irishsaint-96 asked:

TAG YOU'RE IT! Your job is to state 10 random facts about yourself. Then go to your 10 favourite blogs and tell them they're it! :)

thank you! :)

  1. I think I’m gonna attack MemeCenter soon to have something to smile/laugh at
  2. maybe I’ll edit some pics today, I have ideas but man some pics are just so hard to find
  3. I have my laptop like full of Flanery and Reedus pics xD
  4. I haven’t been singing for a while, haven’t really been in the mood hmmmm
  5. in the 9th grade I had like two friends who considered me one of their closest friends but now we don’t talk
    with the other we’re in the same hs but the other as far as I know lives somewhere else
  6. it’s been a couple of weeks since our dog died and I still can’t believe he’s gone, I mean sometimes I think I see him oon our yard but then it’s just a black snow pusher and sometimes I think I hear him walking in our house but it’s just the cats :p
  7. I always hate it when people ask me what I do with my spare time because the answer is nothing, I hate being outside where people are and anyway no one ever invites me so I’m basically home everyday doing nothing but being on computer, watching TV and doing homework and blaa blaa :/
  8. yeah I’m boring
  9. I think I’m really going to watch MemeCenter
  10. I neeeed muuuusiiiiicccc, oh and my purpose wasn’t to sound angst, sorry x)