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Guys La Fou was a false alarm it’s totally okay please go see Beauty and the Beast I’m BEGGING YOU

Disney took an already queer-coded villain, redeemed him, and then gave him a happy ending. I don’t want to spoil anything beyond that because he is so good and the comment about being “confused” isn’t about him questioning his feelings for a dude. Just for THIS dude. 

I’m so happy?? I cried you guys. What a gorgeous movie that I am going to own the very second I can get my grubby hands on it.

the signs as annoying stuff in sso

aries:  the chat filter censoring your entire message
taurus:  hitting a jump and getting launched to stratosphere
gemini:  “verifying”
cancer:  wednesday update that only adds new clothes to the mall
leo:  random bump in the landscape doing ridiculous damage to your horse
virgo:  yet another abandoned interesting plot line 
libra:  “network error”
scorpio:  race starter board sparkles preventing you from jumping over that fence
sagittarius:  region restricted redeem codes
capricorn:  exciting new features only announced on an obscure social media account
aquarius:  recycling tack and clothes models from 2005
pisces:  missing the ferry/bus/tram by a fraction of a second


Observations from Batwoman Issue 4

1. So many pictures on this comic should be framed. They look amazing.

2. If Julia saw the way the twins acted, she would have hit bingo already.

3. What could Plan B hint to?

4. Still the most impractical computer ever.

5. Seriously, Kate?

6. What if Safiyah is actually doing all of this?


Sending out feelers for those interested in a spare digital code for this issue. @brookietf Would you be interested? :)

Update: Brookie has redeemed the code already. :)

 i remain fairly unconvinced of Mary’s redemption despite the dissonance, because of all the clues they threw in. If they wanted her to be suddenly good they could have taken a way easier path and avoid all the allegations, thus writing a more impactful death.. and even on the off chance she is meant to be truly redeemed she is still coded as a villain so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

anyway i am in the Mood so if anyone wants to vent about villain!Mary (so basically herself) on my ask box feel free

Hello everyone, we’ve sent out about 100 emails to all selected alpha testers! Thanks so much to everyone who applied, it was a lot to read through but we got so many nicely written apps. We’re hoping to get Alpha Testing started in a week or two, and it will last 2-4 weeks! I’ll be streaming some gameplay on our twitch server as well.

If you didn’t get in, beta should be much easier to get into as long as you sign up within the open registration windows! We’re planning to start up beta after the kickstarter, so most likely around June.

In other news, we’ll be releasing a Support Bundle during Alpha that you guys can buy with usd. This should supplement our budget pre-kickstarter and help a great deal with site development. Anyone who purchases a bundle will receive an email with an item redeem code that they can use in Alpha, Beta, and the Official Launch (3 times? That’s because account information will be wiped after each testing phase, but the codes will still work). Stay tuned for image previews and pricing for the bundle once Alpha testing rolls around!

Guys, this is so dumb but i just got an USA google play card. i didn’t even notice i was buying (online) a card that can only be used by people who live in USA. Since i don’t live in USA, i wasn’t able to redeem the code. So, instead of crying (like i was doing earlier) i decided to do a giveaway.


  • Mbf me @erern (ofc this is for my followers) 
  • Live in USA (please, don’t join this if you don’t live in usa bc you wont be able to use it anyways)
  • Reblog this post


  • Google Play $10 Gift Card

This ends on April 28th

I’ll take this opportunity to ask you guys to check my new sideblog: @dailyshingeki

Ladies and gentlemen: the time has come!  After moons of gathering resources, the Higuri Regalia is proud to present its first-ever “Regalia Largesse”!  This is a monthly event that will take place around the 2nd week of each month, where individuals from the Higuri Regalia’s hierarchy will be appearing within the City-States to offer wares to the adventuring public - for free (Tips and donations are greatly appreciated, but never mandatory)!  At around 9PM EST, look for a Party Finder ad by any one of the HR members; they will provide you information on where they are, and what items will be offered.

Also, throughout the week, starting on Saturday/the third day of the Largesse (when the real fun items are being given away, and because of the Data Center transfer), those whom are willing to partake in a special contest will receive a number after they receive an item from one of the representatives.  On the Monday evening/last day of that week (i.e. the end of the Largesse) a series of numbers will be drawn, and those who win will be offered prizes!  This month’s prizes include:

1st place: An apartment room within the Goblet, with your choice of flooring, ceiling, and wall decor!

2nd place: A Night Pegasus Whistle! (3 available)

3rd place: A code redeemable for a Heliodor Carbuncle!

4th place: An item worth $20 or less from the Mog Station of their choice!

Look for these beautiful individuals throughout the week for the item(s) of the day:

Thursday May 18: Shiro Reina (Ul’dah); High-Quality Priestly Omelettes & Seafood Stew

Friday, May 19: Yuanji Yuji (Limsa Lominsa); High-Quality Supramax Potions

Saturday, May 20: Susuna Suna (Ul’dah); Chocobo Barding

Sunday, May 21: Umimi Umi (Old Gridania); rare minions

Monday, May 22: Thiji Higuri (Aldenard Branch Headquarters); Dreadwyrm attire (made upon request); vanity gear

80, 20, 5

I’ve often mentioned the general breakdown of games player bases as 80%, 20%, and 5%. 80% of players will never engage with anything beyond the game itself. 20% will actually bother to go online and read something about the game, and a mere 5% will be engaged so much as to actually bother to post and communicate with other players. A lot of the really invested players won’t accept this, and with good reason. Just look at all the posts on the forums (or subreddit or whatever). There’s thousands of them! On a busy patch day, the front page will be slammed with posts. There’s no way this is only 5% (or less) of the game’s population, right? Surely there’s more than that!

Or is there? 

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i need to update this theme oops. 

I got 4 of Animal Jam’s “Adopt a Pet” toys today after ordering them only two days ago (pardon my desk, it’s messy.) I was expecting to get some new items to decorate my animals with, but was met with only gems. I’ve come to tell those that want the toys, specifically the codes that come with them, that you shouldn’t expect the best.

The Animal Jam “Adopt a Pet” line is a blind bag: usually a toy in which you cannot see what is inside and comes in many variations and rarities. I wish I’d known this sooner, but I bet if I did, I still would’ve got them.

I will try and create a quick guide for those who have the money to toss around, have them in your area, and are normally pretty lucky.

Due to new information provided by @animaljambooty , It is not based on the code you enter, but how many you enter:

Looking back now, I should’ve noticed the little gift with the /5 out before I redeemed my 5 codes.

I was able to get a few extras so I am giving away two American 20th anniversary Mew Codes. Entries will close at 11:59 Feb 29 2016, aka Leap Day. I’ll draw a winner as soon as I can after that. One Mew code will go to someone who follows me and the second could go to anyone, whether or not they follow me. You need a Pokemon XY or ORAS game to redeem the code. I believe these codes will only work within North America, so make sure you’ll actually be able to redeem it before you enter (or have someone willing to do it for you, but only one code can be redeemed per save file). You have until May 31st to redeem if you win. This giveaway is not affiliated with or endorsed by tumblr in any way!


1. Please reblog to enter. You can like the post to bookmark, but it won’t count as an entry. You can reblog more then once if you want, but don’t spam your followers.

2. This is on the honor system, but please only enter if you cannot get a code on your own (You don’t have a gamestop nearby, you don’t have transportation or whatever). Don’t enter just because you want an extra or you just don’t feel like going and getting one yourself.

3. Please don’t follow me just for the additional chance to win, unless you’ve actually looked at my blog and want to keep following me after the giveaway ends.

4. No giveaway blogs please.

5. Have your ask, submit and/or IMs open, if you don’t I’ll have to draw a new winner. After I contact the winners they have 48 hours to respond before I draw another winner.

6. DO NOT tag this post as giveaway. You will be disqualified. If tumblr sees people tagging this as giveaway they’ll delete it then no one can win.

For anyone who’s interested in mondlylanguages

You don’t need to pay $20 to unlock all of the lessons and other languages! You can just click on one of the locked lessons and type “MONDLY” where it says “redeem code” and you’ll get them for free. I can’t wait to use this site!

And for those saying that mondly only has the roman alphabet for languages like Korean or Russian, there’s actually a button in the lessons that allows you to switch between the language’s characters and the roman alphabet!