We are Glenn Greenwald & Murtaza Hussain, who just revealed the Muslim-American leaders spied on by the NSA & FBI. Ask Us Anything: Reddit IAmA

Glenn Greenwald and Murtaza Hussain @redditIAmA discuss their just-published article based on documents obtained from Edward Snowden detailing the NSA stalking of prominent and law-abiding Muslim-Americans in an open Reddit forum

We are journalists at The Intercept. This morning, we published our three-month investigation identifying the Muslim American leaders who were subjected to invasive NSA & FBI email monitoring:

We’re here to take your questions, so ask us anything.

Again, I want to point to this post about the FBI unit detailed with collecting the data the NSA parses to stalk American citizens, and their allegedly ‘legal’ justification via presidential executive order. The group’s name is the Data Intercept Technology Unit, or DITU, and President Obama could end that mass domestic surveillance with one stroke of his pen, eliminating “Presidential Executive Order 12333 - 1.13” .