redeemed bosses

Oh, yeah. I wanted to post my first attempt at a purely digital piece. (I usually only color digitally.) I always wanted the player (I played as Dawn so used her) to try and befriend/redeem Cyrus, since they pegged his real motive and want to help him with his depression. I just felt sad for him after learning his backstory in Platinum.

Oops, My Bed (one shot)

TITLE: Oops, My Bed
GENRE: fluff, romance
FIC SUMMARY: After tirelessly searching for a job, Erin landed a sweet secretary spot at a prestigious company. Erin and her friends celebrated at a hip club, which leads her to a one night stand with a dashing mysterious man, only to find out that he is her boss.
AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: We all love businessman!Tom. If this is received well, then I might make it into a multichaptered fic. Enjoy!

 It was a dark and stormy night. But that didn’t deter my friends and me from celebrating. Dressed in a cute black halter dress, I donned matching black high heels and teardrop earrings with my hair swept to look effortless in a loose bun. It was party time and Denise, Michelle, Anna and Kayla wanted me to embrace my new independence and celebrate about getting a job, after 6 months unemployed and leeching off the money from the girls and my parents.

Of course, that meant going to one of the hippest clubs in London, and dancing. And drinks, a whole load of drinks. The club was fairly crowded, but not too crowded that I felt like suffocating, or I could throw up from the stench of people’s sweat and cologne assaulting my nose.

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