I was messing around with the idea of Redd having his own pair of twin nephews to watch over. Meet Rudy and Reddy rudy spelled with one d because ruddy makes a different sound

They help Redd around the shop and greet customers, but when they’re not working, they’re causing mischief in town. Whether it be from scamming villagers, or just playing pranks on them. Despite all this, they’re actually both very clever and have a lot of street smarts, being just as capable as Redd

They also love messing with Timmy and Tommy but lowkey like spending time with them cause they’re the only kids in town


“maybe ur coping mechanisms are unhealthy”
“maybe u should speak to someone about it”
“maybe thinkin bout death 24/7 isn’t normal”

dangers to my health:
  • flowsik’s neck vein
  • gray singing
  • simon d’s dad jokes
  • the quiett’s smile
  • smol dok2 in a big car
  • reddy saying ice cream
  • kush