I wrote some Donut/Lopez like a week ago and finally got around to editing it. It’s from a college au that I abandoned a while back but these two were super cute in so.

Embrace the robonuts

Lopez fucking hated parties

They were too loud, lasted too long, and were filled with too many people that he didn’t know and didn’t want to know. 

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           Techrat waited for the brightness to subside as he felt the flickering sensation of weightlessness in his stomach.  He blinked hard, trying to speed up the process so he could finally be back with Jacob, finally well and truly be home.

           “See, Orianna?” he thought to himself. “I told you my calculations were right.”

                                   (why did i have to fall in love with you?)

           (i’m so sorry)

                       (i didn’t mean–)

           Something wasn’t right.

           Unless Jacob had somehow done some major redecorating in the approximate two minutes he’d calculated his return at, there was no way he was in his apartment.  As his vision cleared, he was able to take in more of his surroundings.  What little there was of them, that is.

           When he’d left, his machine had been in the middle of his living room.  The couches, coffee table, and side tables had been moved out of the way, leaving plenty of space around it.  Now, he was in very dark, very cramped quarters.  What little light there was

           (where the hell is that even coming from)

did little to give him insight into his location.  At most he could make out some boxes stacked around him, and what looked like a shelf full of more boxes with the occasional office supply.  It was almost like…

           “A supply closet?”  He jumped at the sound of his own voice, and then inwardly scolded himself for being so ridiculous.  With the help of his nanites, he was able to see well enough to locate a light switch on the wall a few meters away.  He quickly crossed over to it and flicked it on, flooding the room with the sickly light and incessant buzzing of overhead fluorescents.

           He was definitely not in his living room.

           A quick scan of the contents of the shelving units gave him a jolt.  “STONE LABORATORIES, DECEPTION PASS, WA” was stamped on several boxes.

           “What the actual hell..?”


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I recently rescued this cutie called pancake💕 she was living in a tub that she couldn’t even stretch out in, NO WATER for god know how long and had the wrong substrate. (As seen in the top picture)

This makes me so sad and angry! my rescued tarantula was in the top tub and she couldn’t even move around in it! the bottom tank will now be her forever home💕 (as seen in the left picture)
I hate that people can mistreat tarantulas because they are ‘not real animals/pets’ yes they are! they have feelings and the can feel scared! it breaks my heart to think how she must have been feeling😖😖 I will never put her through that again💕💕

pancake has been enjoying her new home, stretching out her legs and redecorating. The top pot is her old home that she couldn’t even stretch out in, but now she has lots of space to be a happy tarantula💕💕 (as seen in the right picture)

Seeing her in them conditions broke my heart, she’s eating extremely well and drinking. She’s so docile and friendly. So happy I saved her from them horrible people!!


Thanks for your submission, loved-and–lost ! The top pic broke my heart…poor Pancakes had nowhere to move :( So glad you rescued her and it looks like her life has been greatly improved :) She must be having a blast now that she has all that space to herself!

Got me Lady Sloth JSK in the mail today.
So I’m just testing it out to see if I need a better petti (which I do ivhgoers) and if it fits.
I want a pink blouse for this because of the pink roses but then red x pink clash and ufiodr, idk I’ll dabble a bit and ask my love guru meidoblush for advice because, she da bae. 
Please excuse my messiness, I’m in the middle of redecorating my room.

i n s p i r e || ❁ ✽ ❁ ✽❁

“… and then I fell apart, and it was the most beautiful moment ever, because right there & then I realized that I can put the pieces back together the way I wanted them to be.” ~ sarah dessen

ready for a lil redecoration and change up my room this weekend. feeling inspired by this photo reposted from @navajoandtherunawaystray 💜 although I wish my room could be on the sand listening to the waves every night how peaceful. hope you are all having a lovely weekend & remember to do something for yourself today, have a cup of tea, read a book or watch your fav movie 🌾 #inspire #justbe #ocean #redecorate #calm #sarahdessen

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