sons rightness covering you. Through Jesus Christ we can know God. It is so simple, yet it is not easy.

Abdicate. Renounce your lordship and accept His Lordship of your life. Lose your life, so that you may gain it. 

“The saying is trustworthy and deserving of full acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am the foremost.” 1 Timothy 1:15

so like. why do people ship Widowmaker and Tracer. like there is not only no reason to ship them, there’s plenty reason to NOTP them. there’s literally negative reasons to ship them what the fuck

i mean im all for enemies-to-friends, that shit is gold, but when it’s about an emotionless spidery murderer with zero remorse and no redeemption arc in sight and someone who is actively trying to shut her down and is scared of/hates her, then it’s like…… ok……… no…… that’s now how enemies-to-friends works

it’s not overwatch, but kageyama/hinata is an EXCELLENT example of enemies-to-friends, because they started as ‘rivals’ who couldnt stand to be around each other, constantly threw insults and started fights with one another, and then actually grew and changed and recognised that their behaviour was pretty immature. they first started tolerating each other, and eventually became teammates, and now friends. their previous hatred basically simmered down to friendly teasing.

neither of them were actual murderers with heroes trying to stop them from doing more harm. they were enemies for an innocent reason, not because of some actual fucking issue that cant be resolved without a redeemption arc

like do you see the difference there

(plus if it’s just For The Gay- which i 100% understand- you’ve literally got so many other characters to pair Tracer with. you’ve got D.Va, Symmetra, Zarya, Phara, Mercy… but you go with the creepy spider murderer???? i mean look i love Widowmaker as much as the next person but i get the feeling ya’ll are just shipping her with Tracer ‘cause they’re both white lmao)

anyway sorry i normally respect ships but this is just??? a notp i’m particularly fucking salty about lmao