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The Transformers fandom is really fascinating to me - I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a deep and abiding love for a franchise paired with such an enthusiastic willingness to acknowledge that the greater part of that franchise’s output has no redeeming value whatsoever.

Halloween At the Ridge

Four Part Halloween Fluff set after MOBY imagining what traditions Jem and Mandy bring with them to Fraser’s Ridge

Part One- Falling Leaves -Bree’s POV

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Part One- Falling Leaves
Part Two- Trick or Treat . - Sunday post 
Part Three- Maybe I’m A Ghost - Monday Post
Part Four- Samhain’s No’ Just for Bairns - Tuesday Post

As Bree rounded the corner carrying the day’s successful hunt in the burlap sack slung over her shoulder she came upon Mandy and Jem raking fallen leaves into huge piles in the side yard. Germain and Fanny looked on in amusement having no notion of what they were doing.

“How long did that take?” She asked Jem looking over the largest of the piles, a red, orange and yellow mountain almost up to her navel.

“Not long, Da let us borrow the rake you made.” Jem told her.

“Well, I hope you didn’t bend the tines or Grand-da will have your head, he needs that to finish the harvest clean up in the fields.” Bree observed.

“We’ve been careful.” Mandy assured her.

“Didn’t feel like playing, too?” Bree asked Fanny and Germain who were looking dubiously at the handiwork of their cousins.

“Play? Is that what they are doing?” Germain asked.

“Why?” Fanny inquired.

“Because,” Bree said carefully placing her gun and catch on the ground behind her. “It’s a lot of fun!”

At this she ran head long and dove straight into the largest pile, scooping up Mandy with her, ensuring she became as much the cushion for her daughter as the leaves.

Dozens of leaves puffed out and scattered upwards as they laughed. Jemmy whooped for joy and joined in. It didn’t take long for Germain and Fanny to get into the spirit of things. Soon the children were racing from pile to pile, undoing much of the hard work that went into the original raking.

Bree was covered head to toe in splatches of autumn colors, green grass and twigs. The afternoon sun sparkling off her now unbound hair, fluffing all around her.

She heard a soft “Oh!” and then a gasp and whirled to find her parents, hand in hand emerging from path leading to the garden. Her mother’s smile lit her whole face and her father chuckled at her.

“Ye look like a Samhain goddess, lass.” Her father complimented.

“Well, I feel as if I have been dragged for miles in the woods under bush and over logs. But I suppose I have.”

“Good hunt, darling?”

“Three grouse and four rabbits in the snares.” She confirmed.

“Leaf piles!” Claire exclaimed as Jem emerged from the farthest clump out.

“Grannie, come jump with us!” He begged.

“What mischief have the weans gotten into now?” Jamie asked, looking genuinely puzzled.

“Just using the rake to make jumping piles. Don’t worry, the rake came through unscathed.” Brianna was quick to assure him.

“Jumping….piles?” Jamie drew the words out making sure he understood. “Wi’ the fallen leaves and such?”

“Why yes, haven’t you ever done that?” Bree looked up at him, surprised.  

“No. Why would I do such a thing?”

“Because it’s fun!” Claire told him. “See that one pile to the left? No one has gotten to it yet, I’ll race you– last one in does the dishes tonight!”

Claire used her arm as leverage against his chest which propelled her to an early lead. Her father’s competitive spirit wouldn’t allow him to give in, even if he didn’t quite understand the point of the game. He sprinted up behind her mother and, loosening a war cry that had even Germain jerking up in fright, goosed her mother’s ample ass, enabling him to gracefully sail around Claire and land in the pile a split second before Claire.  

With an ommpf Claire landed hard on top of him. Jamie gave out a cry of pain where an elbow or a knee hit him wrong but she could just make out his face, smiling and she could hear him chuckling as his arms came around her mother and he kissed her breathless.

Bree looked away for a moment when she saw her father’s large hand snake behind her mother’s head and his fingers twisting into her still glossy brown and white curls. It was the sun’s low position on the  horizon causing her eyes to water, she told herself. Lord but it was a very fine thing to be home on the Ridge. To see them again, to find them healthy and happy. She sent up a wee prayer of her own that she and Roger would be that in love and that connected in thirty years, too.

Bree was bending down to retrieve the game and start in on the curing when she spotted Roger heading toward the spring house, burlap sack in hand. She turned back to the leaf piles and saw that the ‘rents had been joined by all the kids, jumping in and out, throwing leaves about.

Claire’s arms caught Mandy full flight and she laughed as her head came caught her daughter’s eye. She’d seen Roger as well, gesturing for Bree to leave her prizes there.

She shifted her eyes in a manner that said, what are you waiting for, by all means follow, we’ll take care of things here. Bree sent her a smile of gratitude and was off like a shot.

Bree had missed the luxury of privacy that she had taken for granted in the larger homes of their life, then. She felt a pleasant ache of anticipation it had been a time since she and her husband were alone.

Part Two- Trick or Treat- A Halloween Party at the Ridge will continue tomorrow

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have you watched 13 reasons why? and if you have what is your opinion on it?

Overly pretentious, self absorbed, edgy ‘teen drama’ that unintentionally  intentionally glamorizes suicide and makes it look attractive to those who are easily triggered sending the message that yes, they too, can plot a convoluted postmortem revenge fantasy complete with bitter selfie-style tape recordings to send to your friends and family to make the sting hurt real bad.  Girl they select to commit suicide seems super pretty and super confident and super manipulative with guys and oh so super in control of staging her suicide and manipulating people from beyond the grave.  Jeez, she sure could’ve put her confidence and skills to much better use than in something so fruitless.  “I’ll show them!”  Uh, wait, no you actually won’t because you won’t be around for any of it. smh.

That is just not how suicide is, either.  In the real world with real people.  They could at least show some respect on the subject matter with some regard, care and consideration instead of using suicide as a cool device to further their ratings boost.

 Gratuitous, blatant showing of suicide scene. Why. Just whyyy.  Did they they somehow delude themselves into thinking that showing this would prevent teen suicide?  Give me a break.  They just wanted to show the whole thing to be bold and edgy cause hey, kids are all hip and down with the gore these days. People will talk and it’ll boost their ratings.  Gross.  Irresponsible af.  

The worst idea for a show.  Has no redeeming value whatsoever except to make  intricate suicide planning a cool thing to do.

And don’t even get me started on the rumored Season 2 school shooter theme.

I mean, if they’re actually gonna pull that shit as tv entertainment, can we at least  have the Basement Tapes instead please?    It’s the real deal and we can actually learn from it.

It was national "make the games room attendant either suicidal or homocidal" day apparently

Arcade/bar/restaurant hybrid person here again from the games room and let me fucking tell you this particular Saturday night closing shift (05/06/17) was a WILD RIDE.. A good chunk of people were disrespectful to my games room which is disrespectful to me, the one who is already busting her ass trying to do work and yet has to fix every sudden thing on top of it. (Some of these are also just wtf and irritants too from tonight). The kicker, it wasn’t even BUSY.

Okay so where to start. I got there and it was not busy. On a Saturday at 6pm. Like prime hours here. The entire population of game room customers was the kids party going on. So I’ll start there:

- two kids pooled their tickets and are sharing a card. Nbd. They purchase “quick blast sour spray!” Which is liquid sugar + sour. And sticky as fuck. So of course these little fucks are going to town on this stuff but it’s not like their parents taught them basic hygiene so these hyperactive gremlins have sticky hands and guess what. A sticky card. Which I have to handle for at least 3 more transactions. I am out of the hand sanitizer I keep in my purse. For the love of god wash your fucking hands

- I go to clear off some tables. There’s two pieces of the wrapped little candies from our claw machine on it. I go to grab them both and one gives resistance. There was gum on the TOP of the table gluing a piece of candy to it. Another of the reasons I am out of sanitizer. Jfc people. Under the table is one thing but in plain fucking sight..

- okay this one is just a freak natural accident but one of our pool tables wasn’t releasing any balls. Even the reset button didn’t work. It is now off and a work order has been placed because wtf?

- ^^^^in regards to that, had a guy come up and say “hey me and my friends are going out for a smoke, watch our table? We don’t wanna lose it”. NOT MY FUCKING JOB. I HAVE A MILLION OTHER THINGS TO DO. First come first serve bitch. Only 3 tables are working right now and if you snooze you lose

- I was clearing glasses and I found one on its side on the floor (thankfully not broken) but yes with beer spilled on the carpet. And no one came to tell me. It would have been an inconvenience if someone had actually told me but since they didn’t I’m just damn mad. If you’re old enough to drink the shit, you’re old enough to tell me about spilling it dicknuts

- there’s supposed to be six basketballs in each game (4 games total) at no point is this ever consistent of course :/ but at no previous point have I had to climb INTO the game so I could dislodge balls from the top of the game (LEARN HOW TO FUCKING AIM) I have before however had to go behind them to find balls. There were 5 back there at one point tonight

- there are supposed to be 9 skee balls in each machine. See previous bullet point. I did not fix this before I left because you know what fuck it. The opener can even this shit out

- not really disrespectful. We have a machine (wizofoz). It’s a coin pusher so you win little chips and cards from it that you can redeem for ticket values. At no point tonight did someone bring up more than 1200 tickets worth of this all at once. Yet somehow I filled up 4 pencil cases with just those chips and cards. Yep there were people pretty much every five minutes. THE SAME PEOPLE OVER AND OVER. BRINGING UP A HANDFUL OF CHIPS, THEN GOINGN BACK AND PLAYING. No need to wait until you’ve run out of credits and bring me all your winnings at once instead of 100tix worth every. Five. Minutes. :):):):) Not like I’m the only one working in this arcade and I have a billion other things to do :):):):):)

- a mother who took her (3?)yo to a bar at 10:30 at night. I KNOW ITS A SATURDAY BUT HOLY SHIT HE SHOULD BE IN BED

- okay so you know how bird shit looks when it’s on a car, how it’s just this SPLAT. That. But beer. ON A GAME. HOW IS THAT PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE TO ACHIEVE?? IDK BUT IT WAS DRIED BY THE TIME I NOTICED (the game was no where near my prize room) AND I HAD TO SCRUB TO GET IT OFF. WHAT THE FUCK

- just throw your unwanted receipts and candy wrappers in the trash :) we have 5 trash cans stationed around the games room :) the FLOOR is not a trash can :)

- we have a unicorn mask (like those horse masks) for 5000tickets. It’s at a level where people can take the display off the rack. They hold it up to me and ask me how much it is (to be fair we really do need a tag for it..) I tell them it’s 5000. They put it back. BUT NOT CORRECTLY. NEVER CORRECTLY.

And frankly that’s all I can remember because I’m currently drinking heavily to try to forget it all. Most exhausting night ever. Thank GOD I somehow have 4 days off in a row..


Gothic Novels of the Twentieth Century, by Elsa J. Radcliffe. I don’t remember how I ran across a mention of this book on Google, but once I did, I was entranced and had to own it. Yes, it’s a list of gothic novels, by author, up to about 1978, with occasional snarky commentary.

What Ms. Radcliffe had to say about Interview with the Vampire: 

Seems indicative of this generation when psycho-socio-philosophy creep even into the literature of horror-Gothic. The absurd lengths to which introspection may go are at last met in this study into the inner life of a vampire. Some of the details of vampire life elaborated upon I found repulsive and without redeeming social value. The whole thing just doesn’t come off, in my view – as seems to be true, now that I think of it, with most vampire stories.

I am going to find this book vastly amusing.

@athos-silvani you gave me an idea. an adoribull idea

“I can’t believe I’m being held hostage in my own home by a bird.” Dorian stares bitterly out the window. The day is perfectly warm and sunny, but there are swans in his garden.

Bull comes up behind him, wrapping his arms around Dorian’s waist. “Were you planning on leaving?”

“Not a second sooner than I have to, Amatus.” He accepts a kiss on his cheek. “It would just be nice to walk outside without having my ankles snapped at by a bad-tempered feather duster.”

“You just need to give it some time. At least they don’t let burglars anywhere near the house.”

Dorian sighs. “What heroic creatures they are. We should buy them golden collars and name our villa after their flock.”

Bull laughs. “You could change the Pavus crest to be a swan instead of a peacock. Hang a portrait of Melvin in your house in Qarinus.”

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The liberal argument for Anti-Fascist Direct Action

Antifa individuals and organizations come from a wide variety of political backgrounds, generally leftist but the only requirements for being an antifa supporter is acceptance of two key principles:

1) Fascism and hate speech are not to be tolerated, nor allowed to have a platform, nor allowed to flourish.

2) The use of violence in pursuit of the above goal is acceptable.

Now, I understand you instinctual balking at this, fellow liberals. After all, freedom of speech and the state’s monopoly on violence are liberal and centrist sacred calves. So allow me to explain why these ideas are not in conflict with those ones.

The first thing to understand is that your freedom of speech is already curtailed. You can’t shout “fire” in a crowded theater, you can’t call in a bomb threat because you don’t feel like going to school, you can’t SWAT someone you don’t like, and you can’t write an op-ed accusing them of being a pedophile when they’re not, either. All of these are examples of the state stepping in and saying “You cannot say/write that!” and yet somehow, few would argue that any is in conflict with the principle of freedom of speech–why is that? Simply put, it’s because these are nakedly harmful actions that incite fear and violence with absolutely no redeeming value to justify allowing them to be legal.

Well, guess what? Hate speech is a  nakedly harmful action that incites fear and violence with absolutely no redeeming value to justify allowing it to be legal. When you get right down to it, hate speech is the slander or libel of an entire category of people. It is known to inspire violence–just look at how anti-Muslim hate crimes spiked after American Sniper was released–and inspire fear in the target demographic. And conversely, if there’s a single goddamn thing we gain by allowing it to flourish, I for one have no fucking clue what it is.

(Friendly reminder to anyone thinking of contesting this last point that, as we are literally arguing about whether or not hate speech should be included in freedom of speech, citing “freedom of speech” as your argument would be the very definition of a circular argument.)

But if you censor someone, aren’t you just proving you’re afraid you can’t win the argument the right way? Look, being able to consider and weigh different positions is important, but once an idea has been thoroughly proven beyond all reasonable doubt to be without any merit or redeeming quality whatsoever, you have to be able to toss it into the dustbin of history where it belongs. To do anything else is to allow the scumbags of humanity to launch a DDOS attack on democracy itself.

Fascism was tried, back in the thirties. It brought nothing of value to human civilization, robbed us of quite a bit that was valuable, and would have robbed us of even more if given the opportunity.

If my guess is correct, the use of violence is, if anything, harder for you to accept than the above. After all, the state having a monopoly on violence is a big part of why we have states in the first place, isn’t it? What do we have without it, gangs of hooligans roaming the streets, exacting their own brand of “justice”?

The state’s monopoly on violence only holds as long as the state can use it well. The whole point of giving the state a monopoly on violence is the conceit that the state can be trusted to administer justice more fairly than the aforementioned packs of hooligans–ergo, if the state cannot be trusted to do so, it’s monopoly on violence is invalid. A state that refuses to defend itself from racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, classism, or fascism has lost it’s right to a monopoly on violence. Besides, the state has already surrendered it’s monopoly.

I want you to think back to history class, to seeing pictures of lynchings in your history book. Did you ever marvel, as I did, at the fact that such pictures even exist? I mean, think about it: these are murderers who have just committed a murder, and someone decides to take a picture of these murderers with their murder victim…and they go along with it. They let it happen. Sometimes they even pose. I mean, would you ever do that? Why would anyone do that? I mean, come one, last time I checked murder has always been illegal.

They would do that because they know they’re not going to be punished for their crime. They were so confident of this that they did nothing to cover up their crimes–bragged about them, in fact. By refusing to punish them, the state tacitly endorsed their use of violence. In doing so, it forfeited its monopoly.

Now lets look at what happens today when a corrupt cop shoots an unarmed Black kid. They get away with it, like, all the time. Once again, murder is and has always been illegal. Once again, the state is refusing to punish murderers for their murders. Ergo, the state endorses this extrajudicial use of violence; ergo, it has forfeited its monopoly.

The enemy is using violence and the threats of violence to further their own ends. It’s not immoral to use violence to fight violence.

You can still argue that violence is tactically unwise, of course. This is why MLK chose nonviolence, after all. But I need you to understand, MLK and Malcolm X were very good friends, and MLK never accused Malcolm X of being as bad as what he was fighting, or badmouthed him in order to look less radical or more “tolerant” and “reasonable”, or forgot that they were fundamentally on the same side. MLK was never interested in appearing “reasonable”, because he was never under the delusion that his enemies weren’t going to constantly lie about him no matter what he did. And frankly, on that count at least we’re in the same boat as him; the conservative media is always going to paint us with the same brush as it does BLM “looters” and antifa “thugs”. So please, support your local antifa; Fox News is going to say you do, anyway.

We have become a Nazi monster in the eyes of the whole world—a nation of bullies and bastards who would rather kill than live peacefully. We are not just Whores for power and oil, but killer whores with hate and fear in our hearts. We are human scum, and that is how history will judge us… . No redeeming social value. Just whores. Get out of our way, or we’ll kill you.

Well, shit on that dumbness. George W. Bush does not speak for me or my son or my mother or my friends or the people I respect in this world. We didn’t vote for these cheap, greedy little killers who speak for America today—and we will not vote for them again in 2002. Or 2004. Or ever.

Who does vote for these dishonest shitheads? Who among us can be happy and proud of having all this innocent blood on our hands? Who are these swine? These flag-sucking half-wits who get fleeced and fooled by stupid little rich kids?

They are the same ones who wanted to have Muhammad Ali locked up for refusing to kill gooks. They speak for all that is cruel and stupid and vicious in the American character. They are the racists and hate mongers among us—they are the Ku Klux Klan. I piss down the throats of these Nazis.

And I am too old to worry about whether they like it or not. Fuck them.

—  Hunter S. Thompson, Kingdom of Fear: Loathsome Secrets of a Star-Crossed Child in the Final Days of the American Century, 2003

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i really confused; the dragon anime looked terrible and porny from the get go. is there some group of people trying to go 'oh there's some redeeming value here you should watch it's SOOO deep!'? If so, seems like 17 years ago to me when people were doing that same with love hina and other garbage harem animes.

I can’t blame people for wanting to like it if they’re lgbt people so desperate for representation they’re willing to settle for shit that’s very obviously made to appeal to straight dude boners. It’s not their fault. If anything it’s depressing that we’re so starved for positive content that we have to fight over table scraps.

That said I give absolutely no shits about the fans who are str8 dudes who just wanna jack it to big titty anime lesbians & preteen monster girls

Top 10 August

The first top 10 rec list! Hope y’all enjoy!

The King in the Iron Castle- courgette96, T, Chose No Warnings
It is the luck of every King to have a loyal servant at his side.
Tbh this was interesting in a very twisted way, and its been a favorite for a while.

Loki’s Lullaby- BlanketFortAvenger, G, No Warnings
That’s when he hears it. A simple loop of lilting song in a resonating language that couldn’t be anything natural to earth. His enemy’s voice shouldn’t sound so lulling. It’s one of the saddest and most pleasant sounds Tony has ever heard, and it’s only seconds before he’s slipped into a sound sleep.
Absolutely one of the sweetest things I have ever read, and the author wrote it when they were drunk? Damn guys, I wish I had that kind of talent lasdhfj

The Quest For the Missing Tesseract- Arvari, M, No Warnings
A few months after the Civil War, Thor shows up in Tony’s living room with Loki in tow (and wasn’t that guy supposed to be dead or something?), news that the Tesseract was stolen (and maybe it even wasn’t Loki’s fault) and a plea for Tony’s help in retrieving it. And that is the story of how Tony Stark (aka Anthony) and Loki Laufeyson (aka Lo, Ruby eyes or Bluebird) ended up on an undercover mission in Jotunheim, trying to find a stupid glowing cube neither of them really wants. And if Loki doesn’t kill someone before the week is out, it will be a miracle…
Developing relationship? Eneies to friends to lovers? Secret mission from on high?? Sign me the fuck up, please, I want 10 more lakjhsdf

Good, Giving, Game (series)- hannahrhen, E, No Warnings
Loki kidnaps Tony Stark and persuades him to work through the items on an unusual–and very adventurous–list.
A warning: in part 10 of this series, there are some miscommunications, and there is some… minor abuse, I guess I could call it? Pretty much a light BDSM scene gone wrong. But it (their relationship) gets fixed later on in that same piece. If that is a problem for you, please, please, please think of your mental health first, it’s not absolutely necessary to read this installment, but if you’d still like to know what happens, just message me or send in an ask for a summary of that fic, and I’d be delighted to give it to you.
NGL, I’ve re-read this series a couple of times, but hannahrhen is just one of my fave authors? And I don’t think I’ve actually recced much of their stuff on here, so here you go guys. Enjoy this smut and kink fest lakfhjasdf

Double Done- Shi_Toyu, T, No Warnings
When Loki was captured by Thanos, he sent his daemon as far away as he could… and it changed a few things.
Tbh, for never having read the “His Dark Devices” series, I sure am obsessed with the fics that are based off of it. And this one? This one is an amazing one, it’s absolutely wonderful. Just. Aaaaaa

Burning Through an Ice Storm- ChaoticTrickster, G, Chose No Warnings
Loki contemplates Stark’s fighting style.
This one is more on an introspective fic, but it’s great nonetheless. Not everyone enjoys them, though honestly I love them, but if they aren’t for you, I still think you’d like this one!

Shards of Ice- melonbutterfly, T, No Warnings
Tony tries not to look into anything relating to Loki’s children too much. Maybe he should have; he might have been better prepared.
While this one didn’t make me cry, it does still need a feels warning bc oh my lord, Loki not being able to rescue/see his kids kills me every goddamn time I read something abt it.

Sex Magic (series)- hannahrhen, E, No Warnings
Loki needs a little something from Tony.
This. This series has no redeeming value besides really well written sex, guys. And the one-liners? Top notch, bros. Um. I can’t think of anything else to say aldhf. Just. Let me read porn in peace guys ksdhfjk

Mistaken Meanings- MadcapRomantic, E, Chose No Warnings
Three candles are lit, each sitting atop a polished silver dais. Their scents are mellow and sweet, like buttercream cake frosting, like petrichor, and their glow is warming. A hand-crafted wooden box sits, hidden, pushed under an arrangement of flowers, directly across the table from the candles, the treasure inside quietly awaiting revelation. A meal has been prepped and is ready to serve; the only thing the night lacks is the company of a single man; Anthony Edward Stark.
This is. It’s proposal angst and fluff and I lived and died several times while reading this kladhfl

Bad ideas sometimes lead to good things- Selana, E, Chose No Warnings/No Warnings
Tony has a bad idea during a battle that leads to him being helpless at Loki’s mercy - and Loki surprises him by not taking advantage of it.
A great premise, and a greater series. The more human side of Loki that is seen here is really one of my favorites, and the author executes it wonderfully.

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I'm sorry, but I can't take you seriously anymore. Fight Club is an expression of toxic masculinity that is worth nothing? Hell, everything about that ask is wrong, but that one in particular... Wow.

Just so we’re clear, this is the book about a man who feels so emasculated by modern society and consumer culture that he visits a self help group for men who have, literally, had their testicles surgically removed. When he encounters a woman invading his territory, his only response is to engage in increasingly violent and destructive acts, culminating in a failed terrorist bombing? We’re talking about the same story, right?

Yeah, can’t imagine how anyone could consider that toxic masculinity.

The novel is actually quite good. It’s not a pleasant read, and I wouldn’t recommend it as entertainment, but it is worth reading. Chuck Palahniuk is a very skilled writer. He has a visceral, “gross-out,” style that obfuscates just how sharp his material is. It’s easy to pick up Fight Club and soak in the hyper-aggressive elements and miss just how critical the book is.

But, that’s not what we were talking about.

We were talking about the fight club itself. The organization in the novel and film. The one which morphs into Project Mayhem. That is worthless, and without redeeming value. The fight club started by the narrator is an expression of toxic masculinity. It doesn’t teach people how to fight, no matter how awesome it makes the narrator feel about himself in the moment.

(I’m just going to refer to the narrator as Jack from here on out. The name comes from the film, not the book, but it’s faster to type.)

The fight club itself, is a tantrum, being thrown by a man child who has no model for what it means to be an adult, and isn’t satisfied by the options he sees in the world. Looking for a venue to release his pent up aggression, he resorts to violence. Jack moans about how, because his father abandoned him, he has no concept of who he should be. Ultimately, he is terrified of being an adult. Everything that follows is Jack acting out against the world.

There’s a weird element where you can intentionally read Jack as a teenage rebellion, a few decades too late. This is probably why the Calvin & Hobbes misread plays so well. At several levels, Jack is still a child, and written as such. Remember, before the novel opens, Jack’s job is to look at horrifically mangled bodies (auto insurance investigator). This is an adult version of a little kid looking at, “gross stuff,” and then enthusiastically inflicting that on people around them for shock value. Which should also sound familiar when discussing Tyler Durden and Marla.

So, yes, the novel Fight Club is about toxic masculinity. The fight club itself is an expression of the same. It’s easy to read the surface message and run with the idea that the book is advocating the position of the protagonist. Until you remember that the entire third act of the book (and film) is Jack losing control of Project Mayhem, and trying to stop them from bombing buildings.

Fight Club isn’t exclusively about toxic masculinity. There are very strong themes of establishing a personal identity, and learning to communicate with others scattered through the novel. They’re mixed in with large quantities of puerile behavior, and aggressive missteps by the various characters. Toxic masculinity is a major part, because it’s the first place Jack goes, and it colors the rest of his experiences, even after he’s decided on a different approach.

It’s a very good, and quite challenging book. Certainly not for everyone. However, the fight club itself is, ultimately, a self destructive exercise. You don’t learn to fight by punching your imaginary friend.


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The film adaptation is pretty good as well. As with the book, it requires some critical thinking to fully parse, but don’t let that scare you off.

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Why do you hate porn?

I have seen the devastating effects of pornography addiction ruin the lives of friends and family members. It takes and takes and gives nothing of value back. I see no redeeming value in it.

Worst of all, I know I’m not immune to it. If I let my guard down, even for a moment, I’m in danger of ruining so much of this happy life I’ve worked so hard for. Decades of happiness torn down horrifically fast. It is insidious and it is dangerous.


You have asked me a question and I have answered it, but I’m NOT interested in debating my position. If anyone feels the need to defend pornography, please do it where I can politely ignore it. If you try to do it here, I will block you.

Is that close minded? HELL YES!! Because my mind and my spirit are valuable to me, and that’s what you do when a deadly enemy is at your gates. You CLOSE the gates.

Please realize this is not a personal crusade of mine. I’m not going on to other blogs and scolding them for their views on pornography. And it’s not my intention to pass personal judgement on anyone else.

But I am VERY serious about my own cognitive self-defense and personal boundaries. (In fact I almost didn’t answer this question because I worried about people wanting to debate the issue, but I decided you deserve an honest and straightforward answer.)

Hopefully I’ve been sufficiently honest and straightforward here.

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Dragon Ball Super is a worthless waste of time with no redeeming value to it and only brain damaged morons can enjoy it. Stop ruining the fandom with your toxic opinions

“Dragon Ball Super is a worthless waste of time with no redeeming value to it”

Dragon Ball Super restored Pan’s reputation in the eyes of the whole fandom and made her a big fan favourite, almost two decades after GT completely destroyed her image in the fandom, brought back Android 17 and actually developed his character, gave him some really good interactions with Goku and has given him some good fights, after Z did nothing with him after the Androids saga and left his fans wanting for years, finally introduced some female super saiyans to the franchise after an inexcusably long time (And no, customizable OC’s in video games don’t count at real characters), for that matter it’s given us more than twice as many female fighters in the current saga than all three previous Dragon Ball series combined, and introduced the franchises first lesbian couple, and so far only gay characters in Dragon Ball that aren’t offensive, damaging stereotypes.

It did more for Master Roshi’s character in one episode than the entirety of Dragon Ball Z and gave him what might be the perfect capping off to his martial artist career. The current saga has had Gohan develop to the point he’s finally finding a happy medium between his scholarly ambitions and being a martial artist and Z Fighter, and Krillin has had a character arc about dealing with PTSD that culminated in him becoming a more mentally stable person and resuming his training in martial arts, meaning he can actually contribute as a fighter to future stories rather than staying on the sidelines of most stories, which he’d mostly been reduced to following his retiring from martial arts at the end of the Cell saga.

Super has introduced a good number of fan favourites, from Hit, to Frost, to Goku Black, to Vados, to Future Mai, to many, many more. It gave us a great Dr Slump crossover. It’s expanded the Dragon Ball universe in a variety of interesting ways that open the doors for near-limitless possibilities for future stories. It has many of the best jokes of any of the Dragon Ball series, and it’s best fights, such as Goku’s battles against Jiren and Hit, are beloved as some of the greatest battles in any of the Dragon Ball series.

It’s revived interest in the franchise, brought back many lapsed and casual fans, and generally made a lot of people happy and even helped some find joy and relief through hard times, and re-ignited a good number of people’s love for Dragon Ball and the characters, while in Japan and I’m assuming other parts of the world it’s helped to introduce a new generation to the franchise.

I could go on and on, there’s plenty of merits I could bring up, but it’s really late, and really I think I’ve made my point clear there.

I don’t suffer from any form of brain damage, by the way, so that automatically disproves your next point that only people who suffer from that can like Super. I’m not unintelligent either, according to most people I know.

“Stop ruining the fandom with your toxic opinions”

Liking a flawed but overall good and enjoyable show is toxic? Buddy, I’ve done my best to be good natured and spread positivity in this fandom, and better people’s appreciation for Dragon Ball.

Insulting people for the things they enjoy and trying to dismiss that something you personally don’t like could possibly have any kind of objective positive merit to it, and that anyone who thinks otherwise is an unintelligent moron who deserves scorn is WAY more toxic of an opinion, and is like 90% of the problem with the Sonic and Star Wars fandoms, among others.

TLDR: Grow up, you hypocritical crybaby. It’s late and I shouldn’t even be up now, I’m going to try and go to sleep now.

The Occasion of Sin

This little stand-alone fic is a missing scene from Outlander book 1, set in Leoch after Jamie and Claire were married. It’s my explanation as to why Laoghaire left the ill wish beneath Claire’s pillow. Warning: It has approximately no redeeming value, and is purely an excuse to write Drunk Claire, Horny Jamie, and smut. Plus bonus Jealous Laoghaire.

We were drunk on Colum’s Rhenish. Or rather, I was drunk on Colum’s Rhenish. Jamie had only had ale at dinner, and was tipsy at worst, while the Mackenzie had plied me with glass after glass of his potent alcohol. I only realized sometime during my third glass, when he asked me all too casually about my parentage, that he still wondered whether I was a spy and hoped I was drunk enough to loosen my tongue. Now that I was Jamie’s wife, I was technically related by marriage, but our rushed and unexpected nuptials had done little to erase his suspicion. Nor did my arrest and capture by Jack Randall. While Dougal seemed convinced of my innocence, having seen firsthand the bruises that resulted from my encounters with the Captain, his brother was not. I could hardly blame him. I couldn’t be entirely honest with him, though I was hardly the threat he imagined me to be. But though I couldn’t tell him everything about me, I happily disclosed everything I remembered about Randall and Fort William.

As I took another sip, I glanced over at my new groom, who was deep in conversation with Alec and Murtagh. I didn’t know what they were talking about, nor did I care. I was entranced by the planes of Jamie’s face in the firelight, the defined jawline, the sparkling blue eyes, the flame of his hair. My attraction to him was undeniable. It had started earlier than I was willing to admit, and had only gotten stronger as I knew him better. Between his exuberant love making and the gradual, sincere opening of his heart, I was becoming quickly enamored of my young husband. He broke out in a gale of startled laughter at something Murtagh said, and I found myself involuntarily smiling at him. He caught me watching and gave me one of his solemn, owlish attempts at a wink.

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greyhoundsgirl  asked:

I hated that the twins were still around after 3a after what they did to Boyd. I never understood why Scott would let them stay in what I guess was his territory since Derek was no longer an alpha. The decimation of the Hale pack broke my heart and these reminders were always there.

I honestly think the twins only stayed around because Jeff liked them-slash-thought they were attractive and wanted to keep them on screen. There was no reason for them to stay, it was stupid and dangerous for them to want to stay in a place where so many people would (or should, anyway) want them dead, and there was really no redeeming value to either of those characters.

I mean, people talk about Dethan and how cute it was, but it has to be one of my top five least favorite ships in all of Teen Wolf, maybe top three, because I thought it was just incredibly twisted that Ethan was a murderer, basically a serial killer, and no one thought it was at all necessary to warn Danny that he was… well, dating a serial killer. And Scott was generally portrayed as a forgiving character, sure, but cheerfully holding someone down, holding another person down, and forcing the first one to murder the second one on their claws is not really forgivable. Especially not when the murdered person was a classmate and at least casual friend, and the other was an ally-slash-friend who’s already been victimized and forced to hurt others so many times it’s painful to think about. And maybe Kali was the one who killed Erica, but the others were involved in it. They were also happy to imprison Cora and Boyd until they went feral and on an attempted murder spree, like… these two were not nice characters. And if they wanted to try and change (which, good for them I guess) Beacon Hills was not the place to do it. These people were not people who should be expected to forgive you, or expected to share classes with you, or to be ok with you invading their loft yet again to use for your own purposes. I’m really glad Isaac, at least, continued to show some anger toward them (although he was happy to go to their “invasion of the loft” party, along with the rest of the pack, because plot convenience over character consistency, right Jeff?) but no one else really seemed to care all that much.


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The worst thing was that this was portrayed as Ethan trying to be a good guy. He was trying to win over the pack by doing something nice for Danny without asking for a reward - and no one seemed to care that it was messed up. This was played up as being part of the twins’ redemption arc and not a horrific breach of privacy of someone they’d recently been torturing/trying to kill/forcing to kill his friends.

Yeah, that’s just… this is just a basic writing fail, honestly. And this is something all writers need to think about, whether they’re writing shows, novels, fics, whatever: how would each character react to this situation? If I have Peter walk into a room where Stiles is sitting and punch the Sheriff in the face, I can’t just put the fact that Stiles is there on hold, in order to have a showdown between Peter and the Sheriff. I need to stop and think “how would Stiles react to this?” and have him do that thing.

If the twins decide to throw a party in Derek’s loft, where they’d just murdered Boyd about a month before, I need to think “how would each member of the pack react to that?” Maybe you could say Scott would be ok with it, appreciating the twins’ terrible attempt to mend fences. Maybe Lydia and Allison would be ok with it, because they didn’t really know Boyd and weren’t really involved in that situation. Kira wouldn’t even know what had happened. But Isaac and Stiles? Who were both there when it happened, and both showed animosity toward the twins in general, and were both somewhat closer to Boyd? Wouldn’t they react? So, as a writer, you either need to show them reacting –– protesting the party in some way –– or maybe not knowing about/not attending the party. Something. And sure, it’s a writing skill you develop over time –– to keep track of all your characters and have them react accordingly –– but I would assume that people hired to write for TV shows would need to have some credentials, some writing experience.

And there are a lot of shows and stories where I don’t necessarily agree with the way characters react, but I can understand how the writers got to that place. In TW, unfortunately, it’s usually less about whether I agree with what they’re thinking and more about the fact that they weren’t thinking –– or rather, just didn’t care about what the characters should be thinking.